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Why sour cucumber on the Christmas tree?

What does the pickle on the Christmas tree mean?

Before the presents are given, the children have to go in search of the vegetables. The child who discovers the cucumber will be particularly lucky in the coming year, will receive an extra gift and will be the first to open the remaining packages.

Where does the tradition of putting cucumbers in the Christmas tree come from?

According to legend, the tradition of the Christmas pickle was introduced by the Bavarian soldier John Lower. He was badly injured in the American Civil War and wanted to eat a pickle as his last meal.

Why do Americans have a cucumber on the Christmas tree?

German emigrants in the American Civil War

According to various accounts, on Christmas Eve he was either starving or terminally ill and asked a guard for one last meal: a pickle. He got it too – and survived.

Where to hang cucumbers on the Christmas tree

In the United States, it is a Christmas custom to hang a pickle on the Christmas tree, hidden between the branches. Because of its green color, the cucumber is not so easy to spot.

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Who discovered the cucumber?

However, the exact origin of the cucumbers cannot be precisely determined. What is certain is that it has been cultivated in northern India for several thousand years. It was probably only in the Middle Ages that the cucumber gradually arrived throughout Europe.

Why do I keep falling asleep?

What is hanging on the Christmas tree in American households?

That’s why the Americans hung a cucumber on their Christmas tree as a good luck charm.

Why do Americans put popcorn on the Christmas tree?

Americans believe the custom originally came from Germany — although the Christmas cucumber is largely unknown there. Popcorn garlands are also popular. What would a festival be in Mexico without a pinata? The colorful papier-mâché figures are filled with sweets and then smashed.

Do Americans have a Christmas wreath?

A beautiful green Advent wreath surrounded by four candles is part of the German Advent on many living room tables. You won’t find this custom here in the USA. There is also a Christmas wreath here, but this is only provided with a red bow and hangs as decoration in front of many a front door.

When do you put up the Christmas tree in the USA?

Unlike in Germany, where people celebrate under the Christmas tree and unwrap presents on Christmas Eve, things really get going in the USA on December 25th.

Why shouldn’t you eat cucumbers?

Because the bitter substances accumulate particularly at the base of the stem. The bitter substances are largely bred out of the varieties of conventional agriculture. Raw cucumbers can cause abdominal pain and bloating in some people.

What’s cucumber in German?

1. Cucumber (fruit): Cucumber. cucumber.

Is cucumber good for your face?

You can not only use cucumbers as a moisture supplier for your skin, but also to improve the overall complexion. For example, for finer pores, you can mix a teaspoon of cucumber juice and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar together and apply to your face.

What is special about softshell jackets?

What’s paprika in English?

Paprika f (pod):


What is kohlrabi in English?

kohlrabi [BOT.] cabbage turnip [BOT.] stem cabbage [BOT.] turnip cabbage [BOT.]

Is Cucumber Carcinogenic?

Bitter substances prevent cancer

According to a study, the bitter substances cucurbitacins contained in cucumbers can suppress the growth of leukemia cells. This study is further evidence that components of cucumber may have anti-cancer effects.

What happens if you only eat cucumbers for a week?

But cucumbers are also good for a lightning diet, with which you can lose up to seven kilos in just one week! Cucumbers have many health-promoting ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Since they only have 14 calories per 100 grams, you can even lose weight quickly with a cucumber diet.

Are Cucumbers Bad for the Liver?

Cucumbers are also very healthy for cleansing the body. Snack cucumbers help the body eliminate waste and toxins. This makes cucumbers healthy foods for the bladder, kidneys, liver and pancreas.

What do Americans call their Christmas celebration?

gifts on the 25th

December, Christmas Day.

What is Christmas called in the US?

December 25th is called «Christmas Day» in the USA. Santa Claus is called Santa Claus.

In which country does the Christmas season not begin in December?

The residents of the Faroe Islands can’t seem to get enough of Christmas. Because they celebrate from December 24th for 21 days.

Which country celebrates Christmas first?

Faroe Islands. Christmas is celebrated in the Faroe Islands for 24 days from December 21th.

Who invented Christmas?

Around 500 BC, the Romans made December 25th the birthday of their sun god Sol and the Germans celebrated a festival called Jul, which still means Christmas in Scandinavian languages ​​today. In Christianity, the solstice festival was considered a pagan custom.

What can I give a man?

Is Christmas celebrated in Egypt?

Christmas is not only celebrated by Christians in Egypt, Muslims also celebrate the festival — but often as a happening. Flashing Christmas items are also part of it — and a kind of tree.

What do Americans drink at Christmas?

And to drink: punch and warm eggnog

When it comes to drinks, Americans also like it sweet at Christmas. Punch, hot chocolate with marshmallows and eggnog complement the sumptuous Christmas meal. The latter is called Eggnog in the USA and is mainly drunk hot.

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