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Is Taxfix accepted by the tax office?

Is Taxfix recognized by the tax office?

Your data is automatically processed by Taxfix in such a way that it can be transmitted digitally to your responsible tax office via the ELSTER interface.

How does Taxfix transmit to the tax office?

You can use our app to save your tax return sent to the tax office as a PDF document.

Questions about submission and payment

  1. Open the Taxfix app and log in.
  2. Select the tax year for which you submitted the tax return.
  3. Click on «Your tax return» and then on «Submitted PDF».

How long does Taxfix need to transmit to the tax office?

Depending on the complexity of the tax case, place of residence or deadline, the processing time is between four and twelve weeks. In individual cases you have to be patient for up to five months. Tip: It is best to submit your tax return online via ELSTER or, even easier, with the Taxfix app.

Can Taxfix be trusted?

At the moment we have 110 Taxfix experiences. Of the reviews, 63% are positive, 26% are neutral and 11% are negative. On a star scale from 1 to 5, this results in an average rating of 4,0/5, which can be classified as good.

Tax return via APP!? Do your own tax return via app — Taxfix state-of-the-art tax software?

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Is Taxfix better than a tax advisor?

Tax advice is usually quite expensive and always wants to be paid for, even if you get little or nothing back from the tax office. So the idea is simple: you do everything yourself, but under simple and precise guidance from Taxfix. So you can’t go wrong and lose nothing.

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What’s better than Taxfix?

If your tax case is rather complex or you would like to go into detail in your tax return, we recommend WISO or Smartsteuer. If you just want to get the tax return over with quickly and easily, Taxfix, Steuerbot and Wundertax are suitable.

Which is better Taxfix or ELSTER?

Taxfix makes it easier for you. ELSTER is the official program of the tax office. It’s not popular with everyone because of its complexity, but it’s free. We’ll show you why you no longer want to do your tax return with «My Elster» but with Taxfix.

For whom is Taxfix worthwhile?

For whom is Taxfix worthwhile? Taxfix appeals to people who have not yet prepared any tax returns. Anyone who is employed can use the app without any problems. Self-employed people, landlords, traders, farmers and foresters cannot use the app.

When do you get the money from Taxfix?

The Taxfix fee will be deducted from your account automatically, approx. 4-5 working days after you have entered the payment, i.e. your 22-digit IBAN and confirmed it with «Pay now». If you have any questions or are unclear about the payment process, please contact the support team at [email protected]

What documents does the tax office want to see?

Original or copy — what do you have to submit? The tax office always wants to see the originals of interest and donation receipts. All other receipts and documents can be submitted to the tax office in the original or as a copy. In the case of copies, the tax office may request the submission of the originals.

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How long does the payout at Taxfix take?

How is the instant payout calculated? The amount of your immediate payment corresponds to 50% of your calculated tax refund. You will usually receive the difference to your actual refund after 6-12 weeks.

What are the fees at Taxfix?

Taxfix only costs you €39,99 for the complete tax return.

How exactly does the tax office check?

Since 2010, the German tax authorities have been using a computer-aided procedure to classify tax returns to be checked in order to determine the intensity of the check by a clerk. The software primarily checks tax returns for plausibility.

When does the tax office check receipts?

If you have two households for professional reasons, you should check whether your receipts are complete. You can deduct a maximum of €1.000 per month (max. €12.000/year) for the use of your second home.

How does the tax office request receipts?

As of 2017, you generally do not need to send any slips or receipts to your tax office when you file your income tax return. Because in the context of digitization, the obligation to submit documents has become an obligation to keep documents.

Is Taxfix too expensive?

Install the app, upload tax documents, answer a few questions and the tax return goes to the tax office: That’s what Taxfix promises. The smartphone app costs EUR 39,99, making it one of the more expensive programs that support taxpayers with tax issues.

How accurate are the Taxfix calculations?

Taxfix is ​​calculated with the greatest possible care based on the data you have entered. In some cases, the rules for calculating your tax liability leave some room for interpretation. So it is possible that the tax office does not recognize all of your items.

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Why am I not getting any tax back?

Of course, if no costs are incurred during a tax year, you cannot benefit from a tax refund. By the way: Costs incurred during a calendar year are not reimbursed 100 percent. Example: If you buy a laptop for 1.000 euros, you will not get 1.000 euros back from the tax authorities.

Who is behind Taxfix?

Fintech Taxfix was founded in 2016 by Lino Teuteberg and Mathis Büchi.

Which free online tax return is the best?

Conclusion in the online tax software comparison

In the current comparison, Taxfix and WISO Steuer-Web have secured the top spots, as both are characterized by simple operation, the quick and precise determination of the tax refund and a very good price-performance ratio.

Which tax return app is the best?

We recommend programs and tax apps that will help you in a particularly uncomplicated manner: Smartsteuer, Steuerbot and Taxfix. All data is calculated correctly. What makes it special is its clear structure.

What does Steuerbot cost and what does Taxfix cost?

Helmbot is perfect for the common man and you can do everything quickly! Value for money is unbeatable! Paid €40 at Taxfix last year. Steuerbot is cheaper and way better.

How much does the tax return at ELSTER cost?

Disadvantage: The price of €49,11 (€41,27 excl. VAT) plus €3,75 shipping – only for filing tax returns (price: as of October 2021).

Why doesn’t ELSTER exist anymore?

A few years ago, it was decided to abolish ElsterFormular in the medium term with the aim of eliminating double development work. With the tax software Mein ELSTER, taxpayers continue to be offered a free, modern and user-friendly option for preparing their tax returns.

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