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Who is responsible for the garbage cans?

Who takes care of the garbage cans?

As a property owner or property manager, you have to deal with the application for garbage cans. This is usually done through the municipal administration of your district.

Who has to take care of garbage cans tenants or landlords?

Basically. The garbage fees charged by the municipalities for garbage collection are fully apportionable. The landlord passes on the garbage fees in full to the tenants via the utility bill. In this case, those who cause the waste must also bear the costs.

Who owns the garbage cans?

Because rubbish always has an owner, says lawyer Christian Solmecke. The law assumes that when we throw rubbish in the bin, we want it to be destroyed. Until the garbage truck picks up our waste and recycles or incinerates it, it’s ours.

What to do when the garbage can is full?

Where to dispose of the rubbish when the bin is full?
  1. Paid garbage bags. Excess rubbish can be disposed of in some municipalities via additional rubbish bags, which are subject to a fee. …
  2. Disposal at the recycling center. …
  3. Waiting for the next pickup. …
  4. Paper in public containers.

ZAH — the residual waste bin

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Is the landlord obliged to provide garbage cans?

According to the Waste Management Act, landlords are obliged to provide the tenant with a residual waste bin and a bio-waste bin. The municipalities lay down further regulations in their waste statutes. There is no obligation for the landlord to provide a garbage room.

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How full can the black bin be?

If this is unusually heavy, the disposal company can also leave the bin where it is. The weight limits are quite different: in Cologne, for example, the 240-liter bin may weigh a maximum of 80 kilograms, in Bremen 90 kilograms and in Rendsburg even 110 kilograms.

Do I have the right to my own rubbish bin?

The purchase of the garbage cans is the responsibility of the landlord. He must make them available to his tenants. The acquisition costs are also at his expense. He may not pass this on to the tenants afterwards.

Who pays for a new garbage can?

If the garbage can is your property, you must bear the costs for replacement and disposal yourself. The local waste disposal companies usually incur relatively high costs for this. Therefore, also take a look in stores — you can often get the same ton there for a lower price.

What can I do if my neighbor doesn’t sort the garbage?

If you notice that your neighbor always disposes of his rubbish incorrectly, talk to him directly. Some people do not know which waste goes in which bin. If his behavior with the waste separation still does not improve, you can talk to other neighbors or contact the property management.

How many garbage cans per resident?

Instead of 15 liters per person, depending on the municipality, even 20 liters per person per week are possible. This means that a 4-person household produces between 120 and 160 liters of residual waste every two weeks. So pay attention to which bin sizes you have available and should order.

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Can tenants register rubbish?

In some towns, tenants have to register and pay for their garbage cans themselves. Inform yourself directly at the town hall. The amount of the garbage fee depends on the amount of garbage or the size and number of bins.

Is garbage calculated by person?

According to Section 556 Paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code, the rental agreement must specify how the garbage fees are to be calculated. As a rule, the calculation is based either on the number of square meters of living space or on the number of people in the household.

What to do if the garbage is not picked up?

Simply make an appointment for another emptying if your dustbin has not been emptied. To do this, contact your regional waste disposal service and make an appointment. Depending on the region or community, the fees for this vary greatly and can be up to 15 euros.

Am I obliged to separate rubbish?

Waste separation was not mandatory before 2015. However, since a new Circular Economy Act (KrWG) came into force in 2015, this has changed. Since then everyone has been obliged to separate their waste.

How do I place my garbage cans?

Tips for getting out
  1. Parallel to the street. Always place the rubbish bins parallel to the road and as close as possible. …
  2. Observe waste separation. Be sure to separate the trash properly. …
  3. Easy accessibility. The bins must not be blocked. …
  4. Don’t put any rubbish next to it.

Which garbage can is mine?

Household and residual waste, such as cold ashes, tissue paper, crockery, glass, toys and leather, belong in the black bin. The blue bin is represented everywhere in Germany except for two federal states. The blue bin is for waste paper, i.e. magazines and newspapers, writing paper, cardboard and boxes.

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Who pays for burned-out garbage cans?

Of course, most companies will charge you if the old bin was damaged through your fault. For example, if you have filled the plastic bin with glowing charcoal or ashes that are too hot, you can almost certainly pay for the bin.

Is scavenging illegal?

It is not permitted for third parties to open and search through waste containers or cut open garbage bags. Don’t dig through other people’s trash.

How far away from the window should garbage cans be?

According to § 43 paragraph 2 sentence 2 HBauO, there must be a distance of at least two meters between the garbage cans and the windows and doors of the neighbors or tenants. This is intended to prevent possible health hazards from waste.

How far do I have to pull my garbage can?

Residents who live on streets that are too wide for waste disposal vehicles should bring their garbage cans themselves to the collection points over a distance of between 75 and 110 meters.

How are garbage fees divided?

Fee distribution. Since the garbage fees are shared costs, they are distributed according to the statutory cost distribution key of Section 16 (2) sentence 1 WEG according to co-ownership shares or a cost distribution key that has been agreed to deviate from this.

Are garbage cans checked?

All 180000 tons of the road special purpose association (WZV) are to be equipped with a chip, explains Dr. Julia Hobohm, Head of WZV Waste Management. This allows each bin to be identified, assigned to households and the emptying controlled.

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What does the red dot on the garbage can mean?

By the way: If you noticed one or two red dots on your residual waste bin, this has something to do with the emptying frequency: One dot means: collection in the odd calendar weeks. Two points means: removal in the even calendar weeks. And no point means: collection every week.

Can you still put yellow bags next to the yellow bin?

Can I put bags/waste bags/yellow bags next to the yellow bin in addition to emptying them? No, this is not allowed.

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