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Who did Sunny let die?

Sunny sees herself in front of a pile of broken glass

Who listens to GZSZ in 2023?

Niklas Osterloh (Paul Wiedmann)

The actor has been in front of the camera for GZSZ since 2016. Now he is leaving the series – but only temporarily. Osterloh treats himself to a break. In the summer of 2023 he will be in front of the camera in Cologne for another project.

Who did Sunny marry?

When Sunny and Felix get married, Chris manages to escape. He shows up at the wedding, takes Sunny and puts a knife to her neck.

Will Luis and Moritz become a couple?

A little later, Miriam and Moritz find their boyfriend in front of the brickwork and admit to Luis that they both love him too. After that, the three decide to try a threesome relationship. Luis even goes so far as to tell his mother Nina (Maria Wedig) that he is now with Mo — and with Miriam!

Will Yvonne be able to see again?

Yes, it is true! Yvonne’s (Gisa Zachs) fate seems to have completely turned around again. As you can already see on RTL+, * she regains her eyesight – and sees something very special! Episode 7554 will air on RTL next Wednesday, July 13th.

GZSZ spoilers: Sunny learns the truth

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What will happen at GZSZ in the next few weeks?

GZSZ preview: Episode 7600 from Thursday, September 15.09.2022th, XNUMX

A plan is further solidified. While Erik vents his disappointment about John’s bankruptcy to Toni, Toni gets a job offer in New York of all things. Solidarity Toni wants to reject the offer, but Erik likes it.

What happens to Paul at GZSZ?

Paul is back in Berlin after visiting his new girlfriend’s family in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania with Gina (Isabel Hinz), son Tom and daughter Kate. Everyone — especially Kate — really enjoyed their stay in the country.

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What happens to Gerner?

Jo Gerner didn’t die in the serial, but the drama about him brings with it a lot of problems. Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro, 61) jumped from death once again. In an exciting GZSZ anniversary episode, it was shown how the lawyer fled from his archenemy Linostrami and the police.

Will Gina die GZSZ?

For a long time it was unclear whether Gina will survive, many GZSZ fans already assumed that the young mother would die serially – and now there is certainty: the doctors want to get Gina out of the coma – and are successful: The beauty opens her eyes while Paul tears her eyes at her…

What happens to Miriam at GZSZ?

Miriam died serial death, but that was not all

Linostrami made for a bitter end. In an argument with his daughter, things went to extremes: Because Miriam provoked and insulted her father more and more, he pointed a gun at her and finally pulled the trigger.

how old is sunny

After she finished school, the now 19-year-old Sunny decided to study architecture in Berlin and from then on to live with her grandfather Jo Gerner. With Gerner, Sunny finally finds the family closeness and security that she has been missing for so long.

How many times has Sunny Richter been married?

Sunny was married to GZSZ before. The fact that she now wants to say «yes» makes fans sit up and take notice! It’s been a good two years since Sunny (Valentina Pahde) celebrated her wedding with Felix at GZSZ.

Why shouldn't you put shoes on the table?

Did Sunny quit?

Valentina Pahde has been seen as Sunny on GZSZ for years. In autumn, however, a farewell to the daily soap is imminent!

How much does an actor earn at GZSZ?

Leading actors such as Laura Maack (Paula) or Sophie Imelmann (Leonie) should be paid around 4.000 to 6.000 euros gross. Actors who have been there for many years and have good negotiating skills should even receive a fee of 10.000 euros per month.

When does tuner get out of GZSZ?

But there is an immediate all-clear: It is only the last day for the year 2021. In the new year, the fan favorite will be in front of the camera again for the series.

What will become of Gina GZSZ?

How is Gina? Paul finally gets the all-clear: Gina’s condition is so stable that Jeremiah’s doctors can pull her out of the artificial coma. The new father quickly rushes to the hospital and does not leave Gina’s side.

Why is Gina in a coma?

Philip (Jörn Schlönvoigt, 35) finally tells him that Gina was saved from multiple organ failure at the last minute and the doctors put her in an artificial coma. If and when she will wake up is unclear.

Who is the baby at GZSZ?

The GZSZ baby is here! Actress Isabel Hinz reports on the «really blatant» birth scene. There are offspring in Kolle-Kiez: Gina (Isabel Hinz) and Paul (Niklas Osterloh) will be parents in GZSZ episode 7563 on Tuesday, July 26, 2023 (stream here on RTL+).

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Who dies in the anniversary episode GZSZ?

The trailer for the 30th anniversary leaves die-hard «GZSZ» fans agitated. Is veteran Jo Gerner dying in serial – and is he turning his back on the cult soap “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” after 29 years? The anniversary episode, which aired on Thursday (May 12)

When does Jo Gerner leave?

Next exit from «GZSZ»: Sara Fuchs leaves the series

The Berliner has been playing Jo Gerner since February 1993 (episode 185).

What will become of Emily and Paul?

The divorce of the former GZSZ dream couple Paul (Niklas Osterloh) and Emily (Anne Menden) can no longer be stopped. The craftsman will leave Berlin with his new family and go to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

What happens at GZSZ 2023?

«GZSZ» on Friday, September 16.09.2022th, 7601: episode XNUMX

Erik is still passionate about New York. But his Denglish is subjected to a harsh reality check and he has to realize that he has completely overestimated his language skills. Discouraged, his enthusiasm levels off.

How is GZSZ going?

Paul’s heart breaks when he sees Emily crying for her love. But he forces himself to move on because he’s the wrong person to comfort Emily. She is caught by Sunny. Michi is outraged that Yvonne made him mad in front of Maren.

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