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What can you do with a tree disc?

What can you do with small slices of wood?

Wood discs can be obtained very quickly from your own garden if a tree needs to be cut down again.

  • fridge magnets. You can never have enough fridge magnets. …
  • advent wreath. …
  • Mirror. …
  • Transfer photos to wood. …
  • wall decoration. …
  • bee hotel.

What can you make from a tree trunk?

What can you do with a cut tree trunk?
  1. Sculptures: work out with chisels and saws.
  2. Scratching post: natural cat playground.
  3. Flowerpot: Plant deadwood stumps with woodpecker holes.
  4. Lantern: candle holder for outdoor use.

How do I properly dry a tree disc?

Place the tree disc in a basket that allows water to flow around it. Tie the basket somewhere to keep it from floating away. Leave the tree disc in the water for two to three weeks so that the plant sap is completely washed out. You can then continue to dry the pane in a room.

What can you do with thick branches?

DIY: Decorating ideas with branches and twigs
  1. Birch branch decoration above the kitchen table.
  2. DIY: Decorative rope ladder made from birch branches.
  3. Twigs in the glass vase.
  4. Make your own key board.
  5. Make herb triangles.
  6. Dream catcher made of branches.
  7. Tinker picture frames from branches.
  8. Make a planter out of branches yourself.

✅ Build a star lamp from a tree disc yourself — great gift idea —

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How to decorate branches?

Basically, the choice is of course a matter of taste and depends on the place you want to decorate. Willow catkins go particularly well at Easter, and cherry and apple blossom branches are often used for spring decorations. Corkscrew hazel and willow branches are also suitable as decorative branches.

Which Freixenet is semi-dry?

Which branches to tinker with?

Willow rods and birch twigs are a bit more flexible and are particularly suitable for wreaths; Branches from cherry and apple trees are popular for spring decoration.

How long does a tree disc have to dry?

The following options are available for drying a tree disc: Outdoor drying in an airy, rain-protected location: Duration 6 months to 2 years. Drying in the carpenter’s drying chamber: Duration 2 to 6 weeks (depending on the type of wood)

Which oil for tree disc?

Natural oils, a health-friendly option

Linseed oil or walnut oil are natural oils that you can use to oil your piece of wood. Both oils penetrate very deeply into the wood. They are edible and contain no additives. This makes them particularly health-friendly.

How do wooden discs not tear?

Usually there are no cracks at all. So if you want a natural wooden disc, you would have to leave the trunk whole (40-50cm). Seal the end faces, then allow to dry and when the wood is dry, cut the individual slices out of the trunk.

What can you plant on tree discs?

Ground cover for tree discs

These include, for example, hosta (Hosta), purple bells (Heuchera), masterwort (Astrantia major), foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) and avens (Geum coccineum).

Why are tree stumps left standing?

In forestry, the tree stump usually remains. In the mountain forest, it helps to stabilize the slope until the new stock has grown. It is roughly estimated that the rotting time is one year for every ten centimeters of stem height.

Can a compressor overheat?

How do I attach a metal ring to wood?

Cut open the metal ring and fasten it to the square timber using small nails. To keep the ring stable, also apply hot glue to the nails to fix it. Depending on the quality of the wood, sand the square timber beforehand.

Can you oil wood with olive oil?

Therefore, olive oil is not suitable as a wood preservative. Other edible oils such as sunflower oil are also not ideal for impregnating wood. Although sunflower oil dries, it can still go rancid due to its protein components. Linseed oil, on the other hand, is one of the strong drying oils.

Can you oil wood with cooking oil?

You often hear advice that you can simply treat wooden surfaces with cooking oils such as olive oil or sunflower oil instead of expensive special products. This seems to work well in many cases. However, I would advise against it. There are very few natural oils that harden.

How do you prevent the wood from cracking while drying?

When wood dries, the trunk always loses more moisture at the head ends than along the grain. This creates tension in the wood and it begins to tear. This is exactly what is prevented with end-grain sealing by sealing the end-grain of the trunk airtight.

How do you make tree slices?

The size of the tree disc is up to you, but a diameter of one meter is usually sufficient.
  1. stake out size. …
  2. Remove turf. …
  3. lay stones. …
  4. Loosen soil, remove weeds. …
  5. Apply horn shavings, mulch tree discs. …
  6. strengthen stones.
How do I get parquet floor clean again?

Can I turn with wet wood?

Important to know: Only when all free water has disappeared and the wood also loses bound water does it begin to shrink and work. This is used when turning green wood. The very damp wood can be cut almost like butter and turned very thin.

When do you put cherry branches in water?

It has been a custom for centuries to cut a cherry branch and place it in water on December 4th, Barbara’s Day. If it blooms at Christmas, then good luck is promised for the coming year.

Which branches are suitable for the vase?

Beautiful branches for the vase have a long tradition at Easter.

The branches of the following trees and shrubs are particularly attractive and popular:

  • Birch.
  • Hazel.
  • (ornamental) cherry.
  • forsythia.
  • Magnolia.
  • mock currant.
  • service pear.
  • Quince.

What can you do with birch wood?

In addition to being used in furniture, birch wood is also often used for turning and is used as a special wood for making spears and discus discs. Birch wood is also used in instrument making and is used in guitars and pianos.

What do you hang on the window?

Hanging window decoration

You can quickly make both yourself out of paper! A revived trend for hanging window decorations are also hanging baskets, for example made of macrame, which can be easily attached to the curtain rod or hung on the ceiling in front of the window or in the window lintel using a hook.

Which branches in January?

Traditionally, early bloomers that are often found in gardens, such as cherries, apples, lilacs or hazelnuts, are pruned. Twigs of other beautiful early bloomers such as cornel, almond trees, ornamental quince, ornamental currant, hawthorn and ornamental apple are also suitable for driving forward.

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How can I decorate a tall glass vase?

Decorate large glass vases with candles

Flowers, dried flowers or pampas grass can be displayed beautifully in large glass vases, while candles are an unexpected element. Nevertheless, small flames in large glass vases are a real eye-catcher.

What can you do with metal rings?

Romantic wreath of flowers

Pure romance exudes metal rings that are decorated with flowers (fresh, dried or artificial). The flower ring with fluffy pampas grass has become the absolute trend decoration.

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