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What does F 1 mean in the vehicle registration document?

What is F 2 in the vehicle registration document?

F. 2. Total mass in the registration member state, ie if the vehicle has a technical permissible total mass of eg 8.0 t but the state where the vehicle is registered, the regulations state that this vehicle may only be moved with 7.5 t on the respective roads of this state.

What does F3 mean in the vehicle registration document?

Subcategory F3. This gives the mass of the vehicle as well as the mass of anything the vehicle may tow, such as B. a trailer or another vehicle, also given in kg.

What is 0.1 in the vehicle registration document?

Where can I find my car’s towing capacity? The trailer load can be found in the vehicle documents, in the old vehicle registration document under numbers 28 and 29, in the new registration certificate part I in fields 0.1 and 0.2.

Where is the truck registration in the vehicle registration document?

How can I tell if my vehicle is listed as a truck or a car? You will find the designation under vehicle class J in your vehicle registration document.

What can I do with my driver’s license? Based on current driving license class B (AM, L)

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What is the difference between truck registration and car registration?

The difference between truck and car registration

Regardless of whether it is a commercial or private registration of a truck, the registration process is the same. As with the registration of a car, all necessary registration documents must be available.

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Is a van a truck?

So the designations (car/truck/van) do not exist (anymore) under road traffic law and thus under tax law. According to the EU registration regulations, there is still M1 AF, for example, which would be a Trap0/Kombi. M1 stands for “car”, i.e. correct passenger transport and MF for the body type (here: multi-purpose vehicle).

What load can my car pull?

In general, trailer loads are also limited by the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. An unbraked car trailer may not weigh more than half the weight of the towing vehicle (unladen weight plus 75 kg), and the maximum permitted weight is 750 kg. The upper limit for car trailers with their own brakes is 3500 kg total weight.

What does 7.1 mean in the vehicle registration document?

7.1 = axle load, axis 1 in kg, 7.2 = axle load, axis 2 in kg, 7.3 = axle load, axis 3 in kg.

What does f1 mean in the approval?

Both the permissible total weight and the curb weight are recorded in Part I of the registration certificate (formerly the vehicle registration document) for each car. You will find the information under the abbreviation F. 1 and F. 2 (zG) and G (empty weight).

What does V 9 vehicle registration mean?

In addition to these EU-wide codes, there are also national codes, such as the number of service axles next to the code “9” in the German vehicle registration document or the designation of the national emission class next to the code “14”.

What does C 4c mean in the vehicle registration document?

In field C. 4c it is noted: «The holder of the registration certificate is not shown as the owner of the vehicle. This may be different in other EU countries. This right of disposal relates only to the public responsibility for the vehicle.

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What is the payload on a car?

motor vehicle. Payload is the maximum load that a ready-to-operate vehicle can transport without exceeding the permissible axle loads and the permissible overall mass (see guideline on Section 42 StVZO of August 15, 1983, Traffic Gazette 1983, p. 464).

Where can I find the maximum speed on the vehicle registration document?

If you want to know the maximum speed of the vehicle in km/h, look under T right next to the power rating. The permissible total weight of the wagon is specified in Part I of the registration certificate as «Technically permissible total weight in kg» (F. 2).

How much weight can you load in a 3.5 ton truck?

BOX VANS with a total weight of up to 3,5 t can be loaded up to a maximum of 1,4 t minus the vehicle weight. Based on this payload, flexible vehicle lengths with the highest loading volumes are possible, in the super-long versions up to 19,6 m3.

What does the 6 in the vehicle registration mean?

K = Number of the EC type approval or ABE: This proves the permission that the vehicle type may be built in series. Your vehicle is therefore classified as roadworthy. (6) = Date for K: This is the date on which the EC type approval was granted.

What do the numbers in the vehicle registration mean?

In the vehicle registration document you will find, for example, information on the year of manufacture of the vehicle, the date of first registration, a note on the EU emissions standard for the vehicle, etc. The year of manufacture of the vehicle can be found under number 6. This information was found under number 32 in the old vehicle registration document.

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What does a vertical load of 75 kg mean?

For example, if the nose weight of your trailer is 90 kilograms, the nose weight of the vehicle and/or trailer hitch is 75 kilograms. Then stick to the lower values ​​of 75 kilograms in any case. Otherwise you risk damage to the drawbar, hitch and Co.

What weight counts in the trailer load?

The permissible trailer load of the towing vehicle is equal to the permissible total weight of the trailer: The actual weight of the trailer (empty weight + additional load) must not exceed the permissible total weight or the permissible trailer load. The trailer must not be heavier by the support load.

Which trailer can I attach?

Class B driving license holders are allowed to tow trailers with a maximum permissible weight of 750 kg. Trailers with a permissible total weight of more than 750 kg are only permitted if the sum of the total weight of the towing vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3,5 t.

Does a Sprinter have truck registration?

The question of whether a Mercedes Sprinter is to be classified as a car or truck does not depend on the vehicle documents issued as part of the registration procedure under the StVZO, but solely on the specific design and equipment of the vehicle (OLG Karlsruhe 25.8.04/2/80, 04nd Ss 042588/XNUMX, retrieval number XNUMX).

What is the advantage of a truck registration?

One advantage of truck registration becomes clear in connection with vehicle tax. Because here the amounts for commercial vehicles are usually significantly lower. In order to save taxes with a truck, the classification of the vehicle by the registration office is important.

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Who is allowed to drive cars with truck registration?

If they have a truck license for tax purposes, you can only drive them from license class C or even B as long as the 3,5 ton total mass is not exceeded.

What is cheaper car registration or truck registration?

However, trucks are more expensive to insure. Therefore, registering a Sprinter or delivery van as a car is usually cheaper in the end, unless the vehicle’s displacement is extremely large. Then the tax advantage of registering a truck can be great — if such a registration is even possible.

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