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What was before the big bang?

Where was the space before the big bang?

Imaginary and real time can be seen as beginning at the South Pole. This is a flat point in space-time where the normal laws of physics exist. There’s nothing south of the South Pole, so nothing existed before the Big Bang.

Did the universe come into being from nothing?

Measurements of the cosmic background radiation show that around 13,82 billion years have passed since then. Since then the universe has been expanding. One component of Big Bang theories is cosmic inflation: it describes that the universe grew exponentially, i.e. inflationary, right from the start.

What was there before space and time?

According to the classic Big Bang theory (Big Bang), our universe began with the Big Bang around 13,82 billion years ago. At that moment space and time also came into existence.

What was the cause of the Big Bang?

According to current theory, in the Big Bang all matter and radiation in the universe was concentrated in one tiny point — a singularity. This «primeval germ» then expanded explosively and created space-time, the basic forces of physics and all matter.

What was before the big bang? | Harald Lesch

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Was the Big Bang a coincidence?

But the Munich professor says: “The way the universe came into being and developed can hardly be a coincidence”. Research in recent years has shown it more and more clearly: the universe came into being in such a way that it could produce life.

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What is the nothingness in the universe?

Molecules and atoms are scattered much more rarely in space. But even far away from stars and galaxies there is no complete nothing anywhere. Where there are no atoms and molecules buzzing around, space is filled with electromagnetic radiation or exotic elementary particles such as neutrinos.

Who created time?

The first systematic thoughts about time have come down to us from Plato. For him, only the eternal ideas are the actual beings (teaching of ideas). The forms that appear to us in space and time, on the other hand, are only moving images of them.

Is time infinite?

Time is infinitely extended and of only one dimension. This clearly defines the past, present and future. From a physical point of view, all points in time are equal.

Is the Big Bang proven?

The Big Bang. In the middle of the 20th century, the theory of how the universe came into being developed — the Big Bang theory. It is still valid and scientifically recognized today.

What’s even bigger than the universe?

Bigger than the Universe: The Margenon.

Why is there something and not nothing?

Either they exist in the universe, or you find out why they don’t exist. So far, it has been assumed that most of the matter created during the Big Bang immediately collided with antimatter and turned into energy. Only a small part remained and formed our universe.

Where does it all end?

According to this postulate, the universe has no edge, i.e. no end. This assumption of homogeneity was confirmed in 1926 by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble. In his observations of how galaxies are distributed in space, he found no evidence of an edge of space.

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Does time have a beginning?

How space and time began

And yet the standard doctrine among astrophysicists is that it all began 13,8 billion years ago, says Prof. Martin Ammon from the University of Jena: «The idea you always have is that space and time already existed and there they existed a big explosion.

Is all infinite?

So infinity is not a number that can be fixed in any way. The universe is already infinitely large and is expanding in on itself. This is indeed inconceivable, but no margin is needed as to where this extends. There is just the universe and it can expand in on itself.

Who Caused the Big Bang?

This is caused by quanta, the tiniest energetic particles. They were therefore at the beginning of a creation out of nothing. Lawrence Krauss is one of the physicists who think this is plausible.

Does time exist?

Future and past are also real. And objects exist not only in the present, but also in the past and future — Aristotle and the Mars station are, as it were, fixed in the space-time of the block universe: as a so-called world line.

What is after the universe?

As we have known since Einstein, space and time are inextricably linked to cosmic matter, the stuff the universe is made of. Physically speaking, there is no space outside.

Does the world have a beginning?

Antithesis: The world has no beginning and no limits in space, but is infinite both in respect of time and space.

How did it all start universe?

Of course, one can speculate: perhaps the universe already existed before the Big Bang. It contracted until matter was unimaginably densely compressed. Then there was a kind of rebound and the universe started expanding again. That rebound would be the big bang.

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How fast does time fly in hell?

When Malcolm was in Hell, he was thrown into a room where his tormentors starved him and isolated him from the outside world. Malcolm also notes that time passes differently in Hell, for thirty seconds was like thirty years for him.

How did it all start?

It suddenly started 13,8 billion years ago: Space and time came into being out of nowhere. In the first moment all matter was united in one point, then the universe shot apart explosively in the big bang.

How many universes are there?

In connection with the superstring theory, research today assumes that up to 26 space-time dimensions exist.

How loud was the big bang?

The term «big bang» that happened 13 to 14 billion years ago is misleading. In fact, there was no «bang» — it was probably dead quiet in space. That’s because at that point there was no space for a sound to propagate.

How did the god come about?

In some beliefs, the world—sometimes the gods themselves—was created by sacrificing a living being. In the Norse religion, for example, the three creator gods slaughtered the primeval giant Ymir, whose organs became parts of the world.

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