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Who is Erik Philippi writing for?

Who does Eric Philippi write for?

Successful songwriter for colleagues

Eric Philippi doesn’t just write his own songs. He is also a regular writer for his Schlager colleagues. He wrote «Full Risk» for Beatrice Egli. He composed the song «The Greatest Happiness in the World» for Howard Carpendale.

Are Beatrice Egli and Eric Philippi a couple?

No, Eric and Beatrice are not a couple.

What does Eric Philippi do?

Eric Philippi has been a star in the German Schlager sky since 2021. The winner of the ARD «Schlagerchallenge. 2021» by Florian Silbereisen is multi-talented and not only talented in singing — Philippi also masters the guitar, piano and trumpet.

Who wrote shock love?

«Schockverliebt» is the name of Eric Philippi’s debut album and also a song from the album.

Here Schlager newcomer Eric Philippi reveals whether he has a girlfriend… ?​

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What does shock in love mean?

Shock · in love means: You see someone for the first time. And you immediately feel very much in love. You don’t know anything about the other person.

Where does Eric Philippi live?

Eric Philippi is now a real star, especially in his home country of Saarland.

Does Silbereisen have a new girlfriend?

From 2008 to 2018 he was in a relationship with pop singer Helene Fischer – since then, Silbereisen has not presented a new girlfriend.

Who is Beatrice Egli’s new friend?

She has known the man the beautiful Swiss woman has let into her heart for five years. It is her music producer Joachim Wolf (51). If you look at his Instagram account, you could have guessed it! Lots of pictures of Beatrice – and he raves about her so sweetly: «She’s the sun!

What does hives look like?

What happened to Beatrice Egli’s grandparents?

According to a report in the Swiss newspaper «Blick», grandmother Margrit, Beatrice called her Näni, died in early April at the age of 85 and grandfather Fritz died at the end of May at the age of 93. Both died of old age. The singer was particularly attached to her Näni.

Who writes the songs for Beatrice?

Eric Philippi writes song for Beatrice Egli.

Who wrote Full Risk by Beatrice Egli?

Eric Philippi is responsible as the songwriter, the song was created during the time of new beginnings at the first concerts after the reopening of live entertainment. With «Full Risk» Beatrice Egli delivers a gripping catchy tune that spreads a good mood and a positive spirit of optimism.

What is the name of Ben Zucker’s daughter?

Sarah Zucker was born in Laichingen in Baden-Württemberg. In the early 1990s she returned to Berlin with her family, who originally lived in East Berlin, where she grew up with her older brothers Manuel and Ben.

Why is Ben Zucker called that?

His stage name was inspired by the 2004 film «Alles auf Zucker» in which actor Henry Hübchen plays the lead role as Jaeckie Zucker. On «» Ben Zucker said: «Henry Hübchen is one of my favorite actors. Hence my stage name Ben Zucker.

Are Ben Zucker and Egli a couple?

«We are great colleagues, I like them» — in the sense of: I like them! When I see them, I’m happy. But we’re not together,» Zucker confirmed.

How did Eric Philippi become famous?

During school he was a member of the Saar Youth Jazz Orchestra in Saarbrücken. Winning a radio station’s newcomer competition gave him his musical breakthrough. In August 2020, the collaboration with the music label «Telamo» was announced.

What powers does Klaus have?

Who composes for Eric Philippi?

«Schockverliebt» is the name of the debut album that Philippi released under the Munich music label Telamo in autumn 2021. The Reisbach native composed all the songs on this album at home in his recording studio and produced them with the support of music professionals.

Who wrote the song Weisse Taube?

The white doves are tired is a peace song by the German pop singer Hans Hartz from 1982 and at the same time his first hit to be placed in the German single charts. The song was written by Christoph Busse.

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