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Why does a pine tree break during a very strong storm?

Are pine trees storm proof?

With the help of the mushroom root network and the trained taproot, the pine is one of the tree species that are considered to be very storm-resistant.

At what wind force do trees break?

From wind force 10, trees are uprooted and trunks break off. Major damage can occur to houses — even if the “severe storm” is rather rare inland.

How much storm can a tree withstand?

Regardless of their biomechanical properties, around 50 percent of all trees break at wind speeds of around 150 km/h.

Which trees are dangerous in a storm?

Spruces, which make up 44 percent of the forest area in Bavaria, for example, are particularly at risk from storms. But the Douglas fir or willows also tend to be flat-rooted.

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Why do trees fall during storms?

The reason for the loss of branches or the uprooting of the tree is the resistance that the tree offers to the wind. The higher the resistance, the more likely it is that the branches will break off the tree. The W stands for the wind resistance of the tree, ρ for the air density, which is assumed to be constant in this case.

In which direction does a tree fall during a storm?

Sometimes the tree also manages to re-root itself in the ground after a storm despite the crooked position and directs the leading shoot vertically upwards. Younger trees in particular emerge from this experience with a bent trunk base. In strong storms, the roots in the ground can tear.

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What happens in a 100 km h storm?

The power of the wind

At 36 km/h, 1 kg acts on the square meter, in severe storms (100 km/h) 50 kg acts on the square meter. The suction effects of the wind are much worse: With a wind of 72 km/h (wind force 8), a suction of 2,4 tons acts on 100 square meters.

Which trees topple in a storm?

Spruce, fir and Douglas fir are the tree species with the highest risk because their crowns offer a wide range of wind attack surfaces.

At what wind force is it dangerous?

Caution is called for from wind force 5 (29 to 38 km/h wind speed); in the event of a severe storm (wind force 10 or more) or even a hurricane warning, you should no longer drive a car or motorbike at all. Strong winds can easily throw any vehicle off course.

What are severe gusts of wind?

A storm has a wind speed of around 75 kilometers per hour or more, or according to the upper graphic Beaufort 9. From level 10 or around 89 kilometers per hour one speaks of a severe storm, from level 11 it is a gale-force storm.

Is the pine a shallow or deep rooter?

Oak, pine, fir and elm — all these tree species have one thing in common: they have a deep, lush root system. And this root system has many benefits for the forest. Due to their deep roots, these trees usually have better anchoring in the ground than shallow roots.

How strong are pines?

The pine grows well in sandy soil and has very deep roots. As a result, it has developed good stability against storms, for example. The pine is insensitive to polluted air or other pollutants.

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Is a pine a shallow root?

The pine is a deep rooter. Their roots reach deep into the ground to provide themselves with groundwater and nutrients. However, the exact length of the root depth always depends on the development of the tree.

What to do if a tree falls over?

Has your tree fallen over after a storm or have several branches broken out of the crown? Call an expert and have the damage repaired safely and professionally.

Why do trees break off?

The typical causes of trees being thrown are windthrow due to strong wind events, broken snow due to heavy snow events or ice breakage due to freezing rain or avalanches, but also due to loosening of the soil after frost, due to water or geophysical causes such as mass movement.

Can a spruce fall over?

The spruce is one of the so-called shallow roots, its roots usually spread relatively wide just below the surface, but usually only grow slightly in depth. This makes a spruce relatively vulnerable to wind. Heavy gusts of wind, in particular, cause many a spruce to topple over.

What happens at 160 km h wind?

The new hurricane could be even more dangerous. There are many indications that a so-called Shapiro-Keyser cyclone is developing. This means that peak winds can reach 160 km/h — even 180 km/h over the North Sea.

Is force 9 wind dangerous?

The wind can tear branches off trees here. From wind force 9, roof tiles can lift. Wind force 10 means major damage to houses and broken trees. Strong damage to buildings and uprooted trees can be expected in a hurricane-type storm, i.e. with wind force 11.

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Can a car overturn in a storm?

The effects of storms and gusts are greater on vehicles with roof loads, such as bicycles or ski boxes, due to the larger impact area. Mobile homes and caravans, as well as buses and trucks, are particularly susceptible to side winds. In the worst case, these vehicles can even tip over.

Who is liable if a tree falls over in a storm?

The owner of the tree is only liable if the tree is damaged. Storm is declared as force majeure and therefore there is no liability. If you get a tree from your neighbor in a storm, whether on property, car or house, you have to pay for it yourself or the insurance company.

What happens when a tree falls on a house?

In most cases, if a tree falls from your property onto your house, building insurance and household contents insurance will step in. If a tree from the neighboring property crashes into your home, this is also a case for your homeowners insurance.

Who pays if a tree falls on my house?

If your tree causes damage to your house, your homeowners insurance will pay. If someone else’s tree falls on your property/building, your homeowners’ insurance or your neighbor’s house and landowner’s liability insurance will pay.

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