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What is the best way for cucumbers to thrive?

What don’t cucumbers like?

While there are now many types of cucumbers that are not inherently bitter, long periods of drought or too much fertilizer can make your cucumbers bitter. Cucumbers also do not like very cold water or cold nights.

What is the best way to grow cucumbers?

The location should be sunny and sheltered from the wind, the soil rich in nutrients, loose and permeable. Enrich the soil with plenty of compost before planting, cucumbers are heavy feeders and need a lot of nutrients.

What do cucumber plants love?

Cucumbers like peas, beans, lettuce and celery in their neighborhood. Dill is also a good companion for cucumber plants, both in beds and in salads. Those who tend not to tolerate cucumber plants next to you are cabbage plants, radishes and tomato plants.

How much sun do cucumbers need?

Sunny location

Cucumbers belong to the pumpkin family. These need a lot of sun. Therefore, choose a full sun location in the garden for your cucumbers. Cucumber plants still tolerate light shade in the afternoon.

7 cucumber cultivation tips from the pros

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Can you fertilize cucumbers with coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds fertilizer is also suitable for crops such as cucumber, tomato, zucchini or blueberries and strawberries. The nitrogen contained in the coffee grounds ensures strong leaf growth, while phosphorus stimulates flowering and fruit ripening. Potassium is important for the cell structure and the stability of the plant.

What is the best fertilizer for cucumbers?

Cucumbers are a very nutrient-hungry vegetable. Therefore, fertilize the bed with manure, compost and horn shavings or a mineral fertilizer before planting. A humus-rich soil can also be upgraded with long-term fertilizers. Care should be taken to ensure that the cucumber fertilizer has a high potassium content.

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What to do to make cucumbers grow faster?

Cucumber seeds germinate fastest at 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, after germination they should be placed a little cooler (19 to 20 degrees Celsius). As soon as the cucumbers have developed two real leaves, they are planted out.

How do you properly fertilize cucumbers?

Pure organic fertilizer such as compost or horse manure is highly recommended for fertilizing cucumbers. When planting the cucumber plant, simply dig a slightly deeper hole. In there you put some of the natural fertilizer and then put the plant in. A compost heap should not be missing in any garden.

Is blaukorn suitable for cucumbers?

Cucumber plants are sensitive to salt. They require little nitrogen and chlorine. Therefore avoid fertilizers with a high proportion of nitrogen or chlorine. Blaukorn is particularly suitable for cucumbers in tubs.

Why are my cucumbers not growing properly?

Cucumber plants stop growing when temperatures drop too low. This is especially true for young plants. With increasing age, the cucumbers become more resilient and can also withstand increasingly cold temperatures. Nevertheless, cold temperatures are not very conducive to plant growth.

Which shoots to remove from cucumbers?

But which shoots should you remove from cucumbers? You can completely remove all side shoots on the bottom 50 cm. Fruits that would grow there would be on the ground. You should therefore regularly check your young plants for stinging shoots and remove them if necessary.

How tall do you have to let cucumbers grow?

Cucumbers need a warm and bright location. They first lie on the ground before growing upwards. Depending on the variety, they form shoots that are up to four meters long. Depending on the variety, a trellis is required.

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How often do I need to water cucumbers?

The average is between 2 and 4 waterings per week. In summer heat, water the soil sufficiently. But beware! The roots must not get too wet, otherwise they will rot.

How much to water cucumbers?

As a guide, a cucumber plant requires twelve liters of water per harvested cucumber throughout the cultivation phase. If possible, only water around the root area and avoid the leaves, as damp leaves can encourage diseases such as downy mildew.

What not to plant next to cucumbers?

Bad neighbors for cucumbers: These plants don’t get along
  • Potato (Solanum tuberosum)
  • Pumpkin (Cucurbita)
  • Paprika (Capsicum annuum)
  • Radish (Raphanus sativus)
  • Zucchini.
  • Tomatoes.

Can you fertilize cucumbers with egg shells?

At a glance — fertilizing with eggshells

Not suitable for: cucumber, tomato, spinach, pumpkin (These plants react sensitively to the direct addition of lime. These beds can be enriched with lime in the autumn.)

Can you fertilize cucumbers with tomato fertilizer?

Special fertilizer for cucumbers

To fertilize your cucumbers, you use either complete fertilizer or special cucumber fertilizer. In addition to this special product, you can also use tomato fertilizer or vegetable fertilizer. They all bring the necessary nutrients for your cucumbers and have a particularly high potassium content.

Why do cucumber leaves turn yellow?

In general, yellow leaves are more a sign of too much water. Simply water more sparingly and spoil cucumber plants with warm rainwater instead of cold water. Water mostly the root area and rarely the green.

How much water does a cucumber plant need per day?

Cucumbers are 95 percent water, which is why it’s so important to keep your cucumbers hydrated. It is best to start watering early in the morning. A cucumber plant has a daily water requirement of 1,5 and 3 liters.

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Who needs more sun tomatoes or cucumbers?

While cucumbers like it warm and humid, tomatoes love it sunny and cool. As a result, tomatoes generally grow best in a well-ventilated spot in the greenhouse, while cucumbers do better at the back of the greenhouse.

Can cucumbers and tomatoes be planted together?

Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) and tomatoes are often planted together, but these plants don’t get along well either — this does more harm than good to both partners. Cucumbers need a very different location than tomatoes and are easily infected with powdery mildew, which they then transmit.

When to fertilize cucumbers for the first time?

Fertilize cucumbers: After the first 3 to 4 leaves have formed on the plant, it is time to fertilize for the first time. You can use manure, compost or nettle manure as organic fertilizer.

When do I need to fertilize cucumbers?

Step 1: Determine the right time to fertilize

The main growth takes place in spring, especially from May to July. During this period, cucumbers are regularly fertilized. Fertilization is even continued during flowering and harvest time to extend the harvest period.

How do you fertilize with coffee grounds?

Spread the dry coffee grounds over the root area to fertilize. Then lightly work the ground coffee into the soil or cover the surface with some mulch. Fertilizer that just sits on the surface breaks down too slowly to be really effective.

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