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When is Kanye West dropping his album?

When is Kanye dropping his album?

West had already announced his new album in 2020. The original release date was first announced as July 23, 2021 before being pushed back to August 7.

When Kanye West album?

Kanye West has announced his new album Donda 2 will be released on February 22nd. This time the record should not appear on all popular streaming platforms: the rapper has chosen his own music player as the location.

Why is donda 2 not on Spotify?

The album, like its predecessor, is named after West’s mother. According to West, the reason for the decision not to offer his new album on other platforms is that too little of the income from the music goes to the artists themselves.

where is donda 2

Stem Player: «Donda 2» by Kanye West only available exclusively with a new audio gadget. Kanye West’s new album «Donda 2» will only be available exclusively via its own «Stem Player» and not on other streaming platforms such as Spotify and Tidal.

Kanye West: $200 for new album! Expensive warnings threaten | Attorney Christian Solmecke

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How many songs does Donda have?

It’s 27 tracks long, the list of features is endless and peppered with many big names, especially Jay-Z!

Why is the album called Donda?

Although hardly anyone falls in love with the rapper and producer and the impulse for the new album «Donda», named after his mother, who died in 2007, is due to the separation from his wife Kim Kardashian.

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How much does Donda 2 cost?

His new album »Donda 2« appears exclusively on his own $200 player.

How many times has Donda 2 been sold?

Stem Player makes over 2 million in sales

Kanye West (stream now on Apple Music) on Instagram writes his reasons for releasing his new album via his own device: «‘Donda 2’ will only be available on my own platform, the Stem Player.

Why did Donda die?

November 10th is a particularly painful date for rapper Kanye West (44): on this day in 2007 his mother Donda West (58) died as a result of cosmetic surgery.

Is Donda 2 out?

Though the record was his longest to date, the rapper appears to have more material. The successor is called «Donda 2», Kanye actually wanted to release it on February 22, 2.

How good is Donda?

Review: Kanye West’s «Donda» is an absolutely stable album

First of all: Kanye West’s «Donda» is not a perfect album. Despite multiple delays and despite Kanye’s release-preventing perfectionism, it feels like a rushed, almost unfinished project.

How does Stem Player work?

Available since last year, the Stem Player is a small speaker distributed by Kanye West’s Yeezy Tech and Kano computing. And with it you can do more than just play music: The Stem Player platform divides each song into four «stems»: vocals, drums, bass and the rest of the instruments.

When is donda 2 coming out on Spotify?

Kanye West’s album Donda 22 will be released on February 2nd. However, it will not be available on Apple Music, Spotify and Co.

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What did Kanye West do?

West has also been a fashion designer for a number of years. In addition to collaborations with companies such as Nike, Louis Vuitton and Adidas, he runs his own women’s fashion line. Kanye West has been married to reality star Kim Kardashian since 2014. The couple have two children together.

How can I listen to donda 2?

And not on Apple Music, YouTube or any other streaming platform, but only on his own music box. Ye announced this on Instagram. The new album should only be available on its own platform «».

How to listen to donda 2?

“Donda 2 will only be available on my own platform, Stem Player. Not with Apple, Amazon, Spotify or Youtube,” the 44-year-old wrote on Instagram next to a music clip in which a so-called Donda Stem player flashes in time to his music.

Why does Kanye West have so much money?

Kanye West’s Net Worth

In addition, there are annual revenues of around 200 million US dollars. An important part of West’s earnings is the royalties he receives for his music. With albums like «Late Registration» or «Graduation» he was able to sell over 282 million records.

Who Owns Jeezy?

This is not only due to the design of the sneakers, but also to the founder of the Yeezy brand — Kanye West. Kanye’s confidence is on his own level. He’d probably argue that everything he touches turns to gold, and in fact he has a knack for it.

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