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Which selfies shouldn’t be posted?

Open, honest, informal — always and everywhere.

What can I post and what not?

What can you remix, post and integrate into your own platforms? Basically everything that is published on the Internet is protected by copyright. The creators of the texts, photos, videos and audio files have the right to be named.

Which photos can you post?

The right to one’s own image is the personal right of every person to be able to decide whether their likeness is to be reproduced in public or not. Again and again, however, there is talk of the right to the motive. Motifs are mostly free in Germany, so it regulates the freedom of panorama.

What can I post on Instagram and what not?

Photos that you did not take yourself may not be posted. That would be copyright infringement — unless the author has given their consent. But it’s not always easy to post your own photos either.

Why do people post pictures of themselves?

Narcissists post more selfies. And they like it when someone responds to it. What many have already thought, researchers have also explored. Many know them from their timeline: people who document almost every step of their lives with selfies on social media and share them with other people.

How to look GOOD in EVERY picture ● Tips for Better Instagram Photos l DANIEL KORTE

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Why do you look so bad in selfies?

On Android phones, the photo is saved by default as we took it — i.e. mirrored. With iPhones, the photo is mirrored again so that we see ourselves the right way round again – that is, as the others see us.

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What do our selfies say about us?

This study confirmed that men in particular use selfies to express their narcissism. In addition, this study showed that frequent posting of selfies can be associated not only with narcissism but also with psychopathy.

What is dangerous about Instagram?

The app belongs to the Facebook group and the criticism is great: the social network has been criticized because it conveys an unhealthy body image and obsession with beauty, and metadata is used for advertising purposes. LOOK AT! explains what parents can do to protect their children on Instagram.

Which pictures can you post on Instagram?

  • You own all the images you post on the network. …
  • Instagram can freely use your published content at any time, but the license ends if you delete the image on your Instagram profile.
  • You may copy the Instagram URL to a post and e.g.

Why am I hardly getting any likes on Instagram?

Avoid posting photos that are grainy, blurry, pixelated, or too dark. You probably won’t get that many likes. We highly recommend using Instagram’s photo editing software built into the app, but not BEYOND editing.

What images shouldn’t be posted?

It’s actually quite simple: you shouldn’t post, share or otherwise distribute pictures that you didn’t take yourself. But even with the photos that you shoot yourself, you can’t just point to everything that catches your eye in the Wild West manner.

Which photos may not be published?

When may photos be published without the consent of those depicted?
  • portraits from the field of contemporary history,
  • Pictures in which the people only appear as accessories next to a landscape or other locations,
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Which pictures are not allowed to be published?

The images may not be distributed if a legitimate interest of the person depicted is violated. People of contemporary history are, for example, politicians, inventors, actors, athletes or writers. However, this only applies to images showing such people in public.

What shouldn’t you put online?

You may not simply publish photos, videos, music or texts of others. That can get really expensive. One exception: the music band expressly allows this.

What is not allowed to post on social media?

7 things you should never post on social media
  • Offensive or Harmful Content. …
  • Rumors about certain people. …
  • Third-party content claiming to be from you. …
  • Negative sayings about colleagues and superiors. …
  • Details about future (business) trips. …
  • Information about your financial status.

Which data should not be published?

Never pass on personal data such as home address, telephone number or even account and credit card data to third parties.

Does Instagram have access to my photos?

Because it is non-transferrable. That means your photos stay your photos. But: Instagram has the «non-exclusive, fully paid-up, royalty-free, transferable, worldwide license to use the Content that you post on or through the Service» (as of February 2017).

When is taking photos a crime?

According to § 201a StGB, people who take photos of others are liable to prosecution if they are produced or distributed without permission. It is irrelevant whether it is illegal filming or photographing of private individuals.

What can WhatsApp do with my pictures?

WhatsApp Image Rights: This can happen to your photos

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In concrete terms, this means that you allow WhatsApp to use all uploaded media for internal purposes of the app. Whether it’s text, voice messages, pictures or videos — WhatsApp, or the parent company Facebook, is allowed to use these media.

Can Instagram get dangerous?

Accounts can be hacked

One of the biggest sources of danger on the Internet for you as an Instagram user is the login. If an account is hacked, it can go unnoticed at first, but it only becomes noticeable when comments are published or pictures that you have not authorized are published.

What is negative about Instagram?

The well-known app is particularly negative when it comes to filtering out every blemish and imperfection. This in turn can lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness and unfulfillment in users, or more simply put: FOMO, the fear of missing out, can quickly become too great.

How Instagram makes you depressed?

Psychologists consistently point out that many of the perfect pictures on Instagram are pressuring. «It leads to not feeling good enough, leads to depression. Eating disorder. It gets bad if you believe what you see is true,» psychologist Brad Klontz told CNBC.

Why do women take so many pictures of themselves?

If someone else earns more than they do, it creates status fears in many and a desire for more recognition, both financially and socially. In order to gain more attention and set themselves apart from their competitors, women would then publish provocative selfies more frequently on Instagram, Twitter and Co.

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Are selfies an expression of narcissism?

Those subjects who used social media excessively and mainly for visual purposes (selfies) displayed increased narcissistic behavior at the end of the four months. In numbers, this means a 25% increase in narcissistic traits.

Why don’t I like photos of myself?

That doesn’t look good! Yes, the picture looks really good to him. And that brings us to the reason why we don’t like ourselves in photos. The phenomenon is called the «mere exposure effect» in psychology and basically means that we prefer what we know well to the unfamiliar.

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