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What is bottoming out?

When does bottoming out occur?

One speaks of bottoming out when the implant slips down after a breast augmentation and is visible on the lower edge of the breast. The causes can be very different. Correcting bottoming out is often only possible with a second intervention.

How is bottoming out corrected?

If you have a bottoming out corrected, you usually cannot avoid another surgical procedure. This involves pulling the supporting scar tissue at the bottom of the pocket up to the bottom line of the new, higher breast crease and fixing it.

How do you know that an implant has slipped?

If an implant slips, then it has visibly and tangibly changed its position or even twisted. This change is noticed quite quickly by the affected woman, but she should react to it calmly.

When do breast implants slide down?

As a rule, the first slight subsidence of the implants occurs in the first few months after breast augmentation. Some women who have strong pectoral muscles or very firm tissue may take longer for the implants to slide down. The subsidence of the implants can also drag on for years.


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How to wash hair after breast surgery?

Wetness can impair the healing of a fresh wound. Therefore, according to DGRPÄC, showering and washing your hair should be avoided for a few days after breast augmentation. A shower can be carefully taken after about three days.

Can Stuttgart Belt damage?

Because wearing a Stuttgart belt increases the risk of a bottom-out. This is the case in which the implants slip out from under the breast and come to rest under one’s own breast.

When is a man overweight?

How quickly do implants slip?

Because heavy lifting or excessive movements can not only impair scarring and cause bleeding, but also move the implant. A correction is only possible by a new intervention.

What to do at Waterfall Deformity?

Correction of the Waterfall Deformity. If a waterfall deformity is present after a breast augmentation or a breast lift with the use of implants has completely healed, often only surgical correction is possible.

What not to do after breast surgery?

You should only sleep on your back so as not to damage the newly operated breast. Showering is possible after the first seven days, once the sutures have been removed. You should avoid sun exposure, the sauna, hot baths and the solarium for the time being.

How long do I have to wear the Stuttgart Belt?

The Stuttgart Belt should be worn day and night for three weeks and, if possible, also at night for another three weeks. If you find it very restrictive, the Stuttgarter Gurtel can be removed or loosened for an hour during the day while sitting in a safe position.

How does a double bubble form?

When the adipose tissue, glandular tissue and skin are well attached to the rib cage, it looks good and natural. However, if this is not the case, in addition to the “old” underbreast crease, an additional, deeper one can develop, as the breast implants push downwards. This is the so-called double bubble.

Can breast implants slide up?

In fact, it is possible for one or even both breast implants to slip after breast augmentation, although this is only seen in exceptional cases. This change can cause pain or abnormal sensations in the chest.

What can the gifted not do?

Can implants move?

In the position over the muscles, you can feel the implant if the “soft tissue coat” is too thin. So if your own connective tissue is very thin or if the implant pocket is too large, then the implant can move too loosely and possibly also be palpable, possibly

When again breast surgery?

The second breast augmentation is only medically necessary if complications occur. Especially when there is a pronounced or painful capsular fibrosis. In addition, breast implants must be removed when there is a form or

How do you put on the Stuttgart belt correctly?

The belt is placed around the chest. It should sit below the armpits but above the chest. Thanks to the Velcro fastener at the front, it can be individually adjusted because it should be neither too tight nor too loose. In no case should wearing it cause pain or make it difficult to breathe.

Can a breast with implants sag?

In addition, breasts with very heavy implants in women with weak connective tissue can sag and «hang» prematurely over the years.

How do you know if you have capsular contracture?

Typical symptoms of capsular contracture
  • Pain and tightness in the chest area.
  • optical change (deformation) of the breast.
  • Displacement or rotation of the implant.
  • asymmetries.
  • atypical wrinkling of the chest.
  • noticeable hardening of the breast tissue.

What is a tubular breast?

Tubular breast, also known as tube breast, snout breast, tube breast or Snoopy breast, is a genetic breast deformity that is estimated to affect more than 5% of women. The breast forms a tubular shape, and asymmetries and greatly enlarged nipples are also typical.

How long does an open wound heal after surgery?

How long rest after breast surgery?

A physical rest of about three weeks after a breast lift and four to six weeks after a breast augmentation or a breast reduction must be observed. In addition, a special bra should be worn for six to eight weeks to support and protect the new breast shape.

How long to wear a compression bra after breast surgery?

You should wear a compression bra for a period of 6 weeks after breast augmentation. This keeps the breast in the right shape, protects the breast during the healing phase and promotes wound healing with even pressure.

Can the body break down silicone?

The surgeon points out to the committee that «the body can neither break down the liquid silicone nor metabolize it or excrete it».

Why not raise arms after breast surgery?

Avoid movement sequences that can lead to irritation of the surgical wound in the chest area or to slipping of the implants. This includes, for example, raising your arms above the horizontal line or carrying heavy loads. We also recommend sleeping on your back if possible.

When to touch breasts after breast surgery?

You can, of course, be cautious and have sex with your partner again after a week. It’s entirely a matter of personal preference. However, you and your sexual partner should be careful with your new breasts at first. You will find out for yourself what feels right and good.

Why not sleep on your side after breast surgery?

Side sleeping may also be allowed later in your recovery. However, you need to take extra precautions if you choose this position, such as: B. by using pillows on the side to prevent turning on your stomach during sleep.

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