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What is the flexible primary school?

In elementary schools with the flexible elementary school profile, pupils in grades 1 and 2 are taught in a mixed-year entry level. They have the opportunity to stay there for one, two or three years.

How does a combined class work?

In a combination class, two grades are combined into one learning group. These are mostly the first two grades of elementary school (mixed-year school entry level), sometimes also third and fourth graders. In Berlin, classes 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 are combined.

What are mixed-year classes?

The mixed-year entry level is a form of school organization in German-speaking countries in which students from grades 1 and 2 are taught together in equal numbers as a cross-year learning group.

Why combo classes?

The reason for the introduction of combined classes is often a drop in the number of pupils, which entails organizational or financial problems for the running of the school. Instead of closing a primary school, different grade levels are being merged.

Mixed-year learning – learning with and from one another

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How does cross-year teaching work?

Cross-year teaching
  1. Students learn with and from each other in the core group.
  2. Class rules and rituals are passed on through the children through the godparent system, the younger students in a class are not only fixated on the teacher, but also learn by imitating the older students.

How do Flex classes work?

The flexible start to school – “Flex” for short – includes the pedagogical unit Classes 1 and 2. This concept provides for the children to stay for between one and a maximum of three years. As a rule, many children will successfully leave the Flex after 2 years and move on to the third grade.

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How many flexible primary schools are there in Bavaria?

From the 2018/2019 school year, school beginners can complete the first two grades in one, two or three years at a total of 268 Bavarian primary schools. The 26 new flexible primary schools have now received their certificates from the Ministry of Education.

When do you fail primary school in Bavaria?

The pupils have to undergo the re-examination in the advanced subjects in which their performance was worse than 4 (sufficient).

What is Fleg’s class?

The flexible school entry phase (Flex) is a pilot project for enrollment in elementary school. Cross-year classes are set up, which convey the knowledge and skills of classes 1 and 2 and in which the students remain for at least one and a maximum of three years.

What is the new school entry level?

This reform model for starting school was defined as follows at the beginning of the block of questions: «The ‘new school entry level’ is generally characterized by the enrollment of all school-age children and, if applicable, children who are to be enrolled early without prior determination of their ability to attend school, a …

What is the entry phase?

An alternative to deferring school attendance is the two-year introductory phase. In it, the first two grades of elementary school form a pedagogical unit. The visit usually lasts two school years; a residence period of one to three years is possible.

What is the school entry level?

The central goal of the school entry level is to admit all school-age children of a year to the primary school and to support them according to the level of their individual development.

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Can children Hesse?

When can my child start school early? Children who turn six after June 30 (so-called optional children) can start school early at the request of their parents. The written application for this must be submitted to the elementary school responsible for the district in which you live.

Why cross-year classes?

Very often the children of the 1st grade have internalized school life faster than pupils who are taught according to their year. The cross-year classes also promote the development of individual skills and abilities.

What is cross-year?

In multi-year learning, children sit in a class who are of different ages and abilities. They should not only learn from the teacher, but also from each other.

Why jul?

Are there clear advantages of JüL? Every school year, the children and their wealth of experience grow with them. In a JüL they can experience this growth because they can compare themselves with the new younger children and also measure themselves against the older students.

How do children learn in elementary school?

Support with learning – also in everyday life
  • Read a lot with your child. …
  • Talk to your child about the day. …
  • Let your child learn arithmetic in a playful way — for example with a learning CD on which the 1 times1 is sung.
  • Let your child assess themselves.

What do children learn in class?

First, the children learn to read, write and do arithmetic. Building on this, general education takes place in elementary school. English is also part of the curriculum in elementary school.

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How long can homework take in Lower Saxony?

Elementary school students should spend no more than 30 minutes on homework. If a student is so interested in a task that he or she would like to continue working on it, an exception is of course possible.

Who decides whether a child repeats the class?

In most cases, the class teacher speaks to the parents about downgrading or repeating the class. In such an interview, ask exactly why the school is considering a demotion. The parents’ will is decisive, so you do not have to agree to a recommended downgrading of your child.

What is the e phase?

The high school is divided into the introductory phase (E-phase, first year of high school, from 10th grade in high school, 11th grade in comprehensive schools), the qualification phase (Q-phase, second and third year of high school, also known as Q1 and Q2 referred to, from grammar school grades 11 and …

What is grade ef?

The EF grade (introductory phase) represents the first year in the upper secondary school.

Can children go to school in Lower Saxony?

Younger children can also be enrolled in school at the request of their legal guardians if their level of development indicates that they can be expected to participate successfully in the first school year. The decision to enroll these so-called “can” children is made by the head teacher.

Who is a Kann child?

What is a can child? Children who are five years old when they start school but celebrate their birthday in the same year are so-called optional children. You can start school at the age of five.

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