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Which health insurance company is the cheapest in 2023?

hkk will remain the cheapest health insurance company open nationwide in 2023

Which health insurance company is the cheapest at the moment?

Among the health insurers open nationwide, the hkk claims the title of the cheapest health insurer in 2021. The following health insurance companies will charge a comparatively low contribution in 2021: BKK Euregio (open regionally) — 14,95 percent. hkk – 14,99 percent.

Which is the best health insurance company in 2023?

  • Health insurance comparison — list of the best statutory health insurance.
  • HKK.
  • DAK health.
  • IKK Classic.
  • Technicians’ Health Insurance.
  • BKK Firmus.
  • Bahn-BKK.
  • SBK.

Which health insurance company has the lowest additional contribution in 2023?

BMW BKK has by far the lowest additional contribution of all health insurance companies in 2023, which now charges 0,80 percent instead of 0,30 percent. But this health insurance company is also a closed event. The approximately 192.000 insured persons all work for the Bavarian car manufacturer or their relatives.

Which health insurance company will reduce the contributions in 2023?

The additional contribution from the DAK will remain unchanged in 2023 at 1,50%. Debeka BKK will increase the additional contribution by 01.07.2022% to 0,29% from July 1,49st, 01.01.22. On January 1,38st, 2023, energie-BKK reduced the additional contribution to 1,1%. The home health insurance fund will keep the additional contribution constant at XNUMX% in XNUMX.

Change health insurance in 2023: free teeth cleaning, vaccinations

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Does it make sense to change health insurance?

Conclusion: Changing health insurance can be easy — and bring advantages. Due to the simplified process of changing health insurance, cost savings are also possible for those with statutory health insurance. Contribution increases do not have to be accepted. However, the insured person should not act too hastily.

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What is the most expensive health insurance company?

The statistics show the contribution rates of the most expensive statutory health insurance companies (GKV) in Germany in 2023. In this year, BKK24 was one of the funds with the highest contributions, with a contribution rate of 16,09 percent.

Will the TK 2023 be more expensive?

Health insurance individual additional contribution rate

The general and reduced contribution rates are 14,6 and 14,0 percent, respectively. In December 2023, the TK Board of Directors decided on the adjustment of TK’s individual health insurance contribution rate for 2021. It is still 1,2 percent.

How much does health insurance with the AOK cost?

Contribution rate for health insurance and long-term care insurance

The general health insurance contribution rate is 14,6 percent of monthly income. The reduced contribution rate is 14,0 percent. In both cases, there is also the individual additional contribution from your AOK.

What is the contribution rate for the AOK 2023?

The additional contribution thus remains below the average rate for statutory health insurance companies and the general contribution rate for AOK PLUS will remain unchanged at 2023 percent in 15,8. Right now, stability is important for our policyholders and employers.


Which is better AOK or TK?

As a result, the AOK Nordost takes second place among the regionally open health insurance companies. TK sees it as part of its social mission and its future-oriented corporate orientation to maintain the balance between economy, ecology and social issues.

Which health insurance company do you recommend?

As in previous years, the test winner is the Techniker (TK). It scores with its service and extensive additional services. Several health insurance companies that made the top 2021 in 10 confirm their rankings.

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These five health insurance companies have the best overall package:

  • TK.
  • HEK.
  • Securvita.
  • AOK Plus.
  • IKK Southwest

Which is better BARMER or AOK?

In the current health insurance test from, the AOK NORDWEST achieved the test score of 1,8. the Gmünder replacement fund (GEK). The merger of BARMER with Deutsche BKK is planned for January 01.01.2017st, XNUMX. The resulting fund would thus have the largest number of members in Germany.

What is the minimum contribution to the AOK?

Since 2020, the self-employed have been able to take out statutory health insurance as voluntary members for around 149 euros a month (plus an additional contribution for individual health insurers).

What will change at the AOK in 2023?

Compulsory insurance – status determination procedure. New in the electronic reporting procedure. postings. Subsidy obligation in the company pension scheme.

How much does it cost to insure yourself?

How much you pay for voluntary health insurance depends on whether you are employed or self-employed. In principle, the contribution is 14,6 percent plus the additional contribution of the respective health insurance company. On top of that, there is the contribution to statutory long-term care insurance.

How much does TK cost per month?

Your monthly contribution is at least 173,27 euros and at most 764,33 euros. For foreign statutory pensions, the contribution rate is only 7,3 percent plus half the additional TK contribution rate of 0,6 percent.

How much do you pay at TK?

How high are the contribution rates at TK? In 2023, the general contribution rate for your employees is 14,6 percent and the reduced contribution rate is 14,0 percent. The TK additional contribution rate is 1,2 percent.

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How much does TK health insurance cost?

From October 01.10.2022st, 92,73, the contribution will be EUR 27,61 per month for health insurance (including TK additional contribution) and EUR 23 for nursing care insurance. Compulsorily insured students who are not yet 24,77 years old or who already have a child only pay XNUMX euros per month for long-term care insurance.

Will the AOK become more expensive?

At the turn of the year, health insurance has become more expensive for every fourth person with statutory health insurance. 19 funds have increased — including almost all of the AOKs with many members. For those insured, it will be more expensive in most federal states: by up to 0,5 percent.

Which health insurance company is the best at Stiftung Warentest?

Which health insurance companies win the test at Stiftung Warentest?
  • AOK Saxony-Anhalt. 14,6% (Saxony-Anhalt)
  • BKK Euregion. 14,95% (Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • hkk 14,99%
  • BKK Pfaff. 15,0% (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • BKK firmus. 15,04%

What are the disadvantages of changing health insurance?

Important when changing

So that there are no disadvantages from changing health insurance, you should definitely consider beforehand whether you are currently receiving aids and remedies, long-term prescriptions, sick pay or care services from your old health insurance company that require approval or additional services.

Can I still change health insurance at the age of 60?

Pensioners, like everyone else with statutory health insurance, can choose their health insurance company freely. When changing, there is no health check, so that a more powerful health insurance company can easily be selected for the most comprehensive care that is exactly right.

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When is the best time to change health insurance?

If you want to change health insurance, you have to give two months’ notice to the end of the month. If you apply for membership in January, you will become a member of the new health insurance company on April 1st. The health insurance companies take care of the correct application of the deadlines.

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