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What does circumcision mean in Africa?

Type III — Pharaonic circumcision / infibulation

Why circumcision in Africa?

The ancient authors assumed that women were circumcised for aesthetic reasons in order to correct or improve the appearance of the female genitalia. Circumcision is believed to have spread across the African continent from ancient Egypt.

What is the point of circumcision?

A certain advantage offers the easier cleaning of the limb after the circumcision. Other reasons given are to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

What is circumcised in women in Africa?

Infibulation («pharaonic circumcision») is the most extreme variant of female genital cutting. The entire external genitalia are removed. The mutilated vagina is then almost completely sewn up.

What happens when a woman is circumcised?

FGM type 1: The clitoris is partially or completely severed. In a few cases, just the skin over the clitoris. FGM type 2: The clitoris is partially or completely removed. In addition, the inner labia and, in some cases, the outer labia are cut off.

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Why are women circumcised?

Economic reasons for female genital mutilation are a higher dowry and better marriage chances for circumcised girls and women. In most practicing communities, the structures are rarely such that a single woman, and possibly a single mother, can survive on her own.

What happens when the clitoris is removed?

This could lead to numerous «short- and long-term complications for the physical and mental health of girls and women». Pain and bleeding are unavoidable. However, infections, severe scarring, cysts, incontinence or infertility often occur.

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How can a circumcised woman give birth to a child?

The clitoris is partially or completely removed, the labia are cut out and the wound is sewn up except for a finger-thick hole for urine and menstrual blood. For a natural birth, this hole must be widened again, either before or during the birth.

What does it mean when a boy is circumcised?

Circumcision is the complete or partial removal of the male foreskin. The term circumcision comes from Latin and means something like “cutting off all around”. In circumcised boys and men, the glans of the penis is fully or at least partially exposed.

At what age are women circumcised?

Depending on the tradition, FGM/C is carried out shortly after birth, with the (small) child, during puberty, immediately before or after marriage or after the first childbirth. Most girls are between 0 and 15 years old when they are circumcised.

What happens if you are not circumcised?

Phimosis, i.e. the narrowing of the foreskin, is considered a medical indication. This can lead to inflammation and tears. «Every boy has a certain tightness of the foreskin when he is born, which is quite normal up to about the age of three,» explains urologist Wolfgang Bühmann.

What happens after circumcision?

After circumcision, slight sensory disturbances in the area of ​​the glans can occur, which are usually only temporary. In addition, a circumcised man will have a feeling of an exposed glans penis after the procedure, which will subside after a few days. Examples were given when listing the risks.

Are women circumcised in Egypt?

According to official figures, 90 percent of women aged 15 to 49 in Egypt are circumcised. Now female genital mutilation and the responsibility for it are to be punished as a crime with up to 15 years in prison — a stage victory.

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What types of circumcisions are there?

What forms of circumcision are there?
  • Circumcision by complete removal of the foreskin.
  • Incomplete circumcision. A part of the foreskin is retained.
  • plastibell method. The circumcision is done by constriction on a plastic bell. …
  • extension plastic.

How are women circumcised in Somalia?

In Somalia, FGM type III (infibulation) is the most common with 63%. This means that the entire externally visible genitals are cut out and the open wound is completely sewn up except for a small hole. Type II (excision) was performed in 25% of circumcised girls and women (15-49 years).

How many women in Germany are circumcised?

According to current estimates, around 67.000 girls/women are circumcised in Germany.

Were the ancient Egyptians circumcised?

Research on Egyptian mummies shows that circumcision among adult males was common.

What happens to the glans after circumcision?

After circumcision, slight sensory disturbances in the area of ​​the glans can occur, which are usually only temporary. In addition, a circumcised man will have a feeling of an exposed glans penis after the procedure, which will subside after a few days.

Is it better to be circumcised or not?

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends circumcision to prevent HIV/AIDS. Circumcision does nothing to protect against other sexually transmitted infections.

Are circumcised men cleaner?

However, there are still infectiological arguments for circumcision. For example, circumcised boys have significantly fewer urinary tract infections later in life and a 50 to 60 percent reduced risk of contracting viral and sexually transmitted pathogens such as HIV, HPV and HSV.

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How painful is a circumcision?

After the procedure, slight pain may occur, which is usually well tolerated and can be easily treated with painkillers. If necessary, the doctor applies a bandage, which is checked and renewed in the clinic or practice in the days after the circumcision.

Why are women circumcised in Egypt?

Circumcision is usually considered a prerequisite for marriage. This in turn means social and economic security for the girls and women as well as for their families. Uncircumcised women face social exclusion.

Where does male circumcision come from?

The Koran does not mention circumcision explicitly, but it is widespread in Islam as a traditional norm and pioneering act of the Prophet Mohammed and is carried out between childhood and adolescence.

Where are most women circumcised?

Countries with the highest proportion of 15-49 year old girls and women who have been circumcised are: Somalia (98%), Guinea (97%), Djibouti (93%), Sierra Leone (90%), Mali ( 89%), Egypt, Sudan (each 87%) and Eritrea (83%). Female genital mutilation also occurs on a small scale in Asia.

How is circumcision done in Germany?

the essentials in brief

The medically necessary circumcision of boys, for example because of a narrowing of the foreskin, is permitted. The ritual circumcision of boys is permitted under certain conditions, but must be paid for privately. Female circumcision is illegal.

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