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What goes into the East Frisian tea?

How do you prepare an East Frisian tea?

Traditionally, East Frisian tea is prepared in a bulbous pot, which is first rinsed out with hot water and thus well preheated. For every liter of tea, eight to ten grams of tea leaves are put into the pot and covered with boiling water.

What is part of the East Frisian tea ceremony?

What is part of an East Frisian tea ceremony?
  • A pot-bellied porcelain jug (treck pot), traditionally made of fine porcelain, typically in blue and white or lavishly decorated with floral patterns, classically with the East Frisian rose. …
  • Small teacups (Koppen or Koppkes) made of thin porcelain to match the pot.

Which cream for East Frisian tea?

A few drops of fresh high-percentage cream, which is not stirred in the East Frisian manner, conjure up the famous «Wulkje», the little cloud, and make the tea enjoyment perfect. The cream is placed counterclockwise in the tea to symbolically stop time.

What is an East Frisian mix?

For the North German tradition, the real East Frisian first puts a piece of candy in his cup and then pours the hot black tea over it. The crowning glory is a spoonful of cream, which is placed on top of the aromatic drink.

Beverage science: East Frisian tea

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How healthy is East Frisian tea?

The caffeine content of East Frisian tea is very high and, as a result, its stimulating effect. Therefore, one should be careful not to enjoy it too late in the day. And enjoyed in moderation, East Frisian tea is just as healthy as any other black tea.

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What is the best East Frisian tea?

  • Teapot Ostfriesen-Teefix.
  • Heiko Blume real East Frisian tea.
  • Bunting tea green pack.
  • MyCupOfTea organic East Frisian tea blend.
  • Eudaimonia Tea East Frisian Mixture.
  • Onno Behrends Ostfriesentee Gold.
  • Paulsen tea East Frisian blend.
  • Thiele tea East Frisian tea.

What kind of tea do the East Frisians drink?

Typically, they drink East Frisian tea, a blend of mainly Assam varieties that produces a very dark, strong tea. The East Frisian tea culture has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage in Germany.

Which water for East Frisian tea?

Hard and chlorinated water make the fine teas undrinkable. If you are not lucky enough to be able to use the soft East Frisian water, you should use a water filter or choose fresh rainwater or still mineral water. Very important: Tea must not be “boiled to death”.

Which pastries to go with East Frisian tea?

Ostfriesen cake. The East Frisian cake is a true classic among East Frisian desserts. With delicious biscuit, lots of cream and brandy raisins, a real treat for locals and guests.

What to put in the cup before pouring the tea?

Place a large piece of candy in the cup. (East Frisian Kluntje are large white chunks of candy.)

What do you drink in East Friesland?

East Frisians are generally known as tea drinkers. The famous black tea, East Frisian blends are particularly dark, is drunk with Kluntje (candy sugar) and cream. First a Kluntje is placed in the cup.

When are you East Frisian?

Usually, only people who come from the historical county of Ostfriesland in north-western Germany refer to themselves as East Frisians. In general, however, all Frisians from the eastern Frisians (East Frisians, Sater Frisians, Oldenburg Frisians, Rüstringer Frisians, Wurt Friesians, etc.)

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What does East Frisian tea taste like?

A copper-red-brown color and a bitter taste are characteristic of an East Frisian tea. With the cream and the sugar, this tea becomes a true taste experience.

How much caffeine is in Ostfriesentee?

Its caffeine content per cup is 60 mg of soluble caffeine.

When is tea drunk in Ostfriesland?

For many East Frisians, the main tea time is afternoon tea at around 15 p.m. The East Frisian tea culture also includes tea in the early morning and the tea break in the morning (Elfuhrje) around 11 a.m. Most families also have evening tea between 20pm and 21pm.

How do you soften hard water?

BRITA water filters can help. They turn hard tap water into soft water that is ideal for brewing tea (and coffee). Water filters help to reduce the disruptive effects of hard water when preparing a cup of tea and improve the quality of your tea.

How good is filtered water?

The most important things in brief: From a health point of view, the use of filters for tap water is usually not necessary. Drinking water from the public supply network is in principle low in pollutants and well monitored. Even small children and the sick do not need filtered water.

What water is good for tea?

Water with a degree of hardness between 8 and 10, i.e. medium-hard water, is best suited for making tea. Although some tea lovers swear by still mineral water, this is not necessarily recommended. It contains larger amounts of calcium. When it is boiled, whitish lime flakes form.

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What do you eat with tea in Ostfriesland?

Carefully pour hot tea over the Kluntje. However, only so much is poured that the Kluntje is just covered or a small tip is still sticking out. This time there is a pleasant crackling noise when the Kluntje dissolves in the tea.

Why is so much tea drunk in Ostfriesland?

Tea has a long history in East Friesland: in 1610 ships of the Dutch East India Company brought tea to Europe and thus also to Leer in East Friesland.

How much tea do the East Frisians drink?

Every East Frisian drinks an average of 300 liters of tea per year — making the North German tea world champions. In East Friesland, enjoying tea traditionally begins with the «Kluntje», the candy sugar, which is first placed in the cup. Then the freshly brewed tea is poured over it.

What is healthier black tea or coffee?

Black tea is said to be healthier than coffee

Black tea has a reputation for being healthier than coffee. But is that really true? Black tea contains half as much caffeine as coffee. However, it does not produce a short-term «caffeine kick», rather the caffeine is released gradually in the organism.

Is Earl Gray unhealthy?

Like all black tea, Earl Gray has an invigorating effect: its caffeine helps us get over our midday tiredness and not only stimulates our metabolism and circulation, but also our brain and heart. In addition, there is the mood-enhancing effect of real bergamot oil.

Where is the best East Frisian tea?

Since 1806, the oldest tea trading house in East Friesland has produced the most popular, genuine East Frisian teas. For a balanced, harmonious taste, tailored to the nationwide taste of black tea and suitable for any degree of water hardness, Bünting Tee offers the ORIGINAL EAST FRISIAN BLACK TEA.

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