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Where is the napkin when you leave the table?

Where does the napkin go after eating?

When the meal is over, it is often a bad habit to leave a crumpled up napkin on the plate. The serviette, whether cloth or paper, is placed slightly folded to the left or right of the place setting. This recommendation is one of the modern and good manners of the current time.

When do you put the napkin on your lap?

She doesn’t like lying on the table and certainly not on the plate. Especially if it’s made of fabric. There are enough rules on how to handle your serviette. Everything is very simple: when you are seated, unfold your serviette and place it on your lap.

How to use a napkin correctly?

4.Use the napkin properly

The napkin belongs on the lap and not on the table. In no case is it in the shirt collar. If you have a cloth napkin, fold it in half and place it on your lap with the open side facing you.

What do you do with cloth napkins?

The napkin is used to protect clothing from food that may fall. However, the serviette is only placed on the lap, under no circumstances is it tucked into the shirt or the neckline.

Folding napkins: cutlery bag — folding napkins as table decorations

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Where do you put the napkin?

If you leave the table for a moment between two courses, the serviette should not be left on the chair for reasons of hygiene, but laid loosely together on the table in front of your seat. After eating, it is placed to the left of the plate. This applies to both cloth and paper napkins.

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Where is the napkin right?

The napkin

They are placed on the plate when setting the table. If food has already been served there, place it to the left of the left row of cutlery on the table or on the bread plate. During the meal the napkin lies on the lap.

Where is the napkin left or right?

The napkins

It is best to place these on the plates. If the guests are already expected with a ready first course, place the serviettes to the left of the plate or alternatively on the small bread plate. Avoid overly exaggerated folding art. Less is more and looks more elegant!

Why put a napkin on your lap?

Attention: if there is a host! Traditionally, the hostess gave a non-verbal signal to her servants by placing the napkin on her lap. That means: the service can begin.

How do I put the cutlery when I’m done?

The fork goes on the left, the knife on the right and the dessert spoon goes on top. With a menu, the cutlery is placed from the outside in so that the cutlery sequence corresponds to the courses. If there is only one main course, you can also put the cutlery in the serviette.

Which side is the bread plate on?

On the very outside next to the left row of cutlery are bread plates and knives (10). The glasses are placed above the knives when the table is set, starting on the right in the order in which they are used. Therefore there is a water glass (7) on the very outside, to the left of it a white wine glass (8), then a red wine glass (9).

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Which side is the spoon on?

What is held with the left hand is also on the left of the plate — and vice versa. Knives and spoons are on the right side, while forks are on the left.

What rules do you follow when folding napkins?

It is best to fold about a third and place the creased side towards the table.

What does the etiquette say about napkins?

  • The napkin belongs on the lap
  • Never use as a bib.
  • Dab mouth before drinking.
  • After the meal, the napkin is placed to the left of the plate.

Where do you put the salad plate?

Small plates for bread or salad are on the left side of the place setting. If both are used, the salad plate is placed above the cutlery and the bread plate next to the cutlery.

How do I properly set a breakfast table?

The fork is on the left of the plate, the knife and spoon on the right. The spoon is to the right of the knife. If you cover a glass of juice or water, this is to the left of the cup. Egg cups and egg spoons are also placed above the plate.

Why is the bread plate on the left?

The position probably arose from the overcrowding of round tables at banquets. Due to this inelegantly squeezed table arrangement, the bread plate inevitably wanders further and further to the base line. Therefore, the higher the bread plate is, the better.

What napkin shapes are there?

Types of napkins and the history of the napkin
  • 1.1 damask cloth.
  • 1.2 paper napkin.
  • 1.3 Mouth and dinner napkins.
  • 1.4 cover napkin or center cover.
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How do I set a table festively?

Set the table correctly — order and rules

Put the forks on the left, the knives and spoons on the right of the plate. The cutlery for the first course is always on the outside. The dessert cutlery comes centered over the plate. The napkin lies on the plates or to the left of the forks.

How do you set a table in a restaurant?

When setting the table in gastronomy, however, work is usually done from the inside out. The forks are placed to the left of the plate, while knives and spoons and, if necessary, other cutlery are placed on the right.

Which side is the coffee cup on?

Setting the coffee table for guests

The coffee or tea cup stands on the saucer to the right of the plate. The top edges of the saucer and cake plate are in line. The cutlery at the coffee table consists of a cake fork, possibly a dessert spoon and the coffee spoon.

How big should a cloth napkin be?

A normal napkin is usually about 50 cm × 50 cm. Cocktail napkins have unfolded dimensions 25 x 25 cm, “regular” napkins are 33 x 33 cm and the larger ones are 40 x 40 cm. There are also the sizes 41 x 41 cm and 48 x 48 cm.

Why do you break a napkin?

The guests should admire not only the skill of the table setter, but rather the beauty of the linen. To achieve this, the serviettes must be broken or placed in such a way that their dazzling whiteness, beautiful design and especially their delicacy catches the eye of the guests.

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Where is the champagne glass?

Arrange glasses in a triangle shape

On the right below is the drinking glass, on the right above the starting point is the red wine glass. This is how a triangle is formed. If there is a dessert drink (sparkling wine, dessert wine, etc.), the glass is on the left next to the red wine glass.

How do you put the cutlery on the plate when you’ve tasted it?

If the food tasted very good, this can of course also be communicated via the cutlery. In this case, the knife and fork are positioned parallel to each other with both handles pointing down and to the left. For the waiter, this means he can clear up the dishes and give the chef a compliment from his guest.

How is the cutlery arranged during a meal break?

Rather, you should put the cutlery on the plate if you say more than just «yes» or «no» or «thank you». The cutlery is always placed completely on the plate during such meal breaks.

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