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Will Thermomix production be discontinued?

Is the Thermomix still in production?

In addition to the production plants in Germany and France, production has also been taking place in China since 2020. In September 2020, the Thermomix Friend was announced. It is designed as a standalone device in combination with a TM5 or TM6.

When is the new Thermomix TM7 coming out?

When is the Thermomix® TM7 release date? Since the Thermomix® TM6 was only released in 2019, we do not expect the Thermomix® TM7 to appear before 2023 at the earliest.

When is a new Thermomix coming?

Although the owners of the new Thermomix device were sure that it would not be renewed any time soon, the surprising news from Vorwerk followed: There should be another Thermomix TM2021 update as early as spring 6.

Is the Thermomix made in Germany?

Vorwerk stops Thermomix production in Germany. 200 jobs were cut. The food processors will come from China and France in the future. Despite growing demand, Vorwerk intends to discontinue production of the Thermomix food processor in Wuppertal at the end of the year as planned.

Thermomix ® TM5 — A look behind the scenes of production DE

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How much does the Thermomix cost in France?

The GrandPrix works with temperatures from 30 to 120 °C and you can also get common accessories such as a steamer attachment, spatula and the like. The device costs around 250 euros.

Where is the Thermomix 6 made?

The main location for Thermomix production is France anyway. Traditionally, the devices for the German market are also produced there.

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What will the Thermomix cost from July 2023?

So you currently have to wait about 10 weeks for a new device as an orderer. Vorwerk boss Stoffmehl speaks of a new record year 2023 and possible price increases. The Thermomix is ​​priced at 1359 euros and could soon become a little more expensive.

Is a Thermomix worth the money?

The price: You have to invest around €1000 for a Thermomix. Other devices are already available for 800 €. If you want to spend less, you have to do without functions. Not compatible: Once you have decided on a Thermomix, you also need the rest of Vorwerk.

Is the Thermomix a power guzzler?

How high the power consumption of a Thermomix is ​​in function depends on what you are doing with the food processor. The motor has an output of 500 watts and the device has a heating output of 1.000 watts. For example, the Thermomix TM 31 consumes 3,2 watts when you weigh ingredients.

What can the TM 7 do?

One would very much like the TM7 to have voice control and be connected to a smart home. It should also be equipped with a timer that allows the user to have prepared recipes prepared fully automatically. Another wish is a higher volume of the «Varoma».

Will there be another black Thermomix?

In addition to the traditional white, the Thermomix® has also been available in high-gloss black for a short period since January 2023 (see photo on this page). But: The TM6 in a cool dark design is available in a limited number and only until February 13, 2023 and only while stocks last.

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How much does a Thermomix seller earn?

However, you will not get rich as a Thermomix representative: if you have worked out your own Thermomix, you will then get 140 euros per device sold. And after 25 sales, a silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a Thermomix knife.

Who owns Thermomix?

The Vorwerk Group is active in the following business areas (as of 2021): Thermomix: It is a digital food processor with a multitude of functions. Kobold: Vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, vacuum robots, vacuum wipers and window cleaners are offered here.

Where is the Vorwerk Thermomix made?

Vorwerk Semco at the French location in Cloyes sur Le Loir with 360 employees plays a decisive role as the lead location of our Thermomix production for the European and non-European market — and with impressive daily quantities of currently more than 7.000 …

How many Thermomix are sold?

In addition to the Kobold vacuum cleaner, the family business has been producing the Thermomix for 60 years. The first digital device TM5 triggered a real hype in 2014. Since then, around 7,5 million digital Thermomixes have been sold worldwide.

What’s better than a Thermomix?

The versatile Bosch Cookit (on Bosch) is better. It also scores «good» (grade 1,7), provides many cooking functions and great results and can also score with easy operation. The machine is well made and comes with sufficient equipment.

For whom is the Thermomix worthwhile?

The Thermomix is ​​worthwhile for everyone who likes to eat healthily and has little time to cook fresh and wholesome food. This makes the Thermomix ideal for families. In addition to the enormous time savings, the Thermomix is ​​also worthwhile for chefs who like to prepare food themselves instead of buying ready-made products.

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What can’t the TM6 do?

The volume: The TM6 is not exactly quiet — the noise level of the Thermomix can be annoying in open-plan kitchens. No roasting: With the Thermomix you can puree, steam and cook, but not roast. A function that many will miss when cooking.

What do you get as a host when a guest buys Thermomix?

A menu consists of up to five recipes that show the diverse functions of the Thermomix® TM6. As a host of at least three guests, you can look forward to a host gift as a thank you for the event. When you buy a TM6 there is even a 100 € promotional voucher.

How can I get a Thermomix for free?

If you don’t want to invest so much money for the Thermomix® yourself, you can also work for it. In return, you become a representative of the brand yourself. After 4 mediated sales you get your own Thermomix® for free.

How often are there Thermomix promotions?

There is a new offer every month — here is the current one!

In addition to the normal Thermomix TM6 package, there is always a special offer!

Why is Temial being discontinued?

Unfortunately, we never achieved our goals with the Temial. It is only sold in Germany and China. The sad realization: We have not been able to develop Temial into a profitable business. That’s why we decided at the beginning of the year to discontinue the division.

What is the best way to clean the knife on the Thermomix?

To clean the knives, use the special spiral brush, a toothbrush or a bottle brush. The Thermomix mixing bowl will be like new again if you fill it with water and a dishwasher tablet or a tablespoon of baking soda: 10 min./100°/speed 1 and then leave it overnight.

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How many Thermomix are there?

After the models TM21 and TM31 as well as TM5, the current model TM2019 has been on the market since 6. Together with the numerous Thermomix recipes and Cookidoo® including success guarantee, it has now become an indispensable kitchen partner for many households.

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