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Who’s Coming K-Pop Flex 2023?

When is K-Pop Flex 2023?

When does the event take place? The Kpop Flex Festival takes place on June 17.06th. and on 18.06.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX.

What groups are coming to K-Pop Flex?

The KPOP. flex Festival in Deutsche Bank Park brings nine of the most well-known K-Pop acts to the big stadium stage over two show days. Also present: the pop giants Monsta X, (G)I-DLE, Dreamcatcher, Mamamoo, Ive, NCT Dream, ENHYPEN, AB6IX, Kai (EXO) and Oneus.

How long is the K-Pop Flex concert?

event details. Germany has a new K-Pop festival: In mid-May 2023, Europe’s largest K-Pop summit will take place in Frankfurt for the first time over two days with a different line-up and mega-acts such as Monsta X, EXO’s Kai, AB6IX, IVE, ONEUS , Mamamoo, ENHYPEN, NCT Dream and (G)I-DLE.

How much does a K-Pop Flex ticket cost?

KPop. Flex Festival from €189 – Travelcircus.

KPop.Flex Review — between disastrous organization and top performances of the idols

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Which K-pop groups are coming to Germany in 2023?

And for the premiere, those responsible at SBS, PK Events and Live Company Group will not be stingy: With ENHYPEN, Monsta X, (G)I-DLE, Mamamoo, Kai from EXO and NCT Dream, some of the biggest K-Pop acts in the Early summer 2023 to Germany.

When is BTS coming to Germany next?

The wish of numerous K-Pop fans in Germany has come true: BTS are coming to Germany! The currently most successful K-Pop act is expected to give a double concert in Berlin as part of the “Map Of The Soul” tour in 2023 (postponed from 2020)!

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How many people are in the K-Pop Flex?

FLEX announced that solo artist Kai from EXO & Super M and boy band AB6IX will join (G)I-DLE, NCT Dream, ENHYPEN, Mamamoo and IVE to ensure the KPOP.

When is Enhypen coming to Germany?

March 2023 a concert in Frankfurt am Main. ENHYPEN’s concert «ENHYPEN World Tour — Manifesto in Seoul» will also be shown online on March 18, 2023. Jessi is going on a European tour in autumn and is also coming to Germany.

Where is BTS right now?

BTS will return to the stage in Las Vegas in April 2023 with Permission To Dance On Stage. BTS are finally back with four performances in Las Vegas this spring!

When is BTS coming to Frankfurt 2023?

14 fans are expected in Frankfurt for the premiere of the festival on Saturday, May 2023, 44.000.

Has BTS ever been to Germany?

There was talk of a spectacular live event before March 12, 2023, and then the time had come: BTS performed in Seoul and streamed the concert around the world. «Permission to Dance» was also shown in Germany.

How many BTS fans are there in the world?

According to estimates based on a large survey of 400.000 participants, over 40 million BTS fans belong to the Army. According to the study of BTS fans, 84 percent of the Army are female.

How to meet with BTS?

To get tickets, however, you first have to be a member of the official ARMY fan club, and second, you have to fly to Seoul or Busan. But you can still be there, because the BTS event will be broadcast live on VLIVE+ and there will also be a DVD of it, which you can then buy.

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When does BTS have to join the military?

While BTS has yet to comment on the new decisions, time is running out: The group’s eldest — Jin — will celebrate his 04th birthday on December 2023, 30, making him the group’s first musician to do so have to do military service.

What is BTS doing in 2023?

No breakup, but a break: The seven singers from BTS have announced a break to devote themselves to solo projects. They also addressed the pressure in the K-Pop industry. The seven BTS members sit around a table, there are alcoholic beverages and a lot of candor.

When will BTS tickets go on sale?

Ticket sales start on Friday June 1st at 9 a.m.:… The event will be visible in time for the start of sales.

Is BTS in Cologne?

The btS — Life Sciences Student Initiative eV was founded in Cologne 25 years ago. Since then we have been volunteering for other students and doctoral scientists in Cologne.

Who is the most popular of BTS 2023?

And the result was clear: Jimin from BTS left everyone else behind. Among the girls in their 20s surveyed, Jimin was ranked #1, teenage boys ranked him second, and men in their 20s ranked the singer fifth.

Can Ticketbande be trusted?

Hands off! In my opinion, purest consumer deception and fraud. There is a reason why the company Ticketbande is registered in Holland. The name is program.

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