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What is taxed at 19?

What is taxed at 19?

19% sales tax according to § 12 paragraph 1 UStG applies to everything that is not subject to the reduced tax rate or is not exempt from sales tax. 7% sales tax according to § 12 paragraph 2 UStG applies, for example, to groceries, books and magazines, local public transport, tickets for a concert as well as theaters or museums, live animals.

Why is water taxed at 19?

The reason is that these drinks are still staple foods and should therefore be cheaper. However, if these are processed further, for example into sparkling water, coffee or juice, the regular tax rate is applied again.

When 7 and when 19 percent VAT gastronomy?

The Federal Council approved the third tax aid law. From July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023, the reduced tax rate of 7 percent applies to food in the catering trade. Beverages must still be taxed at 19 percent.

What is taxed at 7% in the restaurant?

Due to the Corona Tax Assistance Act v. On June 19.06.2020, 01.07.2020, the VAT rate for restaurant and catering services (with the exception of the sale of drinks) was reduced from July 30.6.2021, 19 to June 7, XNUMX from XNUMX percent to XNUMX percent.

That concerns everyone! VAT chaos!? 7% or 19% VAT declared in Germany?

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Which drinks have 7 VAT?

Basically you charge 19% for drinks. There are exceptions where only 7% applies: water, milk and mixed drinks (when containing 75% milk or more). Which drinks have 7% VAT? This includes milk and drinks mixed with it (from 75% milk in the mixed drink) and water.

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Does water have 7 or 19 VAT?

The reduced sales tax rate of 7 percent applies to the delivery of water.

When do you pay 19 VAT?

In Germany it has been 2007 percent since January 19 and is incurred when buying all sorts of goods, such as fashion or furniture. The rate also applies to services such as handyman work and hospitality in a restaurant or café. Exception: daily required goods such as groceries.

What tax rate do sweets have?

Products with a lot of sugar, salt or fat, i.e. sweets, ready meals and chips, are categorized as red and taxed at 19 percent.

For which products does the reduced tax rate apply?

Sales that can be shown with a reduced tax rate fall under Section 12 (2) UStG. These include, for example, deliveries and withdrawals for non-business purposes. The best-known examples of goods subject to the reduced rate are food and books.

Why are sweet potatoes taxable at 19?

Why this is so is unclear. Sometimes even absurd. For example, while the sweet potato is considered a luxury good in the food industry and is therefore subject to a higher tax bracket, the fresh truffle is seen as a staple food and is subject to the reduced VAT rate.

Why is oat milk taxed at 19?

Products such as oat milk, meat substitutes and plant-based yoghurt are subject to the normal tax rate of 19 percent. The reason: According to the law, they are classified as processed foods and are therefore not taxed at the reduced rate.

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How much is 19 sales tax?

The VAT of 19% is added to the net value of 100%. So if we add VAT, it’s 100% + 19% = 119%. So the selling price is 119%. This is also called gross.

What has everything 20% ​​tax rate?

Car dealers or antique dealers, for example, make use of the differential tax amount. For example, if a used car dealer buys a vehicle from a private individual for €10.000 and resells it for €12.000, only the difference of €2.000 is taxable at 20% VAT.

How much VAT on coffee?

Roasted coffee beans and coffee powder are also taxable at 7% sales tax. Roasted coffee beans in their original state and coffee powder are subject to the reduced tax rate of 7% (No. 12 of Appendix 2 to the UStG) or 5% for the period of the temporary reduction in the sales tax rate.

Why is there 19 VAT on baby food?

Because milk counts as a staple food and is therefore favoured. But only if you are not lactose intolerant. Because for oat or soy milk you pay the standard tax rate of 19 percent.

How much is VAT on services?

Tax on services, but how? Anyone who works in the service sector usually has to pay 19% sales tax.

What VAT does tea have?

And why is that sometimes so illogical? Pet food — 7%, baby food — 19%. Tea and coffee – 7%, mineral water 19%.

How much VAT on tea?

Restaurateurs charge the reduced VAT rate of 7% for the delivery of prepared coffee or tea in the form of coffee or tea “to go”.

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How much VAT on jam?

Fruit 7 – fruit juice 19

Also pureed, such as viscous juices, new German smoothies, and preserves such as jam.

What is the VAT on beer?

For drinks that you sell, you generally charge 19 percent sales tax. It is irrelevant whether your guests consume them on site and with the associated service or order them to take away. Hot drinks, soft drinks, beer and wine fall under this regulation.

Until when 5% tax?

Yes, this measure applies from July 1, 2020 up to and including December 31, 2021. For newspapers and other periodicals as well as such electronic publications, the tax rate of 5 percent only applies up to and including December 31, 2020.

What tax rate at the baker?

The reduced VAT rate of 1% applies to food served in the bakery-café or in the catering from July 2020, 7. The reduced tax rate does not apply to beverages.

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