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Was Eva Renzi married to Paul Hubschmid?

How long was Eva Renzi married to Paul Hubschmid?

From 1967 to 1980 she was married to Hubschmid, with whom she played several times.

How many times was Paul Hubschmid married?

After the death of his first wife, Paul Hubschmid married twice more.

Who is Anouschka Renzi’s biological father?

Anouschka Renzi’s biological father is Bolivian, but actor Paul Hubschmid adopted her after marrying her mother Eva. From 1995 to 1998 Anouschka Renzi was married to the actor Jochen Horst. The marriage produced a daughter in 1998 before Renzi and Horst separated.

What did Anuschka do?

She had guest appearances on «SOKO Leipzig», «Tatort» and «Verbotene Liebe» or between 1996 and 2005 in several episodes of the ZDF series «Forsthaus Falkenau». She was last seen in the films «The Missen Massacre» (2012), «The Prosecutor — Tyrannicide» (2017), «6 Mothers» (2019) and «Valley of the Scorpions» (2019).

Eva Renzi Biography — German Actors

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Does Anuschka have ADD?

Eric Stehfest caused a real jungle camp scandal with his ego trip. Now his wife Edith speaks up and protects her loved one. For ex-jungle camper Nico Schwartz (44), however, the matter is crystal clear: Anouschka Renzi’s ADS diagnosis is a fake.

Who was Paul Hufschmidt?

Paul Hubschmid — (born July 20, 1917 in Aarau, † January 1, 2002 in Berlin) was a Swiss film and stage actor.

Why does Anouschka Renzi always have hair in her face?

Anouschka Renzi through the ages

The “Tatort” actress had her nose operated on after a serious stage accident at the age of 21. Part of the scenery was not properly fixed at the time and hit the now 57-year-old in the face.

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