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Why no internet on the plane?

Can you surf the internet on a plane?

Only from cruising altitude

Only when the aircraft has reached the intended cruising altitude of up to 10.000 meters can the WLAN on board be used. With Qatar Airways, for example, you will then be informed via the in-flight announcement and on your screen that the internet is now available.

What happens if you don’t have airplane mode on on the plane?

Of course, a plane doesn’t crash because you accidentally didn’t turn on Airplane mode mid-flight. Rather, it is about the impairment of the work of the pilots. In the worst case, the disturbing noise can cause them to miss important radio communications from air traffic control.

How much does internet cost on the plane?

The billing models are also different: Some airlines bill according to data volume, with KLM, for example, 20 MB sometimes costs 5 euros. Other airlines offer the Internet for a limited time. With Lufthansa, one hour of surfing costs 9 euros – or 17 euros for the entire flight.

IS airplane mode necessary on an airplane?

Most airlines have WiFi on the plane

So remember: Always switch your cell phone to flight mode before departure.

Why airplanes shouldn’t have Wi-Fi

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What happens if you have your cell phone on on an airplane?

However, during take-off and landing you must always switch your mobile devices to flight mode – or switch your device off completely. If you use your mobile phone on an airplane, this can result in high roaming costs. The EU Roaming Regulation does not apply on board aircraft.

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Can you WhatsApp on a plane?

WhatsApp can only work on the plane if you are also connected to the internet. If the plane is still on the ground, you can use mobile data. If the plane is already in the air, you only have the airline’s own WiFi — if your airline offers WiFi.

Can you have WiFi on the plane?

Although more and more airlines such as Lufthansa, KLM, SAS, Air France and British Airways are already offering inflight WiFi, there is still a long way to go when it comes to the quality of service as exorbitant prices and slow speeds stand in the way of widespread use .

Is wifi on the plane free?

Free WiFi above the clouds of Europe: Private customers of Deutsche Telekom have been able to use WiFi free of charge on European short and medium-haul flights operated by Lufthansa, Eurowings and Austrian Airlines since April 21, 2020. With the Inflight Europa Flat there are no costs.

Why do you have to turn off your cell phone on a plane?

For many passengers, the reason is that the signals from the mobile devices could interfere with the aircraft’s control systems and this could lead to technical problems and, in an emergency, to the plane crashing.

Why aren’t you allowed to make phone calls on the plane?

First, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones can potentially disrupt onboard instruments. Although the electronics are well shielded, the legal prohibitions must be implemented. Second, using cell phones on airplanes violates radio guidelines.

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How to watch movies on a plane

Entertainment program via tablets and smartphones

To do this, passengers have to log into the on-board WLAN – and can then access an offer via the intranet. The costs for this vary between airlines.

Why open windows on an airplane?

Since takeoff and landing are the highest risk for emergencies, it’s important to keep window shades up here. After all, rescue workers must also be able to see the situation on the plane in an emergency.

Why airplane mode while sleeping?

If you want to protect yourself from excessive radiation from your smartphone at work or at night, we recommend activating flight mode. In this way you do not reduce all, but the majority of the mobile phone radiation that emanates from your device.

Can there be any costs in flight mode?

If you don’t need to be reachable all the time, switch off your mobile phone or activate «flight mode». No signals can go off the mobile phone and therefore no unwanted costs arise.

How does internet work on planes?

How does WiFi work on planes? At an altitude of over 3.000 meters, the servers in the aircraft connect to satellites. These in turn exchange their signals with ground stations that are connected to the Internet. In the end, the network of wireless access points ends up with the (usually paying) passengers.

Which planes have WiFi?

Surfing above the clouds is no longer a problem thanks to WiFi on the plane! In times of constant accessibility via the Internet, more and more airlines such as Qatar Airways*, Etihad or Turkish Airlines* are offering the appropriate satellite technology to enable their customers to access the Internet at dizzy heights.

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Which airline has free WiFi?

Only a few airlines offer free wifi

So far, only a few airlines offer completely free Internet access. These include Air China, where guests on domestic flights can surf for free with laptops and tablets, and Norwegian Air.

Can you use a cell phone on an airplane?

But since 2014, the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA has allowed passengers to use their electronic devices throughout the flight — regardless of whether they are in flight mode or not.

What happens when airplane mode is on?

Airplane mode function

Airplane mode turns off all connections such as cellular, NFC, infrared, and location (GPS). In most cases, WLAN and Bluetooth are also deactivated. The mobile phone then no longer receives any signals.

Can you still be called in flight mode?

Recommended answer. Hello Gregor Jan Pischke, when your device is in flight mode, no calls can be received and therefore what you have missed cannot be displayed. That’s what the mailbox for mobile phone contracts is for, which you can set up if you can’t be reached.

Which power bank can I take on the plane?

The international flight authority IATA allows power banks up to 100 Wh (watt hours) nominal power or approx. 27000 mAh (milliampere hours). One person is allowed to take a maximum of two 100 Wh batteries in their hand luggage on the plane.

Why does Internet work despite flight mode?

But in the location settings for many devices, the option is activated that WLAN can be used to determine the exact position even when the module is off. You can check and, if necessary, switch this off in the settings under Location —> Improve accuracy —> WLAN scan.

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Can you see if I’m online in flight mode?

If you close the app and exit airplane mode, your online status will not update. Alternatively, you can switch off your online status completely. Note, however, that activation and deactivation is only possible every 24 hours.

What happens if the window breaks on an airplane?

Air pockets can cause the aircraft to suddenly drop at any time, throwing passengers and objects upwards and, in the worst case, causing serious head injuries. «That can also happen in good weather conditions,» says Richter.

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