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Where is the most expensive diesel in the world?

Overview: This is how much petrol and diesel cost worldwide

Where is diesel most expensive country?

Diesel is the most expensive in the following federal states: Schleswig-Holstein: 2,091 euros/litre. Bremen: 2,072 euros/litre. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 2,057 euros per liter.

How much does 1 liter of diesel cost in Saudi Arabia?

The average value for Saudi Arabia during that period was 0.63 Saudi riyals with a minimum of 0.63 Saudi riyals on 09-May-2022 and a maximum of 0.63 Saudi riyals on 09-May-2022. For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is 7.36 Saudi Riyals.

How much does diesel cost in Dubai?

The average value for Dubai during that period was 4.26 UAE dirhams with a minimum of 4.05 UAE dirhams on 02-May-2022 and a maximum of 4.73 UAE dirhams

Where in the world is diesel cheapest?

Nowhere in the world can you refuel as cheaply as in Venezuela.


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How much does diesel cost in China?

A liter of petrol or diesel now costs between 6,20 and 7,17 yuan in China, the equivalent of 58 to 67 euro cents. Measured against the purchasing power of the Chinese, however, this corresponds to a price of six to seven euros in Germany.

How expensive is diesel in Thailand?

The average value for Thailand during that period was 34.15 Thai Baht with a minimum of 31.94 Thai Baht on 09-May-2022 and a maximum of 35.06 Thai Baht on 13-Jun-2022. For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is 69.60 Thai Baht.

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What will diesel cost in America in 2023?

The average value for United States during that period was 1.45 US Dollars with a minimum of 1.30 US Dollars on 15-Aug-2022 and a maximum of 1.51 US Dollars on 06-Jun-2022. For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is US$1.96.

Who has the highest fuel prices in Europe?

In Germany, petrol and diesel are sometimes significantly more expensive than in neighboring countries.

Where in Europe is diesel most expensive?

EU-wide, the local diesel price is only exceeded by Finland and Sweden, as shown by figures published by the Federal Statistical Office. In addition, fuel is also more expensive in Switzerland, according to data from the Touring Club Switzerland. According to the Federal Statistical Office, diesel cost in Germany — as of 4.

In which country can you fill up for free?

No affordable groceries, but free gas.

Will fuel soon cost 3 euros?

«In extreme cases, we may have to pay up to 3 euros per liter of fuel,» said Gabriele Widmann, Dekabank’s raw materials expert, in an interview with ntv a few weeks ago. Although the price of oil will calm down again after a while, it will still remain high.

When will diesel be cheaper again?

The tank discount is here: Specifically, from June 1, 2023, the energy tax will drop by 29,55 cents per liter for petrol and by 14,04 cents for diesel. If the effect on VAT is also taken into account, the tax burden per liter of petrol falls by a total of 35,2 cents and per liter of diesel by 16,7 cents.

Who completes the declaration to determine the assessed value?

How much does 1 liter of diesel cost worldwide?

Diesel Prices, 15-Aug-2022: The average price of diesel worldwide is 1.36 (US Dollar) per liter. There are significant differences between different countries in these prices.

How much tax is there on 1 liter of diesel?

The energy tax rate for petrol is 65,45 cents/litre, for diesel the tax rate is 47,04 cents/litre.

Where is fuel cheapest in the world?

Two cents for a liter of petrol sounds like a dream for drivers, doesn’t it? This is reality in Venezuela. The country with the largest crude oil deposits in the world is also the country with the cheapest fuel.

How expensive is gas in Dubai?

1. Water is more expensive than gasoline. A liter of Super costs around 1,7 dirhams, the equivalent of around 43 cents. If you want to buy a liter of water, you can get even the cheapest kind for less than 3 dirhams, around 1,50 euros.

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