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What does F9 mean on the keyboard?

The F9 key

What does the F9 key do?

The F9 key

In Office programs, for example, you can use the Ctrl key and F9 to insert curly brackets.

How to press F9?

To do this, simply press the button during booting just before the Windows logo appears. Like F7, F9 has no function in Windows itself. In the Office programs, however, the combination Ctrl + F9 conjures up the curly brackets.

How are the F keys assigned?

F1: Opens the online help of the current app. F2: Lets you rename folders or files. F3: Opens the search box in the browser. F4: Repeats the last action in Microsoft Office.

What does the F11 key do?

F11 key on browsers

For most browsers, F11 activates full-screen mode (also called kiosk mode). All menus and the browser’s address bar — and even the Windows taskbar — disappear, leaving only the contents of the current tab.

Tutorial — Acer Swift 3 — Using the F1-10 function keys without the Fn key

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What do the F1 to F12 keys mean?

The function keys F1 to F12 are located on the top row on both Windows and Mac keyboards. Most keyboards are labeled F1 through F12, where F stands for function. The function keys F1 to F12 are in the top row on Windows and Mac.

Where is the F9 key?

The F9 key is a function key, which, however, leads a rather shadowy existence. It is used in Outlook to send and receive e-mails. However, depending on the program, you can also use this button to make your work easier.

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What does the F10 key do?

F10: Use F10 to open the menu bar in the Office programs. To reduce or enlarge a Word document, the combination Ctrl + F10 is practical. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10 to right-click.

What does F6 mean on the keyboard?

The F6 key belongs to the function keys and can be found in the function key bar on the keyboard. A standard Windows feature, it allows you to quickly toggle between multiple screen elements.

What is the F2 key for?

You can easily rename files or folders with the function key F2. First click on it, then press F2 to open the text field under File or Folder. So you don’t have to search for «Rename» with a right click.

What does the F8 key mean?

The F8 key is a function key and makes it easier to select without a mouse in Word and Excel. It fixes the starting point of a marker. During PC bootup, it enters Safe Mode and deletes broken programs.

What does F7 mean?

The F7 key opens the spelling and grammar checker in Word and Excel. In addition, you can display the thesaurus with Shift + F7, which makes suggestions for synonyms.

Why doesn’t Alt f9 work?

It is certainly due to the fact that your keyboard assigns other functions to the «normal» function keys that are intended to make your work easier, which in this case, however, turns into the opposite in your case. Try a different keyboard if possible or deactivate these special functions of your keyboard.

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What is F5?

The function of the F5 key

You can usually update a program with the F5 key: For example, if you have a page open in the browser and press «F5», you will reload the page. The button can also be useful in an e-mail program: you can use it to quickly retrieve new e-mails.

How do I press F4?

The F4 key is located in the function key bar, at the top of the keyboard. In Windows, this key is assigned the function of displaying the address bar in Windows Explorer by default. However, individual assignments of this button are possible, depending on the program you are using.

What does the Fn key do?

The Fn key is a special key that is particularly found on notebooks or netbooks. «Fn» stands for «funktion» or «function» in English. This key can be used to reach another manufacturer-specific level, comparable to the Alt key or control key.

What is a field function?

Field functions are in many ways helpers in the document creation process. They allow important text elements to be inserted and existing document content to be updated.

What are the most important keyboard shortcuts in Word?

Word keyboard shortcuts
  • Mark in bold with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F.
  • Start Word spell check with F7.
  • Non-breaking space with Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar.
  • Jump to the end of the Word document with Ctrl + End.

What is Ctrl Shift?

What is the shift key? Like the Ctrl, Alt and AltGr keys, the Shift key or Shift key (rarely also called the «shift key») is a so-called control key on the computer keyboard which, when pressed alone, does not display a character and does not trigger a character feed for the cursor.

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What does e07 mean?

If your Gorenje washing machine displays error code 7 or F7, it means that the machine is having trouble draining the water and therefore the washing program is stopping while there is still water in the machine. The first thing you should do is drain the water manually.

What does F4 mean on a washing machine?

If you get the error code F4 on a Gorenje washing machine, it usually means that the connection to the tachogenerator is broken. If your washing machine motor was manufactured with charcoal, the most common way to fix error code F4 is to replace the charcoal.

What does E3 mean for a washing machine?

Error code E3 on a Gorenje washing machine indicates that the machine has not reached the water level or is not taking in enough water.

What does PF mean in Gorenje washing machine?

The pump filter should be cleaned every time the symbol appears on the display. The appliance may only be used to wash laundry in accordance with this user manual. The device is not suitable for dry cleaning of clothing.

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