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Why is Camille dying?

How does Camille become a vampire?

They found out that Cami turned into a vampire because Aurora manipulated Cami when Aurora was holding her hostage in the church.

When will Davina finally die?

She became the main subject of a power struggle between the witches, vampires and werewolves of New Orleans. After her father left the family early and her mother died, Davina was adopted by Marcel Gerard. In the 19th episode of the third season, Kol Mikaelson, who was being manipulated by the ancestors, kills her.

When will Marcel finally die?

In the season finale, Marcel bites Kol and Elijah, Freya is poisoned, and Rebekah is already cursed. The family makes a plan to buy Hayley time to find cures for those sick. For this, Klaus sacrifices himself by Freya connecting him with his siblings.

Will Cami and Klaus get together?

While The Originals producer Michael Narducci has been confirmed to have noticed the chemistry between Klaus and Cami, that doesn’t mean the two are finally dating. However, there seems to be plans for them to get closer, although there’s no rush.

The Originals 3×19 Cami dies (Final moments with Klaus)

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Who does Elijah Mikaelson love?

After that, Hayley and Elijah sleep together (2×09). In 3×15, after the death of her husband Jackson, Hayley confesses to Elijah that she loves him and has loved him all along.

How does Rebekah The Originals die?

Rebekah is sent to threaten Elena in the tunnel system while he gives the Salvatores an ultimatum to hold his mother until the moon’s highest. When Alaric stabbed Kol, Rebekah died too, which Elena used as an opportunity to put some distance between herself and her.

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Why Does Hayley Die In The Originals?

In the last episode of Season 5, Hayley of all people sacrificed herself for her daughter Hope. In the last scene we see her body burned. Hayley has been one of the most important characters in TO since the beginning. She is the mother of Klaus’ daughter, who is now a single father.

Are kol and davina married?

And already in the premiere we can prepare ourselves for a glaring change. Kol and Davina are reportedly already married. A little bit of patience is still required: In April, «The Originals» will finally return with the fifth season.

is camille dead

It is now known that series makers like to kill main characters to shock fans. But the viewers certainly didn’t expect the death of Cami (Leah Pipes) on «The Originals».

Is that hollow in hope?

The Hollow hasn’t yet fully cast Hope and the Mikaelsons are doing everything they can to prevent that. As they subject Hope to a sleeping spell, The Hollow detaches from her and attacks as a ghost. So she can eliminate Freya, Hayley, Sofya, Elijah and Marcel.

Why is Klaus dying?

His purpose in life has always been to strive for Klaus’ salvation. And now he got it. When his parents gave him no choice at the time, he made his decision: he wants to die.

Will Klaus and Hayley become a couple?

In the following episode we learn that Hayley got pregnant from her one night stand with Klaus. She is expecting a child from him. It is still uncertain what exactly is growing inside her, because there has never been anything like it. Vampires can’t father children, but werewolves can.

What is the goal of the calculation?

Who is Rebekah marrying?

Marcel tells Rebekah that one day he will marry her. Marcel’s feelings for Rebekah deepen over the years, and their relationship becomes more and more romantic. However, Klaus is against their relationship and stabs Rebekah to death.

Will Klaus appear in Legacies?

The Legacies series finale is coming up this week in the US. In the run-up, many fans hoped for an appearance by Joseph Morgan aka Klaus.

Does The Originals have a happy ending?

Last week we had to say goodbye to «The Originals» once and for all in the grand finale. One thing in particular upsets the fans: There was no happy ending for Klaus and Caroline.

Why can Hope create hybrids?

In Cradle to Grave, Hope is born, but Hayley is killed shortly thereafter. However, since she had her daughter’s blood in her, Hayley turned into a hybrid. She took a small sip of her daughter’s blood, becoming the first living hybrid of the new generation.

Will Rebecca be human again?

In order to ensure the safety of the family, Elijah actually wants to sacrifice himself for the good of his siblings, but Rebekah intervenes. She wants to become human but loses her vampire abilities as a result.

Why does Kol kill Davina?

They continue their relationship in An Old Friend Calls. In No More Heartbreaks, Davina finds out that Kol was cursed by the ancestors to kill her. Their relationship is similar to that of Elijah and Tatia as both brothers killed the woman they loved.

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Why does Elijah always wear a suit?

Elijah was revived thinking Elena was Katherine. He couldn’t breathe because he wasn’t invited in and ran out of the house. Outside the door, Elena gave him the dagger as a sign that he could trust her. They then drove to the Lockwood mansion to get a new suit.

Why does Hayley Jackson have to marry?

Hayley reads about a unification ritual in Ansel’s book that would give werewolves unique abilities. Jackson explains to her that through marriage, the special abilities of the packs were united and the werewolves became faster, stronger and more resistant.

Why does Freya kill Hope?

Because of this, Freya is willing to kill Hope Mikaelson to prevent Dahlia from resurrecting and taking over the new Mikaelson generation. But after she reveals Finn Hope’s hiding place, Elijah Mikaelson’s can be killed.

Which original vampire is still alive?

Kol is an Original vampire who was neutralized by Klaus. He is said to have lain in the coffin for over a century before Elijah revived him.

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