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Why don’t zander bite?

When do zander bite best?

The chances of a good catch are best in autumn.

The cooler temperatures give the fish the signal to eat their fill again (preferably smaller fish) before the approaching winter. Autumn is therefore considered the best season for fishing for zander.

What to do if nothing bites?

While this may sound difficult, it’s important not to tense up and stay relaxed. Some days the fish just bite and some days they don’t. Just sit back and enjoy nature and the time with your loved ones when you are not alone at the water.

What attracts zander?

In this way, boat anglers can even lure the zander very close to the floating base. The best way to do this is to pack the fish batter in an old onion net or pantyhose. A stone in the bag provides the necessary weight. The feed bag is lowered just above the ground with a rope.

When do zander go hunting?

The most catching months for zander are between May and June, after the spawning season. Because after the young fish have hatched, the zander becomes active and goes hunting. The same applies to the months of September to December, when the pike-perch have to create a stock for the cold winter.

Zander Fishing in Winter — Why Don’t ZANDER Bite Properly?

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What does the zander like to eat the most?

What fish does the zander eat? The zander mainly hunts smaller fish such as roach, goby, perch, smelt or bleak. The zander prefers to eat prey fish that are six to 15 centimeters in size. Larger bait fish are preferred, especially when fishing for zander in autumn or winter.

Is sauna bad for sperm?

Where does the zander hunt?

The pike-perch hunts mainly near the ground and is quite deep, especially in winter. Here, the intelligent predator prefers areas with little current. But also the edges of the current, between strong and only light currents, are a popular location, because the prey fish of the zander often scurry past there.

Can you catch zander during the day?

In general, it can be said that pike-perch move their feeding phases into the night in clear waters, as they avoid bright light during the day. If a body of water is permanently cloudy, you have a good chance of zander fishing during the day.

How do you catch big zander?

Rubber fish/Shads: Zander usually stalk their prey, then open their mouths at lightning speed and literally suck them in. The bait must be able to fold. For this reason, slim, soft softbaits are a good choice when fishing for zander.

At what depth is the zander?

The preferred depth of about 2 meters was just above the bottom (2,5 — 3 meters). The zander is not always close to the bottom, not even at such a shallow water depth. You can also give the wobblers priority over the rubber fish.

Why does nothing bite?

Reasons why the fish don’t want to bite

The temperatures are too high or too low. All fish have a temperature range in which they eat. Digestion often no longer works when the temperatures are too high or too low, or the fish run out of oxygen.

When is the best time of day to go fishing?

Dusk is the best time for fishing

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Whether they are non-predatory or predatory fish, nocturnal or diurnal — they all really catch up in the twilight, before darkness falls or the sun rises. As a transitional period between day and night, twilight is very popular underwater.

In what weather do the fish bite best?

The best prospects for nice weather are when the air pressure increases and at the same time the wind shifts from west to north or east. It is rather cool with a north wind. East wind brings warm temperatures in summer. In winter it is notorious for the associated freezing cold.

What smell does the zander like?

Garlic, fish or shrimp oils work just as well as sweet scents. Feel free to experiment with different oils until you have figured out the taste of the predators in your waters. A good zander that couldn’t resist the fragrant rubber fish.

When is the zander active?

Zander are simply more active at night. They move more and farther than during the day. They roam around like hyenas chasing young fish. So the chances of catching a zander in the dark are very good!

Where are the most zander?

In Germany, the pike-perch can be found in all major rivers in addition to the Danube area. You will find very good stocks of pike-perch along the Danube, for example in the Rhine or the Elbe. Originally, the fish comes from the north-eastern countries of Europe.

Where do zander stay during the day?

During the day, the zander often prefers deeper water bodies where it stays close to the bottom. In contrast to zander fishing at night, the spike knights rarely come to flatter shore regions during the day.

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How sensitive are zander?

The zander is a freshwater fish that is also native to us and belongs to the perch family. He is a sensitive fellow and makes special demands on the environmental conditions under water. In contrast to many other conspecifics that live in fresh water, it prefers turbid waters.


What is the best way to fish for zander?

With these baits it works when fishing for zander. BaitA bait is used as a lure so that the fish bites the hook. A distinction is made between artificial bait and natural bait. Above all, the depth of the water must be taken into account.

Where is the zander in the lake?

Quarry ponds are mostly clear, deep and structurally poor. Zander often stay on the steep bank edges here, so long casts are usually not necessary. Natural lakes are much more varied. Zander often stay on edges and other structures here as well.

How do you fish for zander with a rubber fish?

The correct guidance of the rubber fish. The most important thing when fishing with soft plastic lures is that you get bottom contact. You will notice this either through a small, light «tock» in the rod blank or you can tell by your fishing line: whenever the jig head hits the bottom, the line becomes slack.

How does the zander rob?

night attacks
  • Bank anglers have the best chance of success at night, the zander rob shallow.
  • He’s a sight to behold. Not only small specimens bite on the handy wobblers.
  • A large flock of bleaks on the shore. The zander are guaranteed to stop by here for a midnight snack.
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What color of bait at night?

Bait color is a hotly debated topic. Some anglers swear by bright colors at night, others prefer dark lures because they are said to give a clearer silhouette against the night sky.

Where are zander at night?

While zander are often caught at deeper locations near the bottom during the day, you will often find them in shallower areas in the dark, for example not at the foot of the ridge, but rather on the flat plateau in front of the ridge.

When to fish for zander with a wobbler?

When zander fishing with wobblers is successful. Especially if you fish for zander in the summer and at night, the targeted use of a wobbler can be more effective than a rubber fish on the bottom.

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