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What do you mean by no simlock?

What does it mean if a cell phone is not SIM-locked?

Put simply, a SIM lock is a cell phone with a blocked SIM card. Conversely, this means that smartphones without a sim lock are unlocked cell phones in which you can use any SIM card.

What exactly is a sim lock?

Simlock therefore means that the subscriber identity module in question can only be used to a limited extent. A restriction code takes care of that. In short: A smartphone with SIM lock is tied to a specific mobile network or to specific SIM cards and a specific tariff.

Are cell phones still simlock today?

This raises the question of whether your own smartphone has a SIM lock or not. Incidentally, a SIM lock is more common on the latest iPhones than on Android phones. The easiest way to check the iPhone or Android smartphone for a SIM lock is to try it out trivially.

When is a mobile phone simlock free?

However, a SIM lock does not stay on the smartphone forever. After the contract period, usually 24 months, you can remove the SIM lock free of charge. This allows other SIM cards to be used in the cell phone. If you would like to be free before the end of the contract period, you pay around 100 euros.

SIM lock & Netlock — what is it?

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How much does Simlock unlock iPhone cost?

Unblocking costs: EUR 150,00 (EUR 125,00 excl. VAT) within 12 months of the date of purchase.

Can you unlock a cell phone without a SIM card?

To use the function, go to the Android Device Manager website and log in with your Google credentials. Then select the «Lock» option and you can now set up a new password that will be requested if you forget your smartphone access code.

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How do I see if my cell phone is free for all networks?

How do I recognize whether my smartphone is affected by a SIM lock? If you want to check whether your smartphone is affected by a SIM lock, there are several options. Enter the IMEI number of your device on the website (for Android devices) or (for iPhones).

Which provider still has Simlock?

Only the provider A1 still sells its mobile phones with a SIM lock. However, only the more expensive smartphones are usually provided with the lock. With other mobile operators, the SIM lock is no longer available for newly sold mobile phones, but old devices can still be blocked.

How much does it cost to unlock a cell phone?

The cost of unlocking a smartphone is usually no more than 30 euros. It is only slightly more expensive for particularly new smartphones and iphones. It doesn’t usually take long, you can often pick up your mobile phone from us after just a few hours.

Is a mobile phone with a contract simlock free?

The easiest way to check your smartphone for a SIM lock is to try it out: To do this, insert a SIM card from another provider into your cell phone. If your cell phone recognizes the SIM card and works as usual, there is no block and you can switch providers in peace.

Can you just put the SIM card in another cell phone?

Can I just put my SIM card in another cell phone? In general this is possible. With an existing Net Lock or SIM Lock, the card cannot be inserted into another mobile phone. This lock is only present on old mobile phones.

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Can I use a different SIM card for a mobile phone with a contract?

Can I put a different SIM card in my contract cell phone? (e.g. e-plus) Hello Oliver, in principle you can only insert and use a SIM card from a third-party provider if the mobile phone does not have a SIM lock. Whether the phone has a SIM lock depends entirely on the phone model and when you bought it.

Does my iPhone have SIM lock?

SIM lock check on iPhones

If this is recognized, your iPhone is not affected by a SIM lock. If the iPhone does not recognize the SIM card, it has a SIM lock. Way 2: You can also find out the SIM lock status of your iPhone using the IMEI number, which you can find in the settings under «Info».

What does without Simlock and without branding mean?

And what is simlock now? In contrast to cell phones with branding, a cell phone with SIM lock cannot be used with a third-party network, but only with the SIM card supplied. As a rule, you can have the provider remove the blocking free of charge after two years, so that the mobile phone is free for all networks.

Can you unlock a cell phone yourself?

You can then unlock the phone by going to the Device Manager website and entering your Google account details. There you will find the option Lock and you can create a new password. After a few minutes, you should unlock the phone with the new code.

Where does Simlock stand in IMEI Info?

And it works like this: Android: Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI information. iPhone: Settings > General > About > IMEI.

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How do you get into your cell phone if you forgot your PIN?

Summary: Unlock Android phone without code, password or pattern. If you have set up the Samsung service Find my Mobile, you can unlock the Android phone even if you have forgotten the pattern, code or password. The Google service Find my device can also help in this case.

How long does simlock unlock iPhone take?

Your account may need to meet certain requirements in order for the device to be unlocked. After you submit the request, it may take a few days to process. Contact your carrier to inquire about the status of your unlock request.

How to Unlock iPhone?

Contact your network operator to request an unlock. You may need to meet certain requirements in order for the device to be unlocked. After your carrier submits the unlock request, the process can take up to seven days.

Can you put a prepaid card in any cell phone?

He can use the SIM card with any smartphone. If the starting credit is used up, the prepaid user must top up the card again. If the customer does not use the SIM card, there are usually no costs.

What is stored on my SIM card?

With the help of the SIM card, the PIN, the phone number and the individual telephone book are saved. It is used to identify the user in the network — «SIM» stands for «Subscriber Identification Module», which in German means something like «subscriber identity module».

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What happens to WhatsApp if I change the SIM card?

So you won’t lose any data when you switch. After that, Whatsapp will ask you to enter your old number first and then your new number. Your new number will be verified via an SMS that Whatsapp sends to your new SIM card.

Is WhatsApp stored on the phone or on the SIM card?

Android: It is best to save the backup on a memory card

The backup can be created via the WhatsApp menu under Settings / Chat settings / Backup chat history. It is created automatically every night at 4 am. The micro SD card is then inserted into the new phone and WhatsApp is installed.

Which is better to save contacts on SIM or phone?

Saving your contacts to SIM or SD card should work on all Android smartphones. However, if you lose your smartphone, you will lose your data. Backup via software on your computer may not work with all Android smartphones depending on the program.

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