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What is the best way to extend a Sky contract?

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address and the PIN. In your personal area you can see your contract data and the duration of your current subscription. If you would like to extend the subscription, select the «Extend contract period» button.

How can I get a better deal on Sky?

Anyone who does not want to pay increased prices after the minimum contract period has the option of canceling before the end of the notice period. You then receive return offers from Sky at significantly lower prices. But note: The notice period for Sky is two months.

Can you still negotiate with Sky?

In order to secure the best return offer from Sky, customers need patience above all. The personal pick-up offer differs from customer to customer and depends, among other things, on the following factors: Remaining time until the end of the contract. Current base price for Sky subscription.

How long should you wait before extending Sky?

When will my Sky contract be extended? The Sky contract is automatically renewed if it is not canceled at least 2 months before the end of the term. For new customers from July 1, 2020, the contract is only extended by another month after the end of the minimum term.

What to do when Sky subscription ends?

As soon as you have canceled your contract and the term ends, the receiver and the smart card must be sent back to Sky. In this article you will learn more about returns. Another reason to keep your subscription — this way you can continue to use the recordings on your receiver.

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SKY subscription renewal

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What does Sky do for offers to existing customers?

All existing Sky customers can recruit new Sky customers and receive attractive bonuses from Sky, such as a free month, an original jersey, a free second Sky Q receiver or a €70 voucher for shopping.

How much does Sky Complete 2023 cost?

The Sky complete offer includes Entertainment Plus (including Netflix), cinema, sports and the Bundesliga soccer package and currently costs 35 euros per month.

How can you save on Sky?

New customer

You can save money here too. Even the point in time at which the contract is signed can make a significant difference. Anyone who takes out a Sky subscription at Christmas or Easter not only saves the activation fee, but also benefits from reduced package prices.

Can I cancel Sky and sign up again?

Because: Customers who take out a new Sky subscription within 3 months of canceling it must pay an activation fee of €100. Our tip: If you really want to cancel, you can bridge the 3-month period with a WOW.

Has Sky become more expensive?

Depending on the subscription, customers will have to budget €0,50 to €2 more per month in the future. Our subscription consisting of Sky Entertainment + Sky Sport + Sky Bundesliga, for example, increases in price by €2 per month. However, the Sky price increase for existing customers will not come into effect immediately, but only on February 1, 2023.

When are the best Sky deals available?

A Sky subscription including the Bundesliga and the sports package costs €30 per month. The cost of a Sky Sport package is €17,50 per month. The best deals on Sky are usually always available on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Week.

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How much does Sky Complete currently cost?

How much does the Sky complete offer cost? The complete Sky offer including Netflix is ​​available for just €34 as an annual subscription. There is Entertainment Plus, Cinema, Netflix, HBO, Peacock, Paramount, Formula 1 Live, Bundesliga, or

Is Sky getting cheaper now?

Cheap Sky offers in March 2023 — grab it now and save up to 156 euros in the first twelve months! The Sky offers in March 2023: A powerful selection of series, films and live sports hits are waiting for you — and savings of up to 156 euros.

Which Sky package is worth it?

Sky Q is Sky’s classic subscription model. In our test you will find out whether Sky Q is worthwhile and whether the pay TV offer can compete with current streaming services. In general, Sky Q does not offer a bad offer. The film and above all the series offer is convincing across the board and is constantly improving.

What does Sky Q mean for existing customers?

When switching to Sky Q, existing customers must expect the minimum contract term to be reset. Your term will then be 24 months from the time of the changeover — a previous termination of the contract is therefore not possible.

What happens if you don’t return the Sky Receiver?

If you decide not to accept any of our «take back offers» but still want to keep the Sky Receiver, you can continue to use our service and device provisioning. The cost of this special service from Sky is EUR 4,99 per month. The service can also be canceled on a daily basis.

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What happens to my purchased films if I cancel Sky?

What happens to your purchased films if you cancel your Sky subscription? Even after your Sky subscription has ended, the films you bought from the Sky Store are still available to you. You have unlimited access to the Sky Store via your PC / laptop or the Sky Store apps.

When will Sky be switched off after termination?

if you have a cancellation confirmation from Sky by 31.7.18, you don’t need to do anything else. Sky passes on the order to switch off the Sky packages you have booked to Telekom.

Why is Sky so expensive?

Sky attributes the price increase to the increased costs for the company. Accordingly, more is now being invested in the program and the technology in the background. Among other things, the broadcasting rights for Formula 1, the DFB Cup and the Premier League were brought on board.

When is Sky free?

The free booking of a package is currently not offered. In January 2023, for a short time, all packages will be available to new customers at half price in the first year of the contract. For example, the Sky Entertainment Plus package costs €20, with Sky Cinema only €25 instead of the regular €30.

Can you now cancel Sky monthly?

The contract can be terminated for the first time at the end of the month in which the agreed minimum contract term ends. The notice of termination by letter (Sky Germany, 22033 Hamburg) must be clearly legible, including the name of the contract holder to Sky.

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What will change at Sky in 2023?

Since the 2021/22 season, Sky has been showing the entire Bundesliga Saturday live and exclusively on Sky, including the top game and the popular conference. In addition, the entire 2nd Bundesliga live and mostly exclusively. In addition, all relegation games and the Supercup.

What is the difference between Sky and Sky Q?

Sky redesigned its user interface, app and features and released this product in 2018 under the Sky Q name. It is not a special Sky that exists alongside the «normal» linear Sky subscription, but Sky Q is, so to speak, the old — but completely revised — linear Sky.

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