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When will the analogue TV channels be switched off?

Can I still receive analog?

The most important things in brief: There has been no analogue television in Germany for years. Digital television offers more programs — especially if you use the Internet. The quality of the reception is also better than with analog television.

When will the channels change?

With a total of 13 million TV customers nationwide, the TV and radio stations are being switched over. The goal is to maintain greater design freedom for more performance and higher data rates in the long term. From January 11, 2023, this will continue in other cities.

How do you switch the TV from analogue to digital?

Most televisions can receive digital TV via antenna (DVB-T) and cable (DVB-C) without an additional device. If the television does not explicitly support DVB-S or the successor standard DVB-S2, dish owners will also have to use an external receiver.

Which channels will be switched off in 2023?

It is expected that the SD distribution of ONE, tagesschau24, phoenix and ARTE will also be ended in the cable networks as a result of the satellite shutdown. Vodafone switched off ARTE SD in its cable networks on March 23.03.2022, XNUMX.

Analog TV cable channels will be shut down

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What happens to the TV when you switch off analogue?

Analogue cable television will be switched off and will soon be a thing of the past. The plan to switch completely to digital DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcast – Cable) has been underway since June 2017. According to network operators, this will last until mid-2019. Then you can watch television via DVB-C in all federal states.

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Which TV channels will be switched off?

There are also the culture channels Arte and 3sat. Channels such as KiKa, ZDFneo, ONE, ZDFinfo, ARD-Alpha, tagesschau24 or Phoenix would be particularly affected in the future. But viewers shouldn’t be scared, either. The broadcasters can, but do not have to, stop the niche programs.

Can you still get cable TV?

Owners of a television with cable receiver (DVB-C) can receive the channels without an intermediate device. To do this, a CI+ module with the smart card from Kabel Deutschland is inserted on the back of the device, which then decodes the TV signal for the digital channels.

How do I know if analog or digital?

The magic limit is 32. Anyone who only has that many or even fewer programs on their remote control is probably still watching analogue cable television. However, if a channel scan turns up more than 32 programs, then you are already watching digital cable TV.

How long will cable television be around?

Analogue cable television was finally shut down by mid-2019. Since then, the cable network has only broadcast in DVB-C. All analog cable TV households in Germany were affected by the changeover.

Why can’t I receive RTL and Sat1 in 2023?

In order to be able to receive RTL via your satellite dish, you must either carry out a channel search or enter the channel manually into your receiver: The simplest option is to add RTL via the automatic channel search. To do this, you simply have to start the channel search.

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Why are TV stations disappearing?

The cause of stations that can no longer be selected can be accidental hiding/skipping of the stations. This is possible in TV mode by pressing the Del/Delete button and OK. You will be shown the channel list. In front of the individual transmitters there is a box in which a tick must be present.

How can I now watch TV without cable and dish?

Online: You can now obtain classic television directly from the Internet. This is made possible by providers such as Zattoo or A smart TV is required for reception, alternatively you can equip older televisions with a device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and make it network-compatible.

Is it still possible to make analogue calls today?

By the end of 2021, the last analogue connections at Telekom should have been switched to Internet telephony. Vodafone will make the final changes by the end of 2023.

How can I tell if I have a cable connection?

Availability: How can I check whether my apartment has a cable connection?
  1. Check which provider is responsible: Unitymedia, Vodafone Kabel or possibly a regional provider.
  2. Go to the provider’s website.
  3. Check whether there are already cable connections in the house and apartment.

Can I watch TV without a contract?

In addition to the Internet, another alternative to the cable connection is DVB-T2 antenna television and satellite reception. After switching off the DVB-T, you still have the option of watching television via DVB-T2.

When do you no longer need a receiver?

Modern flat-screen televisions already have the receiver for digital reception (tuner) integrated as standard (iDTV). This means that you need neither an additional receiver (receiver), such as a DVB-T2 HD, cable or satellite receiver, nor a second remote control.

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What are the alternatives to cable TV?

The alternatives to cable connection
  • IPTV (classic): Television can also be received via the Internet via a VDSL connection. …
  • IPTV (streaming): Consumers need a broadband internet connection to receive television via a streaming service.

Will ARD and ZDF also be switched off?

Public service broadcasting is being reformed

The new media state treaty is scheduled to come into force on July 1, 2023. Among other things, it was decided that the following linear TV stations should continue to exist: Das Erste (ARD), ZDF, the culture channels 3Sat, Arte and the third programs of ARD.

When will ARD be switched off?

ARD has reason for shutdown

With the shutdown in mid-November 2023, the simulcast operation and thus the SD distribution of the four programs ended. The respective cable network operator is responsible for retransmission with cable reception.

Which channels are disappearing?

In the spring of 2023, ARD announced that it would switch off four SD channels via satellite — and kept its word: since November 15, 2023, you have only been receiving the programs One, tagesschau24 and Phoenix via the satellite network in HD. The culture channel Arte can also no longer be received in standard definition.

How do I get my channels back?

Channel search This is how it works
  1. Open the «Menu» using the remote control. …
  2. The «Installation» item (or «Settings», «Channel search», «Channels», «Antenna», «Antenna setting» …) …
  3. Each device offers an automatic and a manual channel search.

Is digital TV free?

In addition to the costs for the appropriate hardware, the reception itself is free of charge, since the broadcasters finance themselves either through the broadcasting fee or advertising revenue. Devices usually receive the programs of the state broadcasting corporations and public broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF or ARTE via DVB-T.

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Is cable tv free?

With cable television you only get one offer

When it comes to cable, you can basically only choose the provider who laid the cable in your house. The typical basic package costs around 10 to 15 euros per month. As a rule, you get around 100 channels, the public ones in HD, the private ones in SD.

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