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Why do people pierce?

Why do you get a piercing?

Everyone is probably more or less aware that piercing has its origins in various primitive peoples. What is supposed to contribute largely to aesthetics today therefore originally also had ritual and spiritual reasons.

Why do you get piercings?

There are many arguments for getting a piercing. Fine piercing jewelry on the body serves as a real eye-catcher. Piercings are also a good way to express your individuality. But before wearing a piercing comes the piercing.

Why are piercings so popular?

There are many reasons people get a tattoo or piercing. A tattoo or a piercing is «chic» or «hip». Or the wearer wants to express their individuality. From the age of 20, tattooed people often want to mark important phases in their lives with their motif.

What speaks for a piercing?

Piercings can also cause extreme inflammation. Not only is the stinging of the piercing painful, but you are also at risk of painful post-inflammation in the respective area. This can lead to unsightly scars and the piercing having to be removed completely.

Are piercings allowed?

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What do piercings say about a person?

Pierced and extremely body-modified participants, on the other hand, tended towards non-conformist behavior. For example, people with piercings or extreme body modifications tended to consciously disregard rules in order to set themselves apart from others.

What is the most painful piercing?

Most painful piercings

Ear piercings in particular, which are pierced through very thick cartilage tissue, are very painful. These include, for example, the conch, helix and daith piercing. Genital piercings are also among the most painful piercings, as there are countless nerves in this sensitive area.

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Which piercings are out?

In recent years, belly button piercings have completely disappeared from the scene. Many even let the piercing hole from back then grow over, the piercing was considered so out.

Can the boss ban a piercing?

Tattoos and piercings must not be banned

«In principle, every employee can do what he wants.» If the employer wants to make external regulations, he needs a legitimate interest in doing so.

What is the most common piercing?

Ear and nose piercings are almost equally popular. The biggest difference between women and men is the navel piercing. While it is the most popular piercing among women, men can only do very little with the navel jewelry.

What is a migraine piercing?

The idea behind the migraine piercing is to use the jewelry on the ear to stimulate the same points as in an acupuncture treatment and to activate the nervous system, especially the vagus nerve. Among other things, this plays a role in the transmission of pain.

When shouldn’t you get pierced?

Health risks of piercing

People with infectious diseases, hemophilia and bleeding disorders and people receiving thrombosis treatment should avoid tattoos or body piercing if possible.

When is the best time to get a piercing?

Piercing or tattooing: what is the minimum age? From a purely legal point of view, there is no age limit for tattoos and piercings. If you are under 18 and, for example, get a tattoo or piercing without parental permission, you obviously risk trouble at home.

What is the safest piercing?

Lobe piercings are the safest ear piercings. The pain is absolutely tolerable and the holes usually heal completely within three to six weeks. Depending on the size of the earlobe, several jewelry holes can be pierced next to or on top of each other.

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Why do some people wear nose piercing?

Nose rings were a sign of protest culture in the 1980s, when punks and rockers wanted to use them to distance themselves from society and its values. The small titanium ring through the nostril has become socially acceptable today.

What percentage have piercings?

In the 14-24 age group, 38 percent of women and 16 percent of men had a piercing, 41 percent of women and 27 percent of men of this age had tattoos and/or piercings.

In which professions are piercings not allowed?

Occupations in which piercings cannot be worn for safety reasons include car mechanics, professional athletes and physical education teachers.

Are piercings grounds for termination?

Especially in professions with a correspondingly high level of customer contact, the employer can specify certain clothing regulations in the employment contract. This may also include prohibiting the wearing of piercings. The worker must then remove (or at least mask off) the piercing.

Can you be fired for piercing?

In principle, you cannot be fired without notice because of tattoos and/or piercings. In such a case, however, it is advisable for you and your trainer to decide on a compromise.

What does a nose ring mean in women?

The septum piercing is the hallmark of young, self-confident and determined women. Jewelery has long been much more than a provocation — even if it is not suitable for all situations.

Which piercing is the best?

The initial jewelery should consist exclusively of titanium or PTFE, as their nickel content is less than 0,05%. No jewelry containing nickel as a first use! Materials containing nickel above a certain limit are generally prohibited when piercing jewelry is used for the first time.

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Which piercing heals the fastest?

Punching: Besides shooting and stabbing, punching is a new alternative for ear piercings. When you punch, you punch out a piece of cartilage. The tissue is thus completely removed and not just displaced, as is the case with lancing. This means that healing is much faster.

How much does a helix cost?

The cost of a helix piercing can vary greatly depending on the state, region and studio. However, you should calculate with about 40 to 70 euros.

How painful does a nipple piercing hurt?

If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the piercing, or see that the piercer is not working sterile, be sure to stop the process immediately. Nipple piercings are very painful.

How much does a nipple piercing cost?

Depending on where you want to get your nipple piercing, the prices are between 40 EURO and 95 EURO. How much you actually have to pay and whether the price already includes piercing jewelry and care products depends on the piercing studio you have chosen.

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