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Which dents cannot be dented?

What you need to consider first

Can you bulge out every dent?

However, the paintwork is then often repaired and it is not uncommon for the bodywork to be worked on more intensively. There is of course no question that a large dent in the sheet metal can only be repaired by a professional. But everyone can repair minor damage themselves.

Can you squeeze bumps?

Bumps are either pulled out or pushed out from the inside. Pushing from the back gives you more opportunities to apply the necessary force. However, this requires extensive dismantling work.

How much does a small dent cost?

The prices for small dents start at around 35 euros. On average, 60 to 100 euros are due for dents the size of a two-euro piece, depending on the number, depth and position of course. The damage is then no longer visible. Which could be worthwhile at the latest when the car is sold.

Can you bulge the bonnet?

A dent can often be bulged out again by means of counter pressure. Open the hood, hold it and push the dent outwards. A different technique is helpful for dents of five to eight millimeters. For this you need grinding paste, with which you prepare the area for the treatment.

Push car dents and pull out Smart repair with dent repair tool instructions

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How do I get a small dent out of the hood?

To do this, you can open the hood and gently press against the dent on the other side until you get a straight surface. Larger dents can also be easily removed with a rubber mallet. To do this, carefully tap the dent from the other side with a hammer until the surface is level.

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Can you strip aluminum?

Denting of aluminum sheets

Dent removal from aluminum parts also requires a trained hand. With so-called ‘cold’ straightening, dents are pressed out from the middle and smoothed outwards with light blows. In the case of hail and parking damage, this is usually possible without painting.

Can you bulge a car roof?

Denting a car door with a suction cup

For this you need either hot water or a hot air dryer and a suction cup, also known as a plunger. However, this method is only suitable for bumps that are larger than the diameter of the suction cup.

How much does Smart Repair Dent cost?

A price example: Simply removing a dent with a diameter of 25 millimeters and a depth of around 3 millimeters can cost between 30 and 100 euros.

How do I get rid of hail dents on my car?

To do this, expose the damaged area from all sides and then heat the paintwork from the outside. This can be done with a heat gun. Then the spot can be worked on by hand (protect your hands) or with a suction cup and the dented spot can be moved in the opposite direction.

How do I become a dent pusher?

Regardless of whether you are an employee or self-employed, the minimum requirement is always our 5-day course for dent technology. This course includes all the practical techniques needed to repair dents.

How much does bodywork cost?

Minor damage can usually be repaired at a price of 50 to 80 euros (as of February 2019). A small damage here means, for example, a dent that is about the size of a 50 cent piece. Major damage, on the other hand, can quickly cost several hundred euros.

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What can the bump doctor do?

This means that you can get help with hail damage, light scratches on the paintwork, dents on doors, as well as small dents from accidents and knocks on the edges of doors. In order to repair such damage quickly, the dent doctor uses either the dent pressing technique or the adhesive technique.

How do you recognize dents on the car?

If the reflections show breaks and kinks, this indicates a bump or dent. Anyone dealing with hail damage appreciates such help. The dent sail is also very well suited for documenting other types of damage, such as bumps when parked.

When is Smart Repair not possible?

However, Smart-Repair does not work for damage to the hood or roof. In this case, it definitely makes more sense to have the affected area painted normally.

When is Smart Repair possible?

As a rule, Smart Repair is used for damage that is no larger than a DIN A5 page. This roughly corresponds to an area of ​​14,8 x 21 centimeters. In these cases, the smart process can save costs and effort: superficial, small scratches in the paint.

What exactly is Smart Repair?

Smart Repair is a special repair variant that can be used to efficiently repair minor damage to the car. Typical uses for Smart Repair are dents, minor paintwork damage or stone chips on the car. Smart repair is available in both large workshops and small, specialized companies.

How much does a deep scratch car cost?

In the case of deep scratches that reach into the lower layers of the car paint, car owners usually have to reckon with a complete repainting of the affected area. Repairing a scratched fender here quickly amounts to between 200 and 600 euros.

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How much does it cost to have a car completely painted?

For example, painting the bonnet costs around 400 to 500 euros, a fender 500 to 600 euros and an entire small car costs at least 3000 euros. There are no upper limits — even 10.000 euros is a realistic price for a complete paint job.

How does a bump doctor work?

A dent doctor uses special tools to push or pull out dents in sheet metal. This form of repair is also known in specialist circles as a paintless dent removal technique. In order to carry out the repairs professionally, several months of training are required in addition to the special tools.

What should be considered when removing dents from aluminium?

If the aluminum is accessible from the front and rear, carefully and slowly push the dent out. Use a rubber mallet and slowly tap the bump from the inside out. However, do not tap out the bump completely to avoid overstretching the material.

Can you tin on aluminium?

In addition to steel, aluminum can also be tinned and thus ensure better processing. For example, aluminum can only be soldered with a soldering iron after tinning. Not only new materials can be processed by tinning.

Can you putty aluminum?

If the aluminum sheet is not punctured, you may be able to fill and repaint the area around the damage. However, the deformation should not be much deeper than one centimeter. The damaged area is sanded and filled with a special aluminum filler.

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