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When should you change the transmission oil?

How does old gear oil make itself felt?

5. Automatic transmission shifts improperly. If you shift gears improperly or shift the automatic transmission, there is a high probability that the oil is already old — flushing the transmission oil or changing the oil in the automatic transmission is recommended here.

What happens if you don’t change the transmission oil?

The transmission will not function as smoothly with such oil as before and you risk damaging the transmission if you do not change the transmission oil. A new transmission means costs in the four-digit range. This is no different with an automatic transmission than with a manual transmission.

How much does it cost to change gear oil?

Overall, a transmission oil change without flushing can cost between 250 and 500 euros. If the transmission oil is to be changed with a corresponding flush, the costs are around 550 to 1.100 euros.

How long does gear oil last?

Transmission oil should generally be replaced between 60.000 and 100.000 kilometers or every 6-8 years.

How often to change transmission oil, transmission flushing necessary? | ZRC

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How much does 1 liter of gear oil cost?

Most cars contain between two and three liters of gear oil. When choosing the right oil, you should always pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. On average, a liter costs between 5 and 15 euros. Even the most expensive oil should not cost more than 45 euros.

How many liters of gear oil does a car need?

However, since automatic transmissions are generally more heavily loaded due to the permanent automated shifting, they are often provided with twice the amount of transmission oil: DSP: around 2 to 3 liters. ASG: about 5 to 6 liters.

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How can I check gear oil?

Pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a clean cloth, reinsert it and wait five seconds; then pull it out again and check the oil level using the mark. Top up gear oil if the level is too low.

Can you change gear oil yourself?

If you want to change the transmission oil yourself, apply the same standards when disposing of the used oil as you would for engine oil. The removed oil is hazardous waste and must be disposed of at the appropriate locations in your city or municipality.

How much does a transmission oil change with flushing cost?

Costs and duration of transmission oil change/transmission flushing

The cost of an oil change is on average 130-180 euros. This includes the required quantity of the corresponding oil as well as the working time of the workshop. With a flush, the bill is between 250 and 600 euros.

How does too little gear oil make itself felt?

You will also notice that there is not enough gear oil in your car from jerky movements while driving and from increased fuel consumption. If you continuously drive with too little transmission oil, this will inevitably result in damage to the transmission.

Is gear oil displayed?

The color is a very important indicator of the condition of the oil. In good condition, gear oil should always be a light shade of brown. On the other hand, the oil of an automatic transmission appears in an intense red. However, if the oil is now dark red or brown, it should be changed.

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Can you drive without gear oil?

Bad consequences if there is not enough gear oil

This applies to both manual and automatic transmissions. If you don’t react now, the increased wear on the individual components can result in damage to the transmission. Replacing a transmission can be very expensive depending on the vehicle.

What noise does a defective gearbox make?

If rattling and rustling noises come from the gearbox, it may be a question of gearbox damage. But there are a few other signs of transmission damage that occur individually or together in some vehicles: Vehicle jerks. Gear shifting is unstable, gear repeatedly jumps out.

How to change gear oil?

Transmission oil change in six quick steps
  1. Raise the vehicle with a lifting platform. First, the vehicle must be raised using a lifting platform. …
  2. Remove the cover from the gearbox. …
  3. Place the oil pan under the vehicle. …
  4. Loosen the oil drain plug and oil filler plug. …
  5. Replace oil drain plug. …
  6. Fill in new gear oil.

Which cars have gear oil?

The vast majority of vehicles require GL-4 gear oil. Heavy-duty or high-performance motor vehicles, such as trucks and sports cars, may require GL-5 gear oil.

How much oil goes in a gearbox?

When changing the oil, only 2,2-2,3 liters is usually enough to fill in, since all the old oil never comes out of the gearbox. Too much oil in the gearbox increases the pressure and only heats up the gearbox unnecessarily.

Why are the gears so hard to get in?

Then it could be the transmission oil, either too old, that it is already syrupy when cold, or there is not enough transmission oil in it. Another possibility would be a worn clutch. Then the gears would «scratch» when engaging. What also often happens is a worn shift linkage.

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How to refill gear oil?

After removing the gearbox cover, you will find an oil filler plug on the side of the gearbox. After unscrewing, insert a wire into the hole to check the level. Manual transmissions require a special tool (a syringe) to top up the transmission oil.

How often transmission flush?

How often is a transmission flush necessary? As a rule, a transmission flush is recommended after a maximum of 60.000 kilometers or 4 years in order to ensure that the automatic transmission continues to function correctly and to avoid damage to the transmission.

Do gas stations have gear oil?

Gear oil can be bought at petrol stations, for example. Smaller containers are primarily available here: Containers with 250 milliliters are often sold, liter containers or even larger canisters are rarely found here.

How useful is a transmission flush?

Why flushing the transmission makes sense

A transmission flush is usually only carried out when the transmission begins to make itself felt, e.g. by jerking, shifting delays, weakness when starting. Such a flush is recommended every 60.000km to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Who does a transmission flush?

A complete transmission flush should definitely be carried out in a car workshop. For this you should choose a competent auto repair shop. A trained professional can take good care of the car. It is flushed professionally and quickly and is soon like new again.

How long does a gearbox last?

In the case of transmission oil in particular (regardless of whether it is a manual transmission or an automatic transmission), there is very often the clause «filling for life». But here you should know that car manufacturers often only plan a service life of around 200.000 kilometers for a car.

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Where is gear oil?

The transmission oil dipstick is located under the hood. Please do not confuse this with the engine oil dipstick. On most RWD cars, the dipstick is located behind the engine, near the bulkhead.

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