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What happens to the old Unitymedia contracts?

What is the difference between Vodafone and Vodafone Unitymedia?

Unitymedia is now Vodafone. As a result of the merger, we can offer you cable fiber optic power and attractive TV products throughout Germany. With fiber optic cable, we ensure stability in the fixed network.

Where can I find my contract with Unitymedia?

How can I find out how long my contract is still running? All data on your contract is of course noted in the documents that you received when the contract was concluded. If you don’t have this to hand, it’s best to contact customer service.

When did Vodafone take over Unitymedia?

The EU approval was followed on August 1, 2019 by the so-called closing, i.e. the execution of the purchase agreement, which has made Unitymedia a 100 percent subsidiary of Vodafone ever since. On February 1, 2020, the Unitymedia brand was discontinued. Unitymedia GmbH became Vodafone West GmbH.

Which company did Unitymedia take over?

After being taken over by Vodafone last year, the cable network operator Unitymedia is now finally disappearing from the market. The two companies had already bundled their offers, and in the future Unitymedia will no longer be present as a brand, as Vodafone announced.

MWZS: unitymedia: TWO contracts for ONE connection — rip off!

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Can I switch from Unitymedia to Vodafone?

Change from Unitymedia cellphone to Vodafone cellphone

If you already have a mobile phone contract with Unitymedia, you can easily switch to a Vodafone Red or Vodafone Young tariff. The only requirement: the previous mobile phone contract must not have a remaining term of more than six months.

What will change for students in 2023?

How long is the notice period at Unitymedia?

The Unitymedia notice period for all Internet contracts is two months. This deadline also applies to TV cable connections and telephony options. You should submit your cancellation to the provider at least two months before the end of the current contract period.

What is cheaper Vodafone or Telekom?

Vodafone or Telekom: conclusion

The DSL offer from Vodafone is consistently cheaper with the same speeds as with Telekom. Telekom can only score points with a faster upload rate in the smallest tariff. Please note, however, that Vodafone may add a regional surcharge of 5 euros.

Will the Horizon Box be replaced?

Vodafone will initially continue to operate the Horizon platform. So there is no need to change boxes for most customers. There is an exception for customers who have booked foreign language packages. From summer 2023, these will be transmitted in a new process that requires the new box.

Who takes over Vodafone?

Unitymedia tariffs are now Vodafone tariffs

The Unitymedia brand was discontinued on February 1, 2020, and the new Vodafone West GmbH emerged from the former Unitymedia GmbH. Below you will find the current Vodafone cable tariffs – with and without GigaTV.

How much does Unitymedia cable connection cost per month?

Details Unitymedia cable connection (basic connection individual contract) basic fee: 20,99 € per month. Includes the basic cable TV connection with numerous free TV channels (SD and HD) and digital radio channels. Details in the channel list.

What’s going on with Unitymedia?

Danger! Kabel Deutschland and Unitymedia now belong to Vodafone. Kabel Deutschland and Unitymedia were taken over by Vodafone and operate under a new name. All services of the two companies and the services of Vodafone itself have been merged into the «Vodafone» brand.

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Does Unitymedia already have fiber optics?

And we create the network for the ideas and business models of the future with precisely this transmission path. We provide up to 50.000 companies across the country with direct access to the fiber optic network. In addition, we bring a new boost to the country with fiberglass and close white spots.

Which line does Unitymedia use?

What it looks like at your own address can be checked without obligation by entering the address. If a Vodafone cable connection is available, cable internet is also available. Otherwise there is Vodafone DSL over the telephone line.

What routers does Unitymedia have?

Overview: Tested WLAN routers with modem
  • 1/15 Telekom Speedport Neo. «Is that supposed to be a router?», …
  • 2/15. Vodafone Easybox 804. …
  • 3/15 TP-Link VR200v. …
  • 4/15. AVM FritzBox 7430. …
  • 5/15 AVM FritzBox 6490 Cable. …
  • 6/15. AVM FritzBox 3490. …
  • 7/15 Telekom Speedport Smart. …
  • 8/15 Telekom Speedport Smart 2.

What will happen to the Horizon Box?

Now Vodafone is announcing the final end for the Horizon box. It becomes GigaTV. There is also news in the content of the cable network. By means of a software update, Vodafone wants to bring the GigaTV world to the Horizon boxes from the acquired Unitymedia from the beginning of 2023.

When do you get a new Horizon Box?

Then with the switch from Horizon TV to GigaTV from September 7, 2021 you can also get the GigaTV Cable tariff in addition to the GigaTV Cable tariff incl. Vodafone Premium. And both tariffs include the GigaTV Cable Box 2 and the GigaTV Mobile app.

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What is the difference between GigaTV and Horizon TV?

The GigaTV Cable Box 2 replaces the previous Horizon TV cable receiver and is a prerequisite for receiving the newly structured and greatly expanded range of international TV channels in the nationwide Vodafone cable network.

Why is Vodafone so bad?

Problems with the Internet or landline connection are among the top 3 reasons for consumer complaints. But the main reason for consumer anger is the door-to-door sales of the gangs and the contracts foisted on them.

What is more stable Vodafone or Telekom?

Vodafone Kabel is currently making the most progress: Thanks to the new DOCSIS 3.0 technology, the provider’s connections achieve an average download speed of 266 megabits per second (Mbps). For comparison: As the fastest DSL provider in the test, Deutsche Telekom only manages an average of 65 Mbps.

Which is better Vodafone Kabel or Telekom?

We tested and compared 21 providers in the price, performance, availability, speed and service categories. Test winner with the grade VERY GOOD (1,4) is Telekom. Vodafone Kabel | GOOD (2) and 3&1,6 DSL | GOOD (1).

What happens if I cancel Unitymedia?

Unitymedia has the right to extraordinary termination if you only cancel the cable connection but the TV services are still running. Then you still have to pay for the TV services, but you can no longer use them. Therefore you should only cancel both together!

How to get out of the Unitymedia contract?

Your provider must provide you with a cancellation button. It’s worth taking a look: If you can’t find this button on your provider’s website, you have the right to cancel your contract at any time — without observing a period of notice!

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What happens if you cancel the cable connection?

Re: What happens after canceling a cable subscription? These are only available in certain houses where they are paid for with the rent. So the landlord has a contract with KDG. In very few houses you can also conclude such a contract.

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