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What to do if the Dyson breaks down?

Toll-free service number

How long is the warranty on a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

The delivery takes place as specified during the ordering process. Dyson grants a 12-month warranty on accessories and spare parts in addition to and independently of the statutory warranty rights (in accordance with Section 10.2).

How much does a Dyson repair cost?

This amounts to 50 — 70€ and will also be charged if the device can no longer be repaired or should not be repaired.

Why does Dyson turn off?

Reasons why a Dyson keeps stalling

The main reason is the power supply: it could be that your battery is dead or that the battery life is simply not enough. The most common reasons at a glance: Battery dead. Low battery life.

How long should a vacuum cleaner last?

In short: The lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is about 5 years. A vacuum cleaner can often last longer if you clean the vacuum cleaner regularly and fit new vacuum cleaner filters. You lose hundreds of dollars for a good vacuum cleaner.

If the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner only stutters and no longer vacuums: Solution in 10 seconds (No Pulsing)

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Can you change the battery on the Dyson?

The battery in the Dyson v6 Absolut is charged in 3,5 hours and allows an operating time of 20 minutes. The battery can be easily removed and replaced.

How long does Dyson guarantee the battery?

Dyson genuine replacement batteries for your cordless vacuum cleaner

All of our cordless vacuums come with a 2-year Dyson guarantee. If your device meets the warranty conditions, please contact us on 0800 31 31 31 8 and we will be happy to help you.

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Why is my Dyson not charging anymore?

Reasons why a Dyson vacuum won’t charge anymore

The Dyson battery is not properly connected to the vacuum. Your Dyson vacuum has run out of battery. You took the Dyson out of the charger too soon. The charger or charging cable is defective.

What does device pulse mean?

The pulsing is an audible feature that makes the vacuum cleaner emit a stuttering sound. Often the problem is caused by a blockage in the air duct or clogged filters.

Why doesn’t the vacuum cleaner start anymore?

The cable cord is damaged

Pay attention to the condition of the cable cord. If the cord is cut or damaged, it must be replaced. It can also happen that the vacuum cleaner starts again when you move the cord. This means that there is a loose connection.

How do I complain to Dyson?

for business clients
  1. Contact. Telephone: 0800 31 31 319. Email: [email protected]
  2. Register device. Activate the warranty for your hand dryer or light. Register device.
  3. Installation and product features. Discover technical information and installation guides. Show device properties.

How do I contact Dyson?

If you are a business customer, please use the details below for specific help for businesses.
  1. Service for business customers. If you are an Airblade hand dryer owner and need support for your device, please contact us on 0800-313131 9. …
  2. Product features and materials.

How much does a vacuum cleaner repair cost?

A repair makes sense for economical vacuum cleaners that consume no more than 1 watts. The rule of thumb is: invest no more than half of the purchase price. There is a high probability that the repaired device will run until the repair costs are amortized.

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Can you return Dyson?

If you’ve changed your mind about an order, you can return it within 30 days of receiving your machine(s) for a full refund.

Can you return the Dyson?

Try a Dyson cordless or robotic vacuum cleaner at home for 30 days without obligation. If you are not satisfied, send us the device back and we will refund the purchase price.

How long does a Dyson repair take?

Your device will be repaired in our service workshop and sent back to you. If all spare parts are in stock, this usually takes only three to five working days.

Why is Dyson blinking blue?

A flashing blue light indicates that there is no power and that the battery needs to be charged for at least 3,5 hours.

How do I open a Dyson battery?

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws circled in red (photo 1 and 2). Then gently pull on the battery to separate it from the rest of the vacuum.

How much does a battery for the Dyson V11 cost?

Dyson Extra battery for V11 Extra from €149,00 (March 2023 prices) | Price comparison at

How much does a battery for the Dyson V6 cost?

Dyson V6 battery 967810-21 from €17,99 (March 2023 prices) | Price comparison at

Which Dyson can you change the battery on?

The cordless DYSON V11 Absolute Extra vacuum cleaner has a replaceable battery.

Can you change the battery on the Dyson v8?

Introduction. If the device does not turn on after 5 hours of charging, the battery should be replaced. This can be replaced quite easily.

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How long does a cordless vacuum cleaner last?

The number of possible charging cycles is between 300 and 2, and the life expectancy is usually between three and five years.

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