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Is the noise app free?

Free noise app shows acute noise exposure

Which decibel app is the best?

Sound measurement (sound meter)

Abc Apps Decibel app is currently only available for Android devices, however this app has a particularly good rating. This is no coincidence: it measures the volume precisely and is very reliable.

Which app to measure volume?

Sound Analyzer: Measure volume with many functions

The last app is the Sound Analyzer for Android. This application not only offers a sensitive decibel meter with live statistics, but also numerous other functions.

Can you measure dB with the iPhone?

You can reliably measure sound pressure levels of up to 120 dB with the iPhone and iPad. Appropriate apps are even available free of charge.

Which decibel app is free?

Nevertheless, the free apps provide a good impression of the current noise level in your area.
  • Noise app: The informative one. The free LärmApp comes directly from experts. …
  • Sound measurement app: the thorough one. Unfortunately, the sound measurement app is only available for Android. …
  • Decibel Messer Pro: The clear one.

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How many dB can you have in the apartment?

The measurement must take place in the receiving room, i.e. in the room where neighbors should not feel disturbed. At room volume, the decibel value is 40 decibels (dB) during the day and 30 decibels (dB) at night.

Can you measure volume with a cell phone?

Measure volume with the noise app for Android and iOS

The decibel app “LärmApp” is available for Android and iOS. You can use this app to measure the volume and even see whether the volume level is harmful to your health. It is published by the German professional association of ear, nose and throat doctors.

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How many dB is noise disturbance?

In principle, the statutory nighttime rest period in Germany is from 22:6 p.m. to 30:40 a.m. During this time, any noise should be reduced to room volume. We speak of room volume when the noise is between XNUMX and XNUMX dB.

How many dB is considered noise pollution?

The guide values ​​are 40 decibels during the day and 30 decibels at night. But: When push comes to shove, the overall situation is always considered individually. So if the house is particularly noisy, noises as low as 40 decibels can be considered noise pollution.

How loud is 50db?

| 50dB – 55dB aka. room volume. At 50dB to 55dB we speak of high room volume. The TV or the radio is on at normal volume and there is also a conversation between two or three people.

How much does a volume measurement at TÜV cost?

120€ … depending on the model.

What do I have to put up with as a neighbor?

Neighbors regularly have to tolerate noises from children and babies (both outside and inside) and smells from farms. Here, the requirements for impermissible interference are relatively high (cf. most recently VG Trier, 5 K 1542; OVG North Rhine-Westphalia, 8 A 1760/13).

What to do if the neighbors trample?

Talk to trampling neighbors

Talk to your trampling neighbors quietly, preferably right when you hear the trampling. Try not to be reproachful about it. Sometimes the problem is incorrectly laid screed, or your neighbor doesn’t trample at all and there are other causes of the noise.

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How can I prove noise?

With a noise log you can document when you hear the disturbing noise. In addition to the date and time, the duration of the disturbing noise is also noted there. You will only be able to enforce a rent reduction in court if the noise pollution lasts for a certain period of time.

What is considered noise pollution in rented accommodation?

An exact number of decibels for the maximum room volume is not specified by law. The Kleve District Court (Az. 6 S 70/90) ruled that noises from the neighboring apartment must not be louder than 40 decibels during the day and no louder than 30 decibels at night.

What to do if the neighbor is annoying?

The neighbor has a direct claim for injunctive relief against the person disturbing the peace (§ 862 BGB). A tenant who feels disturbed can also contact his landlord, because an unreasonable impairment of use due to noise justifies a material defect in the rented property.

What are normal noises in an apartment?

The values ​​in the room that receives the noise, so to speak, should generally be between 30 and 40 db. For the room volume, the 40 db should not be exceeded during the day and 30 db at night.

How do the police measure the volume?

The measurement must be carried out on a free, smooth surface, there must be no walls or other sound reflectors in the immediate vicinity. The measuring device must be set up at the level of the exhaust outlet at least 20 cm above the ground at a distance of 50 cm and at an angle of 45°± 10° to the outlet opening.

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At what speed do the police measure?

The cop should step on the gas and hold at 5000 revs.

How many dB can an exhaust have?

Legal limits

They range from 72 decibels for most mid-range cars to 75 decibels, for example for sports cars with particularly high horsepower. Compliance with the limit values ​​is checked before a new model is approved. The procedure is called “Type testing for noise emissions in motor vehicles”.

How quiet can you hear?

The lowest perceived volume, i.e. the quietest sound that a person can hear, is 0 decibels. Volumes around 50 dB are comfortable for us, whereas the uncomfortable threshold is reached at around 100 dB and the pain threshold at around 120 dB.

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