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What do you call a shirt worn over pants?

What shirts can you wear over pants?

If you like wearing slim fit shirts, you can wear them casually over jeans and emphasize your figure. Models with a rounded hem also look good over pants. The following applies here: Pay attention to the right length. If it is too short, the shirt does not look casual but slightly too small.

What shirts not in pants?

The shirt sits perfectly outside the trousers if it is form-fitting and fitted, which means that this style is reserved for slim men. The shirt edge should also be rounded and wrinkle-free.

What types of shirts are there?

The shirt styles range from classic business shirts to all kinds of casual shirts. Whether it’s the stand-up collar shirt with its artistically extravagant flair, the classic white shirt for a festive three-piece suit, the robust flannel shirt, the airy linen print shirt for the summer – every shirt tells its own story .

How long should a shirt be that is not worn tucked in?

Pay attention to the shirt length. If half the bottom is covered, the length is perfect. It can be a little longer, but not shorter. Shirts with a rounded hem must not be too long.


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What is an oxford shirt?

Classic Oxford shirts are made of durable cotton and usually have a button-down collar. In addition to the traditional Oxford shirt in white, discover other easily combinable designs for every occasion. Be it casual with jeans or elegant with trousers or slim-fit chinos.

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When to put a shirt in your pants?

«If the jacket is part of a casual but smart office outfit, then the shirt goes with the pants,» explains Roetzel. But outside of the job you are freer: «In the casual area, the shirt can be worn over the pants, for example a button-down shirt made of Oxford fabric over jeans or chinos,» explains Roetzel.

What is a body fit shirt?

Body Fit is the OLYMP and Marvelis designation for the tailored cut and body-hugging shirts. This cut is called Slim Fit by the other manufacturers.

What is a bottom up shirt?

It is characterized by a certain type of shirt collar. Namely by one that is not reinforced, for example by so-called «collar stays». In order not to risk uncontrolled sticking out or collapsing, both sides are attached to the chest with buttons.

When do you wear a shark collar?

When do you wear a shark collar? Because the shark collar is so popular, you can wear a shark collar shirt just about anywhere, whether it’s casual or the office. Even on festive occasions you are fashionably dressed with this collar shape.

How to wear an oxford shirt

You can wear your Oxford shirt with jeans, chinos or dress pants. The shoes should match the rest of the outfit, but here too you are basically free: from sneakers to leather shoes, there is a lot going on here.

What is a city shirt?

City shirt is a modern term for a classic shirt. Today city shirts are mainly worn in the business world.

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How to wear a linen shirt

The absolute classics for linen shirts are definitely light blue, white and navy. For a more casual outfit, you can combine the shirts with jeans, chinos or shorts. The light blue linen shirt with casual shoes/sneakers is ideal for a day in the (home) office or in the co-working space.

When is a shirt too long?

The rules are: no more than one finger can fit between the neck and the collar, the sleeves should reach the base of the thumb or protrude at least 1 cm below the sleeve of the jacket. If the shirt is tucked into the pants, there should be no bumps or folds on the sides.

What is a Mao collar?

is minimalist and inspired by the Orient. The collar foot is straight and narrow and ends rounded at the opening. Accordingly, this collar has no legs.

What is a shark collar?

The striking shark collar with its widely spread collar points is currently the trendiest shirt collar shape and is particularly popular in Italy. It owes its name to the fact that the wide-cut collar looks like a piece of fabric has been bitten off by a shark.

What does a Kent collar look like?

The straight, pointed collar ends are typical of the Kent collar. The distance between the collar tips can vary depending on the manufacturer / manufactory. The Kent collar is the most common collar in the world today, which was created in 1930.

What is tailored shirt?

Similar to the Modern Fit, but slightly wider, is the Tailor Fit. The Tailored Fit shirts have a slightly tailored fit. They are very comfortable and adapt to the body without being too tight. You can find tailored fit shirts at R2, Ledub, Seidensticker and Barbour, for example.

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What types of fit are there?

Comfort fit, regular fit, modern fit and body fit are the most common types of cuts.

What does comfort fit mean?

Comfort Fit is the comfortable, wide cut for men who appreciate a lot of freedom of movement and which leaves enough room at waistband, thighs and knees. Regular fit is the normal, straight cut for men who value a comfortable fit. Here the clothing loosely follows the lines of the body.

What does a man with a belly wear?

A contrast of a light shirt and dark jeans, for example, puts your stomach in the foreground and makes it appear larger. Dark shirts and, for example, light-colored chinos are more advantageous. Because many men with a stomach have slender legs, which come to the fore.

What is a poplin shirt?

Poplin, sometimes written as poplin, is a very durable fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch. The fabric is light and feels very comfortable. Poplin shirts are one of the most worn shirts for men.

What is Oxford Slim Fit?

The slim fit puts a modern twist on this timeless Oxford sport shirt, while the multicolored signature embroidered pony highlights its equestrian-inspired heritage. Wear it with jeans and loafers for a smart-casual look, or combine it with a jacket and tie for an elegant outfit.

What makes an Oxford shirt?

Traditionally, an Oxford shirt is always woven with two different colored threads, one of which is white, giving it its easily recognizable texture, which is slightly rougher than poplin, for example. A version of oxford with a smoother texture is called pinpoint oxford and is woven from thinner yarn.

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Which shirt on jeans?

A neat white shirt always looks good with jeans. With a Kent collar or even with a tab collar, it looks particularly elegant, with a button-down collar it is well suited to sporty outfits.

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