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What happened to Billy’s mother?

In which episode does Billy Hargrove die?

Death: Season 3 Episode 8 / Killed by: Mind Flayer

Billy Hargrove was Max Mayfield’s older stepbrother. He never treated his sister particularly well and was also considered a problem-maker at Hawkins. In Season XNUMX, Billy was controlled by the Mind Flayer.

Why is Billy dying?

She puts his childhood memories in his head and reminds him of his mother’s love. Billy bursts into tears and eventually confronts the shadow monster and is impaled by it. Max rushes to him and he dies in her arms.

Are Billy and Max siblings?

Billy arrived at Hawkins High School in his blue Camaro with his stepsister Max.

How old is Billie from Stranger Things?

as Billy Hargrove: 19 years. The 24-year-old actor plays 19-year-old Billy Hargrove in the series.

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Who is the father of eleven?

Henry and Terry Ives fathered a child together who inherits his powers: Elfi!

Will Max wake up again?

Everything indicates that Max, or at least her consciousness, is trapped in the Upside Down, or another parallel world. She is not dead, but the group must reach her in order to reunite her body and spirit. This is the only way that Max will ever wake up from her coma.

In which episode does Bob die in Stranger Things?

appearances. Bob Newby is a supporting character in the second season of Stranger Things. He dies from a Demogorgon attack at Hawkins National Laboratory.

Did Max die in Stranger Things?

«Stranger Things» Season 5: Max hasn’t escaped death yet. So not letting Max die right away was a smart move by the brothers in preparation for season five. In the interview, they say: «We wanted to leave it a bit up in the air as to how Season 5 will continue.

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Is Hopper really dead?

Stranger Things darling Hopper is alive

The third season ended with Hopper’s heroic death. Elfi’s guardian sacrificed his life to protect his loved ones.

Is Billy really dead?

The impact of Billy’s death on Max’s character

Sadie Sink now explains that Max was suffering, but more on the inside. Billy’s death affects the dynamic in her family. But it’s Max’s way of not showing how she feels. You watch her pretend that everything is okay.

Is 11 Death Stranger Things?

However, it quickly became clear to the viewers: Brenner is one of the villains of «Stranger Things» and he doesn’t even have to be a disfigured monster for that. In Season 4 Part 2, Eleven manages to free herself from Brenner’s grip once again, killing her «dad» in the process.

Is DR Brenner dead?

that dr However, Brenner is now set to return in Stranger Things Season 4, because actually, it appeared he was attacked and killed by the Demogorgon at the end of Season 1 — though Stranger Things viewers got the evil scientist do not clearly see dying.

Who all died in Stranger Things?

«Stranger Things»: The more important deaths at a glance

Season 1: The two most prominent deaths in Season 1 of Stranger Things are Barbara Holland (Shannon Purser), Nancy Wheeler’s (Natalie Dyer) best friend, and apparently Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), which ultimately turned out to be a fallacy.

Will Steve die from Stranger Things?

The finale of «Stranger Things» could change everything: Is Netflix now losing numerous customers? At the end of episode 7, while Eddie and Robin just manage to escape from the shadow world, Nancy and Steve stayed behind.

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Are Nancy and Jonathan really together?

In real life, Nancy actress Natalia Dyer has now made her decision. She and Jonathan actor Charlie Heaton are dating.

Who dies in Stranger Things 1?

Sad: Barb died in the shadow world. Joyce and Hopper try to save Will from the parallel world.

What happened to Eleven’s powers?

Eleven loses her powers, Hopper detonates the Russians’ portal. The big event in Season 3 is the opening of the new Starcourt shopping mall.

Is Stranger Things real?

«Stranger Things» is not only based on conspiracy stories, but also on very real experiments by the US government, which were even woven into the fictional plot of the Netflix series. We are talking about the secret CIA research program MKULTRA, which was carried out from 1953 to 1973.

Is Vecna ​​Billy?

Unfortunately, we don’t know more about Vecna ​​at the moment. The rest is speculation. Some fans and viewers of «Stranger Things» suspect that Billy, who died at the end of Season 3, could somehow be connected to Vecna.

Is Will in love with Mike?

According to Netflix star Noah Schnapp, the character Will he plays is «100 percent gay and in love with Mike.» The 17-year-old Jung actor confirmed this in an interview. In Season 5, this storyline will also be expanded, as Schnapp reveals.

Is 001 Eleven’s father?

In the second season it was revealed that Elfi is the daughter of Terry Ives. Ives was involved in a project (“MKUltra”) at the time and got pregnant at the time. The child, whom she called “Jane Ives” (Elfi), was given to her by project leader Dr. Martin Brenner taken away!

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Are mike and elfie together?

Well, in the end Millie and the fans got what they wanted from her role Eleven and her sweet love – because although Mike and Elfi get back together at the end of the current season, they are torn apart by their move with Will and his family.

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