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What are the five fingers called in German?

What are the names of all five fingers?

Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger — each of our fingers has its own name and also a Latin designation: the thumb is called pollex, the index finger index, the middle finger digitus medius (medius = the middle one) and so on.

What are the fingers called in German?

[1] Anatomy: thumb, little finger, middle finger, ring finger, index finger.

Which organ belongs to which finger?

Hold your middle finger very loosely. The middle finger is assigned to the liver and gallbladder, which play an important role in detoxifying the body. By holding your middle finger, you support these two organs in their cleansing work.

What are all the fingers on the hand called?

Digitus manus I: thumb (pollex) Digitus manus II: index finger (index) Digitus manus III: middle finger (Medius) Digitus manus IV: ring finger (Annularius)

5 Fingers 1952

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Which finger has the most strength?

Results: With the small cylinder, the force development was distributed 22,7% to the index finger (II), 27,6% to the middle finger (III), 28,7% to the ring finger (IV) and 20,9% to the little finger (V).

Why is the thumb called a thumb and not a finger?

So the answer is: The thumb is the thickest and also the most important finger. That’s why it got the name «Thumb». Thumb means «The fat one» – «The strong one».

Which finger is connected to the heart?

At that time it was believed that a vein leads from the left ring finger to the heart — the «Vena Amoris». The engagement ring on the left ring finger has retained this symbolic meaning to this day: the direct connection to the heart, the place of all love feelings.

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Which finger for lungs?

Drumstick fingers can occur in various diseases, such as those of the lungs, heart, liver or the gastrointestinal tract. Read everything you need to know about the causes and treatment of drumstick fingers here.

Which finger for heart?

As mentioned earlier, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that a vein led directly from the left ring finger to the heart. The heart is the center of love and the ring finger is said to be the only finger that has a direct connection to the heart.

What’s Knie in German?

1. Knee (body part): knee.

What is the name of the finger after the thumb?

Each finger has three joints, only the thumb has two. The thumb is also a special finger because it is more mobile. The other fingers are called index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger.

What does finger mean in German?

to finger sth.

What does circle with thumb and forefinger mean?

Thumb and forefinger form a circle, all other fingers are spread out – anyone who makes this sign in Germany wants to express that he or she thinks something is “very good” or “excellent”.

What does crossed thumb and forefinger mean?

In recent years, you can often see Korean stars on TV doing a certain pose for photos. In this pose, they hold their index fingers and thumbs crossed towards the camera. The two fingers form little hearts. These «finger hearts» are intended to show the other person some affection and love.

What are the knuckles called?

Finger joints (articulationes digitorum manus) are several joints between the individual phalanges and the metacarpal bones of fingers II-V and the thumb.

Where do the drugs come from?

What do fingers look like in lung cancer?

Ends of the fingers are swollen and rounded, fingertips (soft tissue) are thickened as a result of a chronic lack of oxygen. These are certain blood cells that play an essential role in blood clotting.

How is lung cancer announced?

Not infrequently, persistent shortness of breath and loss of appetite with an unwanted reduction in body weight can also be signs of the presence of lung cancer. Other possible signs to recognize a lung carcinoma are sputum with blood admixtures, shortness of breath and recurring episodes of fever.

Which organ is associated with the thumb?

The assignment 1.

It has been shown so far that the thumb is mostly connected to the lungs and the index finger to the large intestine. Occasionally, these two fingers cannot be assigned so clearly.

What is the least important finger?

Finger is the least important finger out of the 5. Accident insurance would classify you as having a 5% disability if you lost your 5th finger. Actually, this is mainly responsible for gripping.

Which is the weakest finger?

The ring finger is the weakest finger. He can remind me to pray for the weakest, such as the sick and dying. Pope Francis prays: «God, (…) give your comfort to all those who are sick, suffering or who are in great need, make them feel your closeness and comfort (…).

Which hand wedding ring woman?

In Germany and Austria, as well as in Poland, Bulgaria, Norway and Russia, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand. In most other countries this is not the case: there the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. For example in southern countries, the USA and also Switzerland.

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Where does the term money counting thumb come from?

In fairy tales, Tom Thumb is a human figure that is no larger than a thumb. Money counters have people who can bend their thumb end limbs at right angles (90 degrees) beyond extension (thumb reflection).

what is the longest finger

The middle finger is usually the longest finger on the hand and is supported by three phalanx bones. In most primates, including humans, the middle finger is the strongest finger.

Is a thumb a finger?

The first finger on the radial side of the hand is called the thumb. In contrast to the other fingers, it consists of only two phalanges (finger bones).

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