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What can the MAD do?

Legal tasks of the MAD
  • Countering extremism and terrorism as well as countering espionage and sabotage.
  • Making a contribution to assessing the security situation of Bundeswehr agencies and facilities.
  • Participation in Bundeswehr missions abroad to protect German contingents.

What does the MAD control?

According to the MAD law, his primary tasks include the collection of information about anti-constitutional efforts within the Bundeswehr, counterintelligence in the area of ​​responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Defense, the security of Bundeswehr properties and troop formations at home and abroad as well as …

What is the difference between BND and MAD?

There is a so-called separation requirement between news services and the police. The three German secret services are called the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Military Shielding Service (MAD).

What does the MAD know?

The MAD was created in 1956, less than three months after the founding of the Bundeswehr, as «Sub-department IV J — Security». Its main task during the Cold War was to protect the armed forces against espionage, sabotage and subversion.

What is the German secret service doing?

The Federal Intelligence Service has the task of collecting and evaluating the information required to gain knowledge about foreign countries that is of foreign and security policy importance for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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What does the BND know about me?

What do the secret services know about me? The German security authorities are at least obliged to inform citizens on request about the stored data — within certain limits. This right to information should not lead to downplaying the danger of uncontrollable secret services.

In which country is the population declining?

Does the BND have spies?

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution is responsible for domestic matters: Among other things, it observes right-wing and left-wing extremists and operates counter-espionage. The military counter-intelligence service is the intelligence service for the Bundeswehr: Among other things, it is intended to track down extremists among the soldiers or saboteurs.

How much does a MAD make?

The average salary in this occupational group is just under 3.800 euros per month, but the regional deviations can be large.

How many secret services are there in Germany?

There are three important secret services in Germany: the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV, but it is often only called “the protection of the constitution” for short) and the Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD).

How does the MAD work?

The tasks of the MADMilitary Counterintelligence Service are essentially the following: countering extremism and terrorism as well as countering espionage and sabotage. Making a contribution to assessing the security situation of Bundeswehr agencies and facilities.

Who is the best secret service in the world?

The Mossad is considered one of the best-informed secret services in the world. In addition to the Mossad, there is the domestic intelligence service Shin Bet (Shabak) and the military intelligence service Aman in Israel.

What is the FBI in Germany?

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is a higher federal authority in the Federal Republic of Germany, subordinate to the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland, with locations in Wiesbaden (headquarters), Berlin and Meckenheim near Bonn.

What is the national anthem of Germany called?

What does the Bundeswehr check?

New type of security check to be introduced

In addition, there are the extended security checks (Ü2) in sabotage protection and classified information protection. The identity of the servicewomen and men and their places of residence over the last five years are also checked here.

How long does the Bundeswehr security check take?

A security check by the MAD at the Bundeswehr can sometimes take half a year.

What does driven level alpha mean?

September. Since then, soldiers and civilian employees have been able to read the security situation. The Greek alpha means: everything in the green area. The Bundeswehr uses four security levels to indicate whether and how it assesses the risk.

Who is the MAD reporting to?

Brigadier General Dr. Frank Utzerath has been responsible for four departments in the Federal Office for Military Counterintelligence since October 2019.

How do you get into the secret service?

The Federal Intelligence Service is primarily looking for suitable applicants at its major locations in Berlin and Pullach near Munich. If you have the appropriate school-leaving certificate or vocational training, an apprenticeship or a degree is also possible.

Who is MAD?

Mad — own spelling MAD — is an American satirical magazine that also appears in numerous country editions.

Are you a civil servant at the BND?

The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is a German secret service that is specifically responsible for foreign reconnaissance. As a BND officer, you will work in the areas of information gathering, evaluation, administration and security.

What is the best paying job?

Salary: This is the best-paid job in Germany

Which perfume suits Taurus woman?

In the 2023 salary report, physicians also land in the top position. The number one best-paid profession is chief physician. These physicians earn an impressive 196.300 euros gross per year on a median* basis.

Is the BND a good employer?

9 employees rated this employer with an average of 2,9 points on a scale of 1 to 5. 4 employees recommended the employer in their reviews. The employer was not recommended in 4 reviews.

How do I become a spy in Germany?

To become a spy, there are various training paths possible. On the one hand, the BND offers the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship or study outside of the secret service and to apply for vacancies. Prerequisites are German citizenship and knowledge of the English language.

What is the BND not allowed to do?

The BND is now allowed to hack communications providers, “even without their knowledge”. This applies to all services abroad, in the Internet age pretty much everything, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. With this, Germany legitimizes that all 192 other states also hack.

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