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What does it take to get a pastry chef degree?

What do I need to become a pastry chef?

pastry chef skills
  • Skilled craftsmanship.
  • sensitivity.
  • Conscientious work.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene.
  • willingness to work in a team.
  • Fantasy.
  • Creative talent.
  • Enjoy developing and trying out new ideas.

How long does the apprenticeship as a pastry chef take?

How long does the education last? The training to become a confectioner lasts 3 years. You then take the final apprenticeship exam. A combination of apprenticeship and high school diploma is also possible.

How difficult is the confectionery apprenticeship?

The training is very rich. In other words, you learn a lot quickly, you are given a lot of responsibility, which always drives you to perform at your best. The climate is severe and stressful but very funny.

How much does a Pastry Chef make?

If you work as a pastry chef you are likely to earn at least €24.800 and at best €34.300. The median is €29.600.

Apprenticeship as a confectioner — sweet temptation!

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Is pastry chef a well paid job?

salary after training

As a confectioner, you can expect a starting salary of between 1.700 and 1.800 euros. Depending on the company and location, your salary as a trained pastry chef can be slightly below or above this value. After a few years of professional experience, your salary will continue to increase.

Where do you make a lot of money?

The top 8 jobs where you earn the most
  • Senior Physician.
  • air traffic controller.
  • Product manager.
  • Key account manager.
  • Auditors.
  • Engineer.
  • lawyers.
  • consultant.

How much does a pastry chef earn in a 1-year apprenticeship?

salary during training

How do I test lead in water?

Apprenticeship compensation depends on various factors. Collective agreements play an important role in this. For example, the collective agreement in the bakery trade provides for 590 — 620 euros in the first year, 670 — 700 euros in the second and 810 — 820 euros in the third year of training.

How early does a pastry chef have to get up?

The working hours in the pastry shop are not very different from other professions. In many pastry shops, things don’t start until between six and seven in the morning. This way, you’ll already have finished work in the afternoon and you’ll have enough time to relax, for your circle of friends and your hobbies.

How much does a confectioner earn in the first year of training?

As a confectioner, you will therefore receive at least 620 euros gross per month in your first year of training. In the second year you will receive at least 732 euros and in the third year your training allowance will increase to at least 837 euros gross per month.

Can you become a pastry chef without an apprenticeship?

The dream of opening your own pastry shop is widespread. The bad news, however: ability alone is not enough to become a self-employed confectioner. The confectioner is one of the professions that require a license and requires appropriate training.

What do you learn as a pastry chef?

During your training as a confectioner, you will learn how to make tarts, cakes, petit fours, but also bread and rolls. Of course, this also includes preparation and follow-up tasks, such as cleaning the machines.

How can I accommodate 2 children?

What do you do in a pastry shop?

Confectioners select the ingredients for the production of confectionery products such as tarts, cakes, pralines, desserts, party or cheese pastries, calculate the required quantities and weigh or measure them. Then they process the raw materials by hand or with the help of machines and equipment.

Is confectionery a man’s job?

Bakery – what was originally a male occupation is now becoming increasingly attractive to women as well. Almost every fifth bakery business is run by a woman and more and more young women are starting an apprenticeship in the bakery.

How much does a self-employed pastry chef make?

As in other professions, as a confectioner you benefit from your increasing professional experience. While you earn €2.040 a month when you start your career, after 5 years it is already €2.170. If you’ve been there for 10 years, you can even count on a salary of €2.330 per month.

Is pastry strenuous?

The job is physically demanding. TörtchenTörtchen has a large production hall through which employees have to carry trays and ingredients. In small bakeries, confectioners sometimes stand in one place for hours.


What do you call a pastry chef?

In addition to the baker and confectioner, there is also the confectioner. This is responsible for the production of chocolate or for the refinement of confectionery and pastries with chocolate.

How much does a Pastry Chef make?

As a master confectioner, you can expect an average salary of €32.300. The salary range for a master confectioner is between €26.900 and €39.000.

Where can you work as a pastry chef?

Where do you work?
  • in pastry shops, confectioneries, cafés or bakeries with a range of fine baked goods.
  • in the patisserie area of ​​large hotels and restaurants.
Can you train yourself away from pain?

What do I need to sell cakes?

This means that officially only those who have a master’s certificate as a confectioner are allowed to sell cakes. Anyone who sells cakes without a master’s degree is considered a clandestine worker according to the law to combat undeclared work – regardless of whether they are registered with the tax office and pay their taxes or not.

How much money does a teacher make?

salary range. As a full-time teacher in Austria, you generally earn between €2.139 and €3.564 gross — depending on the federal state, years of service in the company and other factors. Compare now if you earn what you deserve as a teacher and get a detailed salary comparison!

What jobs does nobody want to do?

The 5 top-paying jobs that nobody wants to do at a glance:
  • Pastor: up to 84.000 euros gross per year.
  • TV planner: up to EUR 79.100 gross per year.
  • Undertaker: up to 42.800 euros gross per year.
  • Butcher: up to 49.200 euros gross per year.
  • Tow truck: up to 49.100 euros gross per year.

Which job is not stressful?

One of the least stressful jobs is Investigation: Librarian. nutritionist. acoustician.

What’s the best job?

Well paying jobs
  • 1st place: Medical Advisor. At the top of the ranking is the profession of medical advisor with an annual salary of around 68.000 euros. …
  • 2nd place: lawyer. …
  • 3rd place: Software Architect:in. …
  • salary satisfaction.
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