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What does tire size 42 622 mean?

What tire size is 42 622?

28 × 1.60 (42-622)

What does 28 42 622 mean?

According to ETRTO (c) and (a) are measured, eg the specification 28-622 means 622mm rim size and 28 is the width of the tire. In this way you can also determine the approximate overall outside diameter (622+28 = 650mm overall tire diameter). Tires with the size specification 622 correspond to the rim size 28 inches.

What does 700 42C 40 622 mean?

700 42C 40 622: The 700c 42C 40 622 tire is a tire for bicycles with a quick-release axle. It has a diameter of 700 mm and a width of 42 mm. The rim is 40mm in diameter and 622mm wide.

What does the C in bicycle tires mean?

The French designation in millimeters (mm)

Just like the inch size, this refers to the outer diameter of the tire. The 650 is the approximate outside diameter of the bike tire in millimeters. The B indicates the height. There are the heights A (30mm), B (33mm) and C (39mm).

Tire replacement — what tire dimensions are important?

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What does bicycle tire 700 42c mean?

The designation 700c is the French designation of a tire size; where the C stands for the width of the tire. The 622 is the ETRTO (or European) standard. The inch designation comes from the earliest beginnings of modern bicycle tires.

What does tire size 44 622 mean?

The first two digits (XX) represent the tire width in millimeters. The other three digits (YYY) indicate the inner diameter of the tire in millimeters. 40-622 stands for a 28-inch tire with a diameter of 622 millimeters and a width of 40 millimeters.

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What does 622 mean?

37-622) indicates the width (37 mm) and the inner diameter of the tire (622 mm). This designation is unambiguous and allows a clear assignment to the rim size.

Which tires fit on my bicycle rim?

Which tire fits which rim?
  • 12 inches. 47-203. 12×1.75. 12 x 1.90. 12½ x 1.75. …
  • 14 inches. 47-254. 14×1.75. 14 x 1.90. …
  • 16 inches. 40-305. 16 x 1.50. 47-305. …
  • 17 inch. 32-357. 17×1¼32-369. …
  • 18 inches. 28-355. 18 x 1 1⁄8. 32-355. …
  • 20 inch. 54-400. 20 x 2 x 1 ¾ 23-406. …
  • 22 inches. 44-457. 22 x 1.75. 44-484. …
  • 24 inches. 40-507. 24 x 1.50. 44-507.

What does 47 622 mean for bicycle tires?

Two sizes have prevailed in Europe: The metric dimension (mm) according to the European ETRO standard, e.g. B. 37 – 622, the first number is the bicycle tire width when inflated (mm) and the second is the inner bicycle tire diameter (mm).

How do I find the right tire size for my bike?

The tire size is indicated on the sidewall of the tire. There you will find information in the following form: 40-622. 26×1.6.

Can you fit wider tires on regular rims?

It is usually possible to mount wider tires on the same bicycle rim. The most important starting point is the tire inner diameter, which is specified by the bicycle rim on the wheel. This is identical to the nominal rim diameter or

What does 700C mean?

700C. The number, in this case 700, indicates the outside diameter of the tire in millimeters and the letter indicates the nominal rim diameter. The nominal diameter refers to the point at which the tire sits on the rim.

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What is a 28 inch bike?

The specified wheel size corresponds to the diameter of the tires on the bike. That means a 26 inch bike has tires with a diameter of about 66 cm, a 28 inch bike has a little more than 71 cm diameter.

What does 22 622 mean?

The 22 for rims is the inside width of the rim in mm, for tires it is the tire width (also in mm). a 22-622 tire would be a bit narrower than your rim, you can imagine how that would work.

What does 622x19c mean?

For example, the tire size 37-622 fits on a rim 622 x 19C. The tire inner diameter corresponds to the rim shoulder diameter of 622 mm.»

Which hose for 44 622?

Red Cycling Products 28″ Tour tube 32/44-622/642 set of 4. This bicycle tube is suitable for 28-inch wheels with a tire width of 32 to 44 millimeters and can therefore be described as a real all-rounder.

What does 62 622 mean?

A bicycle tire with the ETRTO size designation of eg 37-622 means that the width is 37 mm and the inner diameter of the tire is 622 mm. With these clear dimensions, you can choose a tire that fits the rim (wheel) perfectly.

What does 26×1 75 mean?

That means the outside diameter is 26 inches and the tire width is 1,9 inches.

Can you fit different tires on bicycle rims?

The combination of bicycle tires and rims

There is more room for maneuver when it comes to tire width. In this way, tires of different widths can be mounted on one and the same rim.

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What tire width for trekking bike?

Usually, trekking bikes for adults have 28″ tires, with smaller frame sizes, 26″ wheels can also be used. In the touring sector, the mountain bike standard 27,5″ (650b) is sometimes used.

What tire width for e-bikes?

E-mountain bikes range in tire width from 51 to 54 mm and have a lug profile. E-city bikes, on the other hand, are cycled with a smaller profile and correspondingly narrower tires of 42 to 52 mm.

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