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Is Testicular Cancer Dangerous?

How Fast Does Testicular Cancer Spread?

If testicular cancer is not detected early, it can spread and form secondary tumors (so-called metastases). Depending on the location, these can cause back pain, nausea, shortness of breath, bone pain, enlarged lymph nodes in the pelvis or accumulations of lymph (so-called lymphoedema) in the legs.

When is it too late for testicular cancer?

The question of when it is too late for testicular cancer cannot be answered unequivocally and generally. Because even advanced tumors are still easily treatable. Some men with advanced testicular cancer experience a recurrence within the first two to three years after completing cancer treatment.

How long do you live with testicular cancer?

In contrast, the chances of surviving the disease in the long term or being completely cured are particularly good in the case of testicular cancer. Five years after diagnosis, approximately 96% of patients survive (relative survival rate) compared to the general male population of the same age.

What happens when you have testicular cancer?

First, the tumor spreads inside the testicle. However, as the tumor grows, it can break through the connective tissue capsule that surrounds the organ and grow into neighboring tissue. The epididymis and spermatic cord can be affected.

How dangerous is testicular cancer? | dr Werner Bartens

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How do you live without testicles?

If, for some reason, a man no longer has any testicles at all, he can no longer father children because he can no longer produce sperm. In addition, he must then be supplied with testosterone from outside (as a medicine) for life, so that he does not get any health problems.

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What are the first signs of testicular cancer?

In most cases, the first indication of testicular cancer is a one-sided, painless swelling or hardening of the testicle.

Testicular Cancer Symptoms

  • a palpable, painless hardening in the testicles.
  • swelling or pain in the testicle area.
  • a feeling of heaviness or pulling in the testicles or groin.

Who Gets Testicular Cancer?

testicular cancer (testicular carcinoma)

In contrast to almost all other cancers, most cases occur at a comparatively early age between 25 and 45 years. The mean age at diagnosis is 37 years. Testicular cancer is the most common malignant tumor in men in this age group.

Can you cum without testicles?

Removing a testicle should not take away your potency or fertility. Most men can get a normal erection after the surgery.

Is Testicular Cancer Always Malignant?

Testicular cancer is a malignant disease that begins in one of the two testicles and can later also affect the epididymis and vas deferens. Testicular cancer can be cured in most patients.

How often chemo for testicular cancer?

Chemotherapy is given once or twice. It can be performed on an outpatient basis. The chances of recovery from all three options are almost 100 percent.

What leads to testicular cancer?

The causes of testicular cancer have not yet been finally clarified. However, certain factors are known that can favor its formation. Men who have undescended testicles or who have had them in childhood have an increased risk of developing the disease.

How is testicular cancer operated on?

All testicular cancers are treated surgically, with very few exceptions. The doctor makes an incision in the groin to see the testicle. Tissue can be obtained to confirm the diagnosis and tumor stage. If cancerous tissue is found, the surgeon removes the entire testicle.

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What happens when the testicles are removed?

Complications rarely occur after bilateral orchiectomy. These include pain around the scrotum, bleeding, infection, or delayed wound healing. In most cases, the appearance of the scrotum will not change as a result of the surgery.

When does a testicle need to be removed?

As already mentioned, in the vast majority of cases of testicular cancer, the testicles have to be completely removed. This is a relatively minor operation with few complications. It is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Is every lump in the testicle cancer?

However, a palpable, non-painful hardening in the scrotum can indicate testicular cancer. If a testicle enlarges or swells, this can also be a sign of a tumor.

How Many Men Die From Testicular Cancer?

According to the Robert Koch Institute, around 4.070 men develop a malignant testicular tumor every year. By way of comparison, around 33.120 men are diagnosed with colon cancer and around 34.560 with lung cancer each year.

When to chemo for testicular cancer?

Chemotherapy for testicular cancer

It can be used both before and after the operation. Further information on the therapy of this cancer can be found in the S3 guideline.

Can you see if you have testicular cancer in your blood?

Urologists at the USZ can detect testicular cancer recurrences early and reliably by detecting microRNA in the blood. This also makes the often lengthy initial diagnosis easier and less stressful.

Do I have testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer is usually noticeable by the fact that a usually painless hardening can be felt in the testicles or the testicles become hard and swollen. A pulling or a feeling of tension or heaviness in the testicles or in the groin area can also be a symptom of testicular cancer.

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What does a testicular tumor look like?

One of the most common testicular cancer symptoms is a painless hardening within the scrotum: the surface of the testicle feels lumpy or bumpy. Hard lumps in the testicles (possibly testicular cancer) are palpable for every man with regular self-examinations.

Does Testicular Cancer Lose Weight?

Testicular cancer symptoms

Over time, a feeling of heaviness or tightness in the testicles can become noticeable. As the disease progresses, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, and back pain may occur.

Are you impotent after testicular cancer?

If only one testicle is left after testicular cancer treatment, this does not mean impotence or infertility. However, since the genetic material could be damaged, it makes sense to wait two years after treatment before reproducing.

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A eunuch (from Ancient Greek εὐνοῦχος eunouchos, from εὐνή eunē «bed», and ἔχω echō «I guard, I guard») is a male human being (child, adolescent or adult) who has undergone castration. The phenomenon occurred in many cultures at almost all times in world history.

Can you have children without eggs?

Can you forget your desire to have children if you only have one testicle instead of two? Nearly. According to a Norwegian study by the University Hospital in Bergen, 92 percent of all men who are missing a testicle are able to have children later without artificial insemination.

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