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When must an objection be justified?

When objection unfounded?

If an objection was rejected as unfounded, this does not mean that you no longer have any recourse against a notification or against a decision. In such a case, there are still other possibilities for appeal. One option is to file a complaint with the competent court.

What is a reasonable objection?

The most demanding part of the objection procedure is undoubtedly the justification of the objection. According to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court, justifiable solutions that are logically justified with weighty arguments must not be rated as wrong (so-called assessment errors).

What should be considered in the event of an objection?

Your phone number. date of objection. Address of the authority to which the objection is addressed. Date and reference number or reference number of the decision against which you are objecting.

How do I formulate a reason for the objection?

Dear Sir or Madam, I received the above notification on ___________. However, I do not agree with the decision made there for the following reasons: (Explain here why you do not think the decision is correct. Be sure to remain factual!

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When is an objection considered accepted?

If you have lodged an objection with an authority, they have a certain amount of time to process it. The deadline is usually four weeks, but can also be up to three months. If you have not received a notification after this time, you should ask there first.

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What is an informal contradiction?

In this context, informal means that a simple, conventional letter is sufficient. If the person concerned wants to object, he can write a normal letter. The counterpart to an informal objection would be a formal objection.

How must an objection be made?

The objection must be in writing and contain the following information: notification of the objection, details of the sender and addressee, date, title of the decision, details of the decision in question, reasons and a handwritten signature. The objection is not valid without a signature.

What happens if you file an objection?

The objection must be submitted in writing and requires the handwritten signature of the applicant. The objection has a suspensive effect and temporarily puts the administrative act «on hold». The costs of the opposition proceedings are borne by the party that loses in the proceedings.

What types of contradiction are there?

Three different types are distinguished here.
  • The Appeal Objection.
  • The contradiction of obligations.
  • The continuation determination objection.

How long after informal objection?

The deadline for an official decision is usually one month. The person concerned has one month to declare his objection. The decision only becomes final once the objection period has expired. Then it is no longer possible to appeal the decision.

Is an objection by e-mail permissible?

The Chemnitz Social Court made it clear in a 2012 judgment that a fax is sufficient to lodge an objection, but an objection by simple e-mail without an electronic signature is not, not even in the attachment of the e-mail.

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How much does an objection cost?

The amount of the costs of an objection procedure is usually set at 1,5 times the amount that the original notification had made out, with the minimum fee being €25 (€10 for objections to submission decisions) plus postage costs.

Can an objection be rejected?

If the objection committee rejects your objection in whole or in part, you can file a complaint against the objection decision with the social court. A period of one month must also be observed for this. To do this, contact the competent court named in the notice of objection directly.

When does the objection procedure end?

The objection procedure does not apply if the authority that issued an administrative act or rejected the issue of an administrative act also had to issue the objection notice.

What is examined in the opposition procedure?

The purpose of the objection procedure is to review administrative acts with which those affected do not agree for legality and expediency and, if necessary, to revoke or amend them.

Who checks the contradiction?

Competence for the appeal process

The objection authority is responsible for the objection procedure. However, this only decides on the objection in the second step. First of all, the authority issuing the administrative act thoroughly reviews its decision again.

Can I appeal against an objection notice?

An objection to the notice of objection – or even just the decision on costs made therein – is not permissible. Pursuant to Section 74 (1) sentence 1 VwGO, the action for rescission must be filed within one month of the notification of the objection.

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Can I appeal against a decision?

A person affected can file an objection free of charge if they do not agree with the decision of an authority. Usually, every administrative act of an authority contains a so-called legal remedy instruction, which shows in what form and period, as well as with which authority the objection is to be lodged.

How do you write a reason for an objection to the nursing care fund?

In your first objection, which you submit to the long-term care insurance company within a month, you do not have to give any reasons at first. A notification that you object to the decision is sufficient. In this way you gain time and can formulate a reason with more calm and submit it later.

What is a contradiction opinion?

What is a contradiction opinion? After the expert’s visit to the person in need of care, he will now draw up a contradiction report. Based on the report, the nursing care insurance fund will send you a notice of objection.

What do you write if you have to write an objection because of the level of care?

An informal letter is sufficient. Address the letter to the care insurance fund and send it by registered mail with a return receipt. You can also fax the objection (keep the transmission report) or hand it in personally to the office of your long-term care insurance fund and have receipt confirmed in writing.

Is it possible to submit the reason for an objection at a later date?

If you want to write a reason for the objection but need more time for it: Then you must write in the objection that you will submit the reason later. This can be useful to meet the deadline. Because you should prepare the reason for the objection very well.

What are wraps called?

When is inactivity?

If a court remains completely inactive for no objective reason, or if a court decision is delayed for an unusually long time, those affected have the option of filing a complaint against the court for inaction.

How long does the authority have to process an objection?

In principle, an average processing time of 3 or 6 months should be permissible. Depending on the circumstances of the individual case, this period may be shorter or longer. There are no binding maximum periods for an objection decision.

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