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What do you do in the Bundeswehr all day?

«You’re on the go all day»
  1. Supply of 140 company soldiers. Enlarge. The skewer and his team deliver lunch to the shooting range every day. …
  2. Buffet for foreign guests. Enlarge. …
  3. A living cycle. Enlarge.

What is the daily routine in the Bundeswehr?

There are a few things in the daily routine that are mostly the same: get up at 5 a.m., start work at 5.30 a.m. with a meeting of the day and exercise in the morning, spontaneous room check, end of work between 17 p.m. and 19 p.m., follow-up on the equipment after work, bed rest at 22 p.m. and at 23 p.m. is…


What does a temporary soldier do?

They clean and maintain weapons and equipment. They are mainly used in urban areas and in difficult terrain. When deployed abroad, you often patrol on foot. They secure marching routes and convoys with escorts and protected wheeled vehicles.

What do you do in the barracks?

A barracks is basically a military or police building in which soldiers or police officers are housed (barracked) ready for call.

What do soldiers do in their free time?

Answer: free time in the army

And what you do outside the barracks is up to you. In the barracks you can do sports, watch TV/DVD, play PC games, eat, drink, bowling (if there is a lane), read, shower, clean equipment, etc. — Ad-free for 19 years!

The first day of work in the Bundeswehr! | Galileo | ProSieben

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Can you live well as a soldier?

Compared to a US soldier, the German soldier earns a very good salary. An American soldier, for example, receives 1.061 US dollars in Iraq, i.e. on a military deployment. According to the dollar rate today, that’s €816,22. In a European comparison, members of the Bundeswehr are top earners.

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Is soldier a good job?

Due to their status as civil servants, professional and temporary soldiers have the advantage, for example, that they only have to pay a few taxes on their salary. For example, there are no social security contributions. Only the long-term care insurance and taxes are collected. Another advantage: “free medical care”.

Where do you sleep as a soldier?

Soldiers of the Bundeswehr who have been released from the obligation to live in communal accommodation (barracks) and are allowed to spend the night at home are referred to as dormitories.

How much free time do you have in the Bundeswehr?

Re: How much free time does a career in the Bundeswehr leave? As Klaus has already written, you are entitled to 26 days of vacation. Normally you can also go home every WE.

Where do soldiers stay?

Vöge: Whenever possible, soldiers sleep in permanent buildings. But of course they are prepared to sleep in tents, in their vehicles or in the open air. Every soldier has half a tent in his or her equipment.

What to do after 8 years in the Bundeswehr?

attending courses at a Bundeswehr technical school; Promotion of vocational training in public and private educational institutions; integration assistance into civilian working life; Participation in integration seminars of the Vocational Advancement Service (BFD).

What is the difference between time and career soldier?

Professional soldiers are soldiers who have voluntarily committed themselves to do military service for life (§1 Abs. 2 SG). In contrast to temporary soldiers, who retire at the end of the commitment period, they retire when they reach an age limit.

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Do you have weekends off in the Bundeswehr?

As a rule, only the first weekend is on duty. For one or the other it can also happen that he stays there for the first 2 weekends because he is GvD (private officer on duty).

Is basic training difficult?

Anyone who does not successfully complete basic training therefore has no chance of subsequently starting a career in the military. But don’t worry, most of them pass, as the training is not difficult, it just demands everything from you.

Do you have vacation in the Bundeswehr?

With the entry into force of the revised Holiday Ordinance (EUrlV) of December 14, 2012, soldiers are now entitled to 29 vacation days per year. From the age of 55, the annual leave increases to 30 days.

How dangerous is being a soldier?

The risks that soldiers expose themselves to are actually obvious. Death is a ubiquitous occupational hazard. They travel to crisis areas, rescue civilians and fight for their fatherland. Mines and bombs are just two of many dangers that make being a soldier so risky.

Can you go home during basic training?

A: Home during basic training? & Exact Duration

And yes, you can leave the barracks when you’re not on duty.

Is it easy to get into the Bundeswehr?

Of course, the Bundeswehr recruitment test is a real hurdle — but you have to take it! You have applied and now received an invitation to the aptitude test. That’s a good sign! Because the federal government obviously believes that you are qualified enough to take part in the selection process.

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When is wake-up time in the Bundeswehr?

In a survey, his office found out that a very large number of soldiers don’t get six hours of sleep, even on regular duty. The royal family complained that soldiers had to be woken up at 4.30:5.30 a.m. so that the kitchen could start breakfast at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m.

How heavy can you be in the Bundeswehr?

1 A minimum weight of 50 kg is required to qualify for military service.

How long are you in the barracks?

It’s over at 25: Soldiers no longer have to sleep in the barracks. But even if they want, there is often no place for them.

Am I ready for the Bundeswehr?

Physical examination. In order to determine whether your health and physical fitness are suitable for service in the armed forces, a medical examination takes place during the Bundeswehr aptitude test. It is also called an aptitude test. The medical check consists of a series of tests and partial examinations.

How old can you be in the Bundeswehr?

You are at least 17 years old and no more than 29 years old. If you have learned a profession relevant to the Bundeswehr, the maximum age does not apply. If you are not yet of legal age, you need the consent of the

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