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Which old bikes are valuable?

In general, the brand must be attractive.
  • Bianchi (Italy)
  • Colnago (Italy)
  • Pinarello (Italy)
  • De Rosa (Italy)
  • Gios (Italy)
  • Masi (Italy)
  • Francesco Moser (Italy)
  • Eddy Merckx (Belgium)

What can you ask for a used bike?

50% run out. This was confirmed by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (1 U 234/02). After 8 years, the used bike is usually only worth about 25% of the purchase price.

How do I find out how old a bike is?

With the frame number, which is usually stamped on the bottom bracket, the year of manufacture can be determined fairly easily. You can see the stamped frame number on the bottom bracket.

How much does a bike lose in value?

A bicycle can already lose 50% in value in the first two years — this was even confirmed by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (1 U 234/02). After 8 years it is only worth 25% of the origin. If the bike is poorly maintained, it can lose value even faster.

How much money for bike?

Basically, the rule of thumb is: A bicycle that is regularly used several times a week should not cost less than 500 euros. Among these, bicycles are often too prone to wear and damage and cause trouble and costs in the long run. About 1.200 euros should be estimated for electric bicycles.

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What makes a bike so expensive?

Increased production costs, persistently high demand and the limited supply also made bicycles significantly more expensive last year: prices increased by 5,8 percent. They grew almost twice as fast as consumer prices overall.

Why does Ballistol smell?

How do I recognize a good bike?

From the outside, it is sometimes difficult to reliably determine the quality of an MTB, especially in the mid-range price segment. The quality of the hub, bottom bracket and headset is almost always proportional to the quality of the entire bike. The best (and most expensive) mountain bikes are delicate, inconspicuous and never very colourful.

How can I sell my bike?

So far there have been various providers for the sale of bicycles:
  1. Ebay Classifieds.
  2. buycycle.
  3. MTB News.
  4. quoka
  5. Ebay.
  6. Local Classifieds.

What do I have to consider when selling a bicycle privately?

In the bike shop:
  • Full name and address of business.
  • Tax number or sales tax identification number (for used bicycles over €150)
  • date of the invoice.
  • Exact purchase price.
  • Exact description of the bike (bike brand, bike type, bike size, color, gears, frame number)

Can you tell the year of manufacture from the frame number?

Because the frame numbers are assigned consecutively, you can use the frame number to determine the year of manufacture of your bike.

Is the serial number the frame number?

All bikes have a unique serial number (frame number) so you can be identified. It usually consists of letters and numbers and is embossed on the frame or stuck on with a label.

Does every bike have a frame number?

Where can I find the frame number on the bike? Every bicycle has it, the so-called frame number, consisting of numbers and letters. The bike manufacturer stamps or prints them directly into the frame. This number is only assigned once and is an important aid in identifying your bike.

Can you turn a carport into a garage?

Can you trade in a bike?

The trade-in amount of your old bike depends on the type of bike, the brand, the age and the status the bike/e-bike is in. The main focus here is on the tyres, the chain and the drive.

What does an e-bike lose in value?

maintenance costs and depreciation

An Ebike loses about 30% in value every year. After 4 years it is only worth a fraction of the purchase price.

What are vintage wheels?

Georg Zeppin definitely sees a growing market for vintage bicycles. «In addition to racing bikes, there can be normal bicycles from the 1950s or 1960s, such as those from Miele or Opel, historic mountain bikes, BMX or Bonanza bikes,» says the collector and editor of the «Karl» bicycle magazine.

What is an e-bike still worth after three years?

The author of the answer has requested the removal of this content.

How much can a used e-bike cost?

If an e-bike cost 3.000 euros (RRP) three years ago, with good care and professional service, 2.400 euros are realistic after one year, 1.800 euros after two years and 1.200 euros after three years. But this only as a rough guide.

What does replacement value bike mean?

The replacement value is replaced, i.e. the amount to buy a new bike of the same value. The maximum compensation is usually set at a certain percentage of the total insured household contents. The sum can be increased for expensive bikes or special insurance can be taken out.

When is the best time to sell a bike?

Cycling in winter is only a matter of course for very few cyclists. For most cyclists, the cycling season runs from February or March to October. During this time, the demand for bicycles is particularly high. Bicycle dealers can sell their bikes at a good price.

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Who buys old bikes?

Velafrica collects used bikes, repairs them and ships them to Africa. Every year, more than 22 bikes make their way south from Switzerland and make life easier for the people there.

What is a carbon frame?

Carbon frames and parts consist of several layers of carbon. The top layer is called the «face layer» and scratches in it are usually not significant. The carbon product gains its stability from the layers underneath. Carbon has better fatigue strength than aluminum.

What is the best bike brand?

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What are the best bike brands?

Overview: the most popular models and bike brands
  • Mountain Bike: Bergamont, Cannondale, Cube, Giant, Merida, Scott, Stevens.
  • BMX: Eastern Bikes, Felt, Franz, Odyssey, Wethepeople.
  • Road bike: Canyon, Cube, Focus, Merida, Rose, Scott, Specialized.
  • Trekking bike: Diamant, Hercules, Kalkhoff, Pegasus, Rose, Stevens.

Which bike brand has the best price-performance ratio?

In the Megatest 2021, the cycling editors tested a total of twelve trekking bikes from all price ranges — from 744 euros to 8765 euros. The Diamant Rubin Legere earned the price-performance rating.

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