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What number does Berlin have?

Which district is 42?

West Berlin — Wikipedia.

What is the number for Kreuzberg?

Berlin SO 36 (short SO 36 or just 36, also Kreuzberg 36) is the old name of the Berlin postal delivery district Southeast 36, which included the Kreuzberg part and part of Mitte and Alt-Treptow.

Why 36 Berlin?

SO 36 is the old name for the postal delivery district of Southeast 36. In addition to the Kreuzberg part, it also included parts of Alt-Treptow and Mitte. Berlin SO 36 is now bordered by the Landwehr Canal and the former Luisenstadt Canal.

What does 61 stand for in Berlin?

The designation Kreuzberg 61 comes from the fact that until 1993, when the five-digit postcodes were introduced in Germany, this part of Berlin was the postal district 1000 Berlin 61. The number ’61’ was used since 1962 for the older SW 61 (‘Südwest’, see post offices in West Berlin before 1962) and SW 29.


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What does Berlin 44 mean?

The district shows different structural structures, in the north highly dense inner-city, in the south more suburban loosened up, partly even appearing rural: The district of Neukölln (also called Nord-Neukölln or Neukölln 44 — after the former postal code 1000 Berlin 44 -) is in the north of the district (…

Which district is 47?

Section 47 is located in the south of Berlin in the administrative district of Tempelhof-Schoeneberg. With an area of ​​23,3 km², it includes the districts of Marienfelde, Lichtenrade and the southern part of Mariendorf and is home to almost 105.000 inhabitants.

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Which district is 48?

Section 48 is in the southern part of Neukölln and is responsible for the districts of Britz, Buckow, Gropiusstadt and Rudow. It was created as part of a local government reform on 1.

What does 65 stand for?

The whole Wedding turns “65”

Since the whole of West Berlin had the zip code “1000” (which was initially allowed to be abbreviated to “1”), the number of the delivery district had to be placed at the end. The designation “1000 Berlin 65” now applied to the entire district of Wedding.

What is the area code 030?

030 — area code for Berlin and the surrounding area

The area code Berlin belongs to all places and districts of the municipal area.

What are the 12 districts in Berlin called?

As a result of a regional reform passed by the House of Representatives, the number of districts was reduced to twelve in 2001: Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Pankow, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Spandau, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Neukölln, Treptow-Köpenick, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Lichtenberg , Reinickendorf

Where do the rich live in Berlin?

The axis of the mega-earners runs in Berlin from Mitte, via the City-West, to Steglitz-Zehlendorf. A particularly large number of people live here who pay tax on income of more than one million euros at their tax office. The number of income millionaires has doubled in just a few years.

Which district is 51?

Section 51 is located at Wedekindstraße 10 and is responsible for the entire district of Friedrichshain.

How many Turks live in Neukölln?

“Only” 17,7% of the 6 to under 18 year olds here have Turkish citizenship. This is by far the lowest proportion in the north of Neukölln. — The second largest group in the north-east region is made up of people from the successor states of Yugoslavia.

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Who lives in Berlin Neukölln?

Neukölln has, as of summer 2019, 166.126 inhabitants — mind you the district of Neukölln. The entire district of Neukölln also includes Britz, Buckow, Rudow and Gropiusstadt. Almost 330.000 people live in the entire district, making Neukölln one of the 30 largest cities in Germany.

What is 36 district?

Far from it, there are two. Berlin’s smallest district is divided into the old postcode areas 61 and 36. A peaceful but committed culture war has always been waged between these two parts of Kreuzberg.

Why is Kreuzberg 36?

SO 36 is considered poorer and more multicultural, SW 61 as more middle-class. The Berlin vernacular sums up the difference like this: «36 burns, 61 sleeps». From 1961 to 1990, the Berlin Wall surrounded SO 36 from three sides.

Why so 36?

The SO36 (short: the SO [ˈɛso]) is a music club at Oranienstraße 190, near Rio-Reiser-Platz in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. The club takes its name from the historic postal delivery district of Berlin SO 36.

What is 361?

For the sake of completeness: 361 is the combination of 36 and 61, 61 was Kreuzberg’s second postal code. This much is certain: Ufo361 sounds much better than, let’s take a look at the current postcodes: Ufo 10785. Or Ufo 10967. In any case, the list of Berlin postcode rappers is long.

Which district is 61?

Kreuzberg 61 –

Why is it called Kreuzberg?

The pyramid-shaped Gothic pointed column is crowned by an iron cross, from which the name «Kreuzberg» is derived according to some representations. According to other sources, the name goes back to the cross-shaped ground plan of the monument.

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