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When to bring hedgehogs into the house?

When is it too cold for hedgehogs?

Around mid-November, when the temperatures drop permanently below five degrees, the hedgehogs move into their winter camp. From then on you shouldn’t bother them anymore. If you spot a conspicuous pile in your garden, it’s best to leave it there until next spring.

When do hedgehogs wake up from hibernation?

If the hedgehog wakes up in between, the usual food must be offered again. A piece of toilet paper stuck across the entrance is a good indication of whether the hedgehog is still asleep or has already left the nest. Around March to mid-April, hedgehogs wake up from hibernation.

What temperatures can hedgehogs withstand?

Below +17° C ambient temperature (= the temperature in the immediate vicinity of the hedgehog), hedgehogs that are ready to hibernate can hibernate. Between +17 and +14,5° they are in a semi-awake state with body temperatures between around +30 and +15° C.

When should you help hedgehogs?

When do hedgehogs need help? Only in exceptional cases should hedgehogs overwinter in the house. Animals that are out and about during the day when the ground is frozen or snowing and show signs of malnutrition, are sick or injured need help.

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How do I know if a hedgehog is doing well?

How do you know that a hedgehog needs help?

he wheezes or coughs and, as a nocturnal animal, searches for food during the day, he staggers, he moves strangely or lies around apathetically, he is visibly injured, he is full of ticks, fleas, fly eggs or maggots.

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What is the hedgehog doing in March?

Hedgehogs end their hibernation in the Swiss Mittelland between mid-March and mid-April. The actual wake-up process takes hours (see Frequently Asked Questions). However, many of the spiny animals that hibernate in late fall do not live to see the onset of spring.

Can a hedgehog freeze to death?

Hedgehogs can only freeze to death if they get wet, are too skinny, or don’t have a «nest» with straw insulation, for example.

How do you overwinter a hedgehog in the house?

It must contain daylight and be quiet, since the hedgehog rests during the day. The ideal room temperature is 18 to 20 degrees. You should only feed him in the evening.

Can you feed hedgehogs cat food?

Wet cat food is best for the targeted feeding of a hedgehog; Alternatively, you can also offer dry cat food. Place the food after dusk in a place and time (limited) so that only the hedgehog to be fed gets the food.

What happens when you wake a hedgehog from hibernation?

Never try to wake a hibernating hedgehog. When the temperature rises, it wakes up again on its own. The process of awakening lasts many hours and is a great physical strain for the hedgehog.

What does a hedgehog need after hibernation?

When hedgehogs wake up from hibernation (usually at the end of March to mid-April), they are very hungry and need to replenish their energy reserves. In mild temperatures, hedgehogs find enough insects. However, if the weather is unstable or the ground is still frozen, there is a lack of food.

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Should you feed hedgehogs after hibernation?

If a hedgehog wakes up from hibernation too early, he should be fed because he doesn’t find much yet. However, he may only get very little at first. The amount can be increased from day to day. Even if a hedgehog is too light to go into hibernation, it should be fed.

Can a hedgehog bite?

Take the hedgehog out of the source of danger, such as the street or the basement shaft. It is best to use gloves for this, because hedgehogs have very sharp spines and can bite if necessary.

Can you hibernate a hedgehog in the basement?

Hibernation in the basement IS NOT POSSIBLE because the basement is too warm for hibernation. This inevitably leads to liver damage! The hedgehog absolutely needs very low ambient temperatures in order to be able to fall asleep deeply and slow down the metabolism.

Can you feed hedgehogs oatmeal?

It can therefore be necessary to feed hedgehogs in the spring and autumn when food is scarce. A shallow bowl in the garden with a mixture of cat food and wheat bran or oatmeal works well for this.

When do hedgehogs wake up?

Their active phase in which they go in search of food only begins at dusk. On a nocturnal excursion, hedgehogs can easily cover up to two kilometers, although they generally move rather slowly.

Where there are hedgehogs there are no rats?

Another question you might be asking yourself is this: does a hedgehog actually help against rats? The answer is: unfortunately no! Hedgehogs don’t drive out rats. Rather, rats are unnecessarily attracted by improper feeding of the hedgehog.

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How long to feed hedgehogs before hibernation?

However, supplementary feeding only makes sense up to around mid-October, after which the nights usually get so cold that the hedgehogs stop eating, regardless of whether they already have the necessary weight or not. An animal that then goes into hibernation underweight has little chance.

How long can a hedgehog go without eating?

Withdraw food for 2-3 days. In any case, fresh water is always made available to him. The lack of food is a trigger for hibernation and a healthy hedgehog will then go to sleep.

What do hedgehogs drink?

Only offer water to drink, never milk! Hedgehogs cannot digest lactose. In baby hedgehogs, the resulting diarrhea can weaken the intestines so much that the animals die of complications.

What do hedgehogs like to eat?

Hedgehogs are active at dusk and at night and have a wide range of foods: they eat ground beetles, moth larvae and other insects, earthworms, earwigs, snails, centipedes and millipedes and spiders. So hedgehogs are not vegetarians, they do not eat fruit and vegetables in the garden.

How long should you feed hedgehogs in spring?

Supplementary feeding usually takes place in early spring and late autumn. Feeding can also be useful during long dry periods. Fresh and clean water please put up all year round.

What do hedgehogs eat cat food?

If you want to feed a malnourished hedgehog in your garden, the diet is welcome to be varied: Hedgehogs eat wet cat food as well as hard-boiled or scrambled eggs (no raw eggs), unsalted and cooked meat.

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How to keep hedgehogs busy?

If the hedgehog spends the winter in the house, it makes sense anyway to put new things in the run more often to keep them busy. This can be sawn off branches, a few rags, paper, hay or leaves.

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