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What are turquoise license plates?

How do you recognize diplomats?

The first digit of diplomatic plates begins with a «0» indicating that it is a senior official of a state or organization. These «0 marks» are reserved for the highest representatives of a country. This is followed by a country code that starts at «10» and currently goes up to «206».

What does a light blue number plate mean?

Blue license plate

These are test drive license plates that can be mounted temporarily and are only issued to commercial companies, so they are mostly used by workshops or car dealers (no use for private purposes).

Who gets a green license plate?

A green number plate is a number plate for purpose-built vehicles such as tractors or horse trailers that are exempt from road tax. You can submit the application for exemption from vehicle tax to the tax office or customs.

Which license plate colors are there?

The most important types of signs
  • standard license plate.
  • Authority license plate.
  • Red number plate (red number plates for motor vehicle trade and classic cars)
  • Green license plate (green number plates)
  • H license plate (oldtimer license plate)
  • export license plate.
  • Seasonal license plates.
  • short-term license plate.

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What does the 777 stand for?

This was the case first in Moscow (first «77», then «99», «97» and now also «177», «199», «197», «777», «799» and «797»).

Which country has light blue number plates?

In principle, you can only drive in Austria with a blue license plate. However, there are exceptions in our neighboring countries: Switzerland and Italy: here you can drive with the blue license plate without any further requirements.

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What do I need to get a green number?

The basic requirement for a green license plate is the tax exemption of the vehicle. You can apply for vehicle tax exemption at customs or the responsible tax office. Farmers must farm 2 hectares of land as a minimum requirement.

What am I allowed to do with a green number plate?

The following vehicles may have a green license plate:
  • TRUCK.
  • Swap bodies for container transport.
  • Truck trailers and semi-trailers.
  • car.
  • car trailers and caravans.
  • self-propelled working and construction machines.
  • forklift.
  • tractors.

How fast can you drive with a green license plate?

The following vehicles may have a green license plate: Vehicles that are used exclusively for winter service or street cleaning. Work machines and forklifts with a maximum design speed of more than 20 km/h.

What is a blue license plate?

At the beginning of March it’s that time again and mopeds, motor scooters or mopeds need a new license plate. In the new insurance year it has blue lettering. The license plates with black letters are then no longer valid and must be replaced.

What is a blue license plate?

On the other hand, you see (light) blue license plates with black lettering more often. These mark a taxi, because not all taxis have a taxi sign on the roof. However, they all have to have a blue license plate.

Which license plate is blue?

Motor and electric scooters then need a new insurance number plate. The license plate for 2021 is blue — and, like e-scooters, is now also available as foil instead of sheet metal. It’s time for scooter riders to change insurance plates.

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Who has the number plate 0?

The so-called 0 indicators are reserved for high-ranking diplomats in a state. As a rule, these are all members of a diplomatic corps, i.e. the heads of missions appointed by the government of a country.


Who has the number plate 0 1?

A diplomatic license plate consists only of digits. The numbers 0 to 9 are assigned to the top German government, for example 0-1 on the license plate of the Federal President, 0-2 of the Federal Chancellor, 0-3 of the Foreign Minister and 1-1 of the President of the Bundestag. (Not to be confused with the official signs such as BD 1-…

Who has the number plate 1 1?

The President of the Bundestag is traditionally entitled to the code “1 — 1”. The license plates of official vehicles of the Federal Government as well as the Bundesrat, Bundestag, Federal President’s Office and Federal Constitutional Court always begin with «BD». These two letters stand for «Bund».

What are the advantages of the green license plate?

What advantages does the green E-mark offer? There are incentives for e-cars, especially at municipal level. For example, the exemption from parking fees in some cities and communities. Electric vehicles are generally emission-free in operation.

When is a tractor registration-free?

Since January 1 of this year, all agricultural vehicles that drive faster than 25 km/h must have a yellow license plate. These tractors are therefore subject to approval. However, the yellow license plate only applies to tractors registered with the RDW until 2021.

When is a tractor tax-free?

If you use a motor vehicle in an LoF operation for an agricultural or forestry purpose (LoF), you can have your vehicle tax exempt and receive a green number plate.

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How much does a green license plate cost?

Buy green license plates (from €7,95) in different sizes.

How much does a tractor with a black number cost?

For the permissible total weight of up to 2.000 kg, 200 euros/year are due for each 11,25 kg or part thereof. For the range from 2000 kg to 3.000 kg, 200 euros/year are due for every 12,02 kg or part thereof. For the range from over 3.000 kg to 3.500 it is 200 euros/year for every 12,78 kg or part thereof.

How much does a tractor cost in terms of taxes and insurance?

Over 2.000 to 3.000 kg it is €12,02 per year, over 3.000 to 3.500 kg then €12,78 per year. The total vehicle tax for a tractor (total weight 2.000 kg) is €112 per year, for 3.500 kg it would be €210 per year. A tractor older than 30 years receives the black number as an H license plate.

Which country has a blue license plate with white letters?

But beware: The license plates, designed with white letters on a blue background, are only attached to the back of the vehicles. In front they continue to wear the normal white license plates with black lettering. You can now find more information about the holiday island of Tenerife here in our travel guide.

Which country has blue license plates with black writing?

Since December 2000, taxi vehicles have license plates with black letters on a light blue background.

Which country has a green license plate with white writing?

Hello, as far as I know it’s a transfer plate from Spain.

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