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Which company names are not allowed?

Which company names are not permitted?

The company name must not contain any additions that are obviously suitable for deception. For example, a company XYZ Handels GmbH is inadmissible if the company only provides a consulting service.

Can I name my company whatever I want?

When choosing a name for a company, the self-employed are not free in principle, but are bound by certain legal regulations. In individual cases, it basically depends on the entry in the commercial register as to which regulations apply.

Where can I see if a company name is protected?

For brand names, we recommend visiting the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). There you will find all registered trademarks, which you can compare with your desired designation.

How can you find out if a company name already exists?

We advise you in particular to inspect the commercial register (, to search through industry directories and to use search engines on the Internet. You should also take a look at the trademark register ( and check whether the desired name is already protected under trademark law.

Company name vs. business name — what is the difference and what do I have to consider?

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Who checks the company name?

All companies that are required to be entered in the commercial register need a company name. The name check by the IHK is particularly suitable for these companies.

Who checks company names?

Before your company is entered in the commercial register, the responsible chamber of industry and commerce will check whether your suggestion is suitable as a company name.

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Which company name can I use?

A company name must be sufficiently distinctive from other companies. The name must be suitable for identification. The company name must not contain any misleading information about business relationships.

What name for small business?

As I have read, a small business has no option to choose a company name, but only a business name. As I have read further, the business name can be a fantasy name, provided it is not already in use and is not protected by trademark law.

How much does it cost to protect a name?

The official fees to register a trademark are €300. This fee already includes 3 classes of goods and services. Each additional class costs €100. If you register electronically, the fees are slightly cheaper, the basic fee is then €290.

What can my sole proprietorship be called?

What can I name my small business? The same applies to the naming of a small business as stated for the sole proprietorship: The name must contain the first and last name of the small business owner, additions are generally permitted.

What is important in company names?

The company name should be distinctive and distinctive. It is important that the company name does not contain any pure industry designations for the subject or activity designation. The business relationships and liability relationships must be evident from the addition of the legal form in the company name.

What should a sole proprietorship be called?

In the case of sole proprietorships, i.e. traders who are not entered in the commercial register, the full first and last name must be mentioned in the company name. In order to guarantee the protection of legal transactions, the law requires transparency at this point.

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Which GmbH names are allowed?

What names can the GmbH trade under? Personal companies, factual companies and imaginary companies are permitted. The private company must contain the family name of at least one partner (Maria Hoffmann GmbH) or the company name of a trading company involved as a partner (without the addition of the legal form).

What does EK mean after the name?

The company form «eK» for sole proprietors

In Germany there are many different legal forms with which you can start your own business. One of the most common and popular is the “registered merchant”, abbreviated “eK” or even more precisely “e. commercial

What should the name of a GmbH be?

The entrepreneurial company is planned as a small GmbH, but may not adorn itself with the name GmbH. Rather, according to Section 5a (1) GmbHG, it must have the legal form suffix «Entrepreneurship (limited liability)» in the company name. An abbreviation of the addition limited liability is not permitted.

How can a sole proprietorship trade?

Sole proprietorship: may operate voluntarily

Without an entry in the commercial register, a sole proprietorship cannot trade and must appear with the full name of its owner; it must be clear from the company name that the owner and the company are identical.

How do I find a creative name?

In this article, we present 18 tips that will help you easily find a suitable company name.
  1. Think of acronyms.
  2. Create word combinations.
  3. Look for examples in mythology and literature.
  4. Use foreign words.
  5. Use your own name.
  6. Get a map.

What types of company names are there?

Which company names are possible?
  • Personal company: The name of the business owner is also the company name, example: Anton Müller.
  • Factual company name: The company name is a description of the business purpose, example: Cosmetics trade GmbH.
  • Fantasy company: The company name is invented, example: Schlaraffenland AG.
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Can two companies have the same name?

Company exclusivity is a principle of company law and means that a new company in the same place must be clearly distinguishable from existing names (company). This is necessary so that confusion can be ruled out.

What can I call my ug?

Only when the share capital reaches 25.000 euros can it call itself “GmbH” instead of “UG (limited liability)” (see above). The choice of a private company, a factual company or an imaginary company is permitted.

When can a company call itself a group?

The company name of a company may only contain the element «Gruppe» or «Group» if the company is actually part of a group of companies. If someone runs several companies, this alone does not make them a group.

How can I name my shop?

What to consider when naming your store
  1. Unique! …
  2. Make it simple. …
  3. Involve others. …
  4. Check domains and social networks. …
  5. Match the business name to the size of the company. …
  6. Make it obvious what you are doing. …
  7. Check out the competition.

Can you sell a company name?

Yes, trademarks can be handed over or sold as they are independent economic goods according to § 27 (1) MarkenG. This distinguishes trademarks from works that are protected by copyright. The purchase of a brand is always associated with the associated rights and obligations.

Do I have a company as a sole proprietor?

If the individual entrepreneur has achieved the status of merchant, he must be entered in the commercial register and is entitled to run a company. The company is the name of the merchant under which he is entered in the commercial register. Small traders are not allowed to run a company.

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